Chesty Puller: More Medals That You Could Shake a Stick at


Chesty-Puller-medalsOne of the most decorated marines of all time is one Chesty Puller, his exploits are so legendary that other marines still, to this day, entertain other marines with hyperbolic stories about his manliness and general awesomeness. He is literally the Chuck Norris of the military world.

If you have any doubts in your mind that such a person existed, or that the above is exaggerated in anyway. Upon seeing a flamethrower for the first time, Puller took one look at it and asked where you attached the bayonet. Seconds later that room collapsed as no room built could contain such an amount of coolness.


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  1. Dave Smiling Coyote on

    Here are some other interesting facts about Lieutenant General “Chesty” Puller: He was awarded five Navy Crosses, the Bronze Star with Valor, the Silver Star, two Legion of Merits with Valor, three Air Medals, The Distinguished Service Cross, two Combat Action Ribbons, and a Purple Heart. He fought in NINE different battles in three different wars. At the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir he was quoted as saying “We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies things.” On a personal note, back in 1993 (when I was 16), my dad and I were at a biker bar named ‘He’s Not Here’ in Pasadena, Texas. A drunk biker made the mistake of saying that Chesty Puller should be called “Pansy” Puller in order to piss off a drunk United States Marine (The Marine had accidently called the biker’s Harley a Honda). Anyway, after the Marine heard what the biker had said, he told the biker “Please don’t disrespect Chesty Puller. He was a great man that did a lot for this country to help keep it free.” The biker replied “Yeah, did you know that he was called “Pansy” Puller because he liked to wear women’s underwear under his uniform during battle?” At that point the Marine roundhouse kicked the biker in the face, pulled out his pocket knife and cut off the biker’s left ear. While holding the ear, the Marine held the ear about six inches away from his mouth and said “Please don’t disrespect Chesty Puller. He was a great man that did a lot for this country to help keep it free.”, then the Marine tossed the biker’s ear back to him. Let me tell you, that’s one of the craziest things that I have EVER seen in my life! I learned two things that day, Marines love and respect Chesty Puller and NEVER talk smack about Chesty Puller in front of a United States Marine! Oh, another thing that I learned (well, it’s pretty much common sense) was to never take your children to a redneck biker bar.

  2. Wayne Grinning Fox on

    Ha! You think that’s something- I was in a bar in Mobile in the mid-80’s, and a big tall dude walked right up to a jarhead there and said, “Chesty Puller ain’t all that”. Right away the jarhead leaps up, grabs the guy by the leg, tears his entire freaking leg off, beats him with it, and then beats his girlfriend with it! Then he sits back down and finishes his drink while the poor guy with the missing leg bleeds out on the floor.

    Cops never even pressed any charges, they showed up and literally told the poor guy, “Chesty Puller WAS all that, sir.” One of the craziest things I saw in that bar.

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