Top 10 Shocking Disappearances Solved by Psychic Detectives


A psychic detective helps in the investigation of crimes using paranormal psychic abilities. Many supposed psychics have claimed to have helped through their psychic abilities by assisting the police in disappearance and murder cases. Here are 10 cases where psychics provided essential details to solve the case.

10. Nell Cropsey


Nell Cropsey was 19-years old at the time of her disappearance on November 21, 1901. She was referred to as Beautiful Nell, having a chestnut hair and dark blue eyes. She lived with her family in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and had planned to visit family before Thanksgiving

. She never arrived and her boyfriend Jim Wilcox was the last one to see her.

According to Jim, he went to see Nell and broke up with her on that night. However, Nell’s brother and father insisted that she did not return.

Nell’s sister had seen Nell out on the porch at around 11 p.m. but did not see her return inside the house. She just presumed that she went inside quietly. However, later Nell’s family was distraught when they found she was not at home. They went to Jim’s house thinking that maybe the two had eloped. But Jim said that he had broken up with Nell and he thought she had returned inside her house after leaving her on the porch. During Jim’s interrogation, his story was a different version, and he was arrested, but was later freed.

A psychic, named Snell Newman had sent word that Jim had killed Nell. On December 6, the psychic came to Nell’s residence and identified the last few hours of Nell. According to the spiritualist, Jim had used chloroform to wrap Nell in a blanket and had driven her out in the country to kill her and then threw her down a well. When the well was inspected, no body was found, but two days after Christmas, the body of Nell was floating in the river. The body had bruises on the forehead that indicated foul play. Jim was arrested, tried and had received fifteen years of imprisonment.

9. Maria Scott


Maria Scott had gone missing, but the police had lost interest in the case since she was a prostitute. Seven months after her disappearance, her decomposing body was found with five separate stab wounds.

Twenty-nine men were named as persons of interest in the murder of Maria Scott but authorities believed that a person named Mark Brown was the killer. Maria had met Mark in a rehab facility, however what makes the story interesting was that Brown had already left to Queensland.

Four years after the murder, the detective on the case, Senior Detective Jeffrey Little, had asked Debbie Malone, a psychic, to help with the case. Based on the psychic account, Maria Scott had died in a cabin on Triple Care Farm in Robertson. Through the help of the psychic, the police found the dead body of Maria in the cabin in October 2003.

Though there were many changes to the cabin, the psychic was also able to locate the exact knife used in the murder. The knife was still in the drain pipe and it had remained lodged there even after sink renovations.

Malone was able to share lots of details and events that were related in the murder. She had a strong feeling that only ghosts can have that effect on her. It was later known, that the murder suspect had committed suicide after reaching Queensland.

8. Paula Brown


Paula Brown was a popular hairdresser who disappeared after partying with friends in Sydney, Australia. Her distraught fiancé had asked for the help of Philippe Durant to help find Paula. Through the psychic, the police were able to find the body of Paula Brown, seven days after her disappearance. Her body was found by a truck driver passing through the Port Botany.

The psychic had used a grid map, plumb bob and some hair from the victim to help her state the location of the body. Though the body was found by chance, the police had acknowledged the accuracy of the information given by the clairvoyant. She was found less than two kilometers from the exact spot the psychic told the authorities.

7. Melanie Uribe


Melanie Uribe was a nurse, but she had missed two days of work. Her disappearance was reported to the authorities and searches were conducted. Clairvoyant Etta Smith was very sure that Melanie was not in the place the searches were being done. According to Etta, she felt that Melanie was in a place that similar to the Lopez Valley, near the house of the victim. The psychic saw that somewhere in a bush was a nurse in uniform, and she reported all this information to the police.

Etta decided to investigate the matter herself. Along with her children and niece, she went to the Lopez Valley and found the dead body of Melanie, exactly in the location of the psychic vision. Etta was about to leave the area when the police arrived. She was questioned and detained by the police but was freed later when the real murderer was arrested.

6. Penny Serra


Penny Serra was brutally murdered on July 16, 1973 in Connecticut. The detective at that time had decided to call the in help of a psychic. Detective George Mazzacane invited psychic Pasacarella Downey to look into the murder. According to the psychic, the murderer had smelled of oil, had worn a uniform as a mechanic and had a name tag bearing initial “E.” She even predicted that the killer will not be caught immediately but will be apprehended since “blood can tell.”

True enough to the prediction, 26 years later, a man named Edward was finally caught using DNA blood testing and fingerprint matching. He was also a mechanic during the time of the murder. Edward was tried and found guilty of the murder of Penny Sera, and he received a long jail sentence.

5. Arthur Herbert


In 1984 a small plane disappeared somewhere in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire. The plane carried four people, including Arthur Herbert, the pilot. After the mysterious disappearance, the Civil Air Patrol had called an extensive research but eventually the hunt was called off. Jessica Herbert, sister of Arthur, did not give up and sought the help of Noreen Renier, a popular psychic detective who was referred by Jessica’s former husband and FBI agent.  As a psychic, Noreen gave the exact longitude and latitude of the crash site. She also had given the exact description of Arthur’s final moments. This may not be a murder case, but the police had acknowledged the help of Noreen Renier in the disappearance of Herbert.

4. Sylvester Tonet


Sylvester Tonet was a seventy-eight old man and had mysteriously disappeared. The Monroeville police had searched tirelessly to find Sylvester, however, they were not able to find him. The Tonet family had decided to invite a psychic to help in the search, Nancy Myer. She had seen in her vision two things: one, that the old man was dead, and two, that he was not a victim of violence. According to Nancy’s vision, Sylvester was confused and lost when he was walking in the forest.

The psychic was able to sense the last moments of the old man’s journey. The next day, the dead body of the old man was found 150 yards where Nancy had her vision.

3. Patricia List


Patricia List was the 16-year-old daughter of John List. She was supposed to attend a rehearsal for an upcoming play but did not arrive. Ed Illiano, her drama coach was worried about Patricia since she once told him, that her father wanted to kill her. Ed decided to pay a visit to her student’s house and had asked the intervention of the police in the matter. The authorities had entered the house but found no one alive inside. John List had shot his mother and his wife, along with his three children, including Patricia List. John left a letter confessing the murder.

On November 9, 1971, the thirteenth anniversary of the List family murder, there was sudden interest in the case. The former detective of the case, Jeffrey Paul Hummel, was now working in Major Crimes Unit for the prosecutor’s office. Some believed that John List was now dead but the detective believed otherwise since there was no evidence that he was killed. In 1985, he decided to ask the help of psychic detective named Elizabeth Lerner. She had given valuable information in the past, which had helped solved other cases before.

According to Elizabeth, John List was alive and had travelled to another place by riding a bus. He had in fact, had a new woman in his life and that it had some connection with Baltimore, M.D. The psychic said that “Virginia” played a significant role with John List.

The psychic visions of Elizabeth were true since John List had left town on a bus and that he had married Delores, his second wife in Baltimore. He then went to Colorado. Finally, John List was arrested in Virginia when a neighbor had called after seeing List’s picture on the America’s Most Wanted.

2. Edith “Google” Kiecorius


Edith “Google” Kiecorius was a child who was abducted in Brooklyn in 1961. The police had searched everywhere to find the four-year-old. The search did not yield positive results, much to the dismay and the horror of the public, until the vice-president of the K.L.M airline had asked for a popular clairvoyant in Utrecht Netherlands to help in the search.

Gerard Croiset was a clairvoyant and had agreed to help in the investigation however, he declined to go to the United States. He said that the bustle of New York would overwhelm him. Instead of going to the place of disappearance, he asked for the photograph of the child and a map. The following week, the vice-president of K.L.M went and visited Croiset to provide the picture, map and some clothes of the child.

After receiving the picture, map and clothes of the child, the clairvoyant was able to have visions of Edith and the description of his kidnapper.  Croiset was able to provide some descriptions like “dark woman sitting in front of a window, a grey building with five floors. On the second floor, the dead child is there.”

The information was then passed to the New York police department and a few hours after, Edith’s little body was found. The kidnapper and murderer were apprehended one week later. Though the child was not saved, justice was served with the help of the psychic, Croiset.

1. Andre Daigle


Andre Daigle was last seen enjoying a game of pool and a beer when he was approached by a young woman who asked him to give her a lift home. Four days later, the young man was reported missing by his family. The police did not take action because they thought that Andre was just taking a time out with the girl.

Andre’s sister, Elise McGinley of Fullerton, California had gone to Rosemarie Kerr, a clairvoyant, psychometrist and psychic detective. Elise had brought a picture and a map to Kerr and asked for the whereabouts of her brother. Kerr had vibrations on the picture and she saw that Andre was sitting in his truck. She also saw water, a long bridge and railroad tracks. She also felt terrible head pains that were so strong that she felt like they were killing her.

For the map, she traced her hand on the map and felt a tingling sensation and stopped at the spot near Slidell. According to Dell, she saw that Andre was already dead but she did not let Elise know, instead she told her to ask for help.

Meanwhile, Andre’s brother who lived near Andre was surprised to see his missing brother’s truck ride by his house. He called the police immediately and the chase was on. When the truck was cornered in the Pearl River near the Slidell, the killers were arrested.

Charles Gervais and Michael Phillips were the killers, both confessed to the killing of Andre Daigle. They had used the girl to lure and kill Andre. During the trial, the psychic had taken the stand and told the jury how she helped the family of Andre find the killers. According to the psychic, the spirit of Andre had communicated to her several times and asked that his family forgive the people who had hurt him.

The killers had pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder and had received life imprisonment.

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    • Psychic Light on

      Did you ever receive help Charles? I am a professional clairvoyant medium and psychometrist. Of course with these things, there are never any guarantees, but I will do my utmost to assist you on this matter if you still require it.

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  5. Point 9 has a discrepancy. At first it says that the body of the victim was found decomposing in a river 7 months after her murder, and then in a follow-up paragraph, it is stated that 4 years following the victim’s disappearance, a psychic led police to her body which was in a cabin.