Top 10 Weird Things That Some People Believe


Everyone has their own beliefs and here at TopTenz we respect them. That said, we know there will be one person who reads the title and immediately scrolls down to comments “Religion LOL”; to that person, congratulations, you’ve won at comedy. For everyone else, here are ten weird things people genuinely thought or still think are true.

 10. Milk and eggs come from plants.

 In a survey of British youths earlier this year, it was found that a startling number of children and young adults didn’t know where animal products like bacon, eggs and milk came from. Just soak that in for a second. 40% of children failed to link the image of a dairy cow with milk, and if you want to feel really bad, 11% of children thought eggs and milk came from wheat. That’s what happens when we only feed kids McDonald’s guys, they just assume that animal products grow from the ground. There’s no joke I can make that makes those kids seems any stupider and that’s really depressing.

9. Coca-Cola is one of your five-a-day.

 Over in the UK (sigh) again, we have some facts that show that my countrymen really don’t understand food at all. Over here we’re advised to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day; it’s a good scheme. Or it would be if it wasn’t for the fact 10% of parents thought an orange flavored cake, Coca-Cola or fruit flavoured candy counted as a portion of fruit or veg instead of as a step towards an early grave. But here’s the really, really stupid part: 1 in 20 people didn’t know oranges counted as a portion of fruit. Oranges! They sell those in the fruit section. How did people not know that?

8. The moon landing was fake.

 Oh you knew this was coming. The moon landing has so many conspiracy theories around it they get their own wikipedia page. The counter evidence however gets a full page spread in the National Geographic, so yeah, your move conspiracy theorists. Although it’s reported that a fairly reserved 6% of Americans doubt the legitimacy of the claims, once again my country trumps itself with a whopping 25% of British people quizzed doubting the event happened. Let’s just get down to it, thousands of people have spent millions of dollars trying to find any shred of evidence to the contrary and so far, they’ve come up with zilch; scientists on the other hand pointed a telescope at the moon and said, “see for yourself.

7. You can see gravity.

 Gravity is a universal constant, and it’s fairly common knowledge that although you can’t see it, you can see its effect, like in this totally relevant gif. But common knowledge is vastly different from universal knowledge and 18% of, you guessed it, UK adults have the incorrect belief that they could see gravity. What would that even look like? Just for a second, imagine you could see gravity, that you could see a force that’s constantly pulling you and everything around you towards the centre of the Earth. If you saw that you’d tear out your own eyes out of sheer fear after 10 minutes.

6. Lightsabers exist.

 I promise that I’ll start picking on Americans soon, but this was too good to pass up. Another 20% of UK adults also believe that Lightsabers, those things from Star wars, are real. Laser technology does exist to the point that you could own something similar, as Cracked explains. But with what you’ve already read, do you think the people quizzed meant, the S3 Spyder Arctic, or that thing they saw on TV that one time?

5. America gained its independence from France.

I’m led to believe that once a year millions of Americans go outside to scream obscenities at the sky and eat meat. Apparently though, nearly a quarter of people partying and drinking don’t even know why, with 19% of people quizzed being unsure, but more hilariously, 2% of people being totally sure that independence was won from France. Just pop on Facebook and scroll down your friends list, chances are one in every 4 people doesn’t know jack about Independence Day save that it was a pretty dope film starring Will Smith. But then again, fireworks!

4. Obama wasn’t born in the US.

Depending on when you’re reading this, President or Ex-President Obama went through his entire term in office with thousands of people claiming he wasn’t a true US citizen, which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact he had an all year sun tan. What gets this example onto this list though is how much evidence was ignored by people who believed it. The actual long form birth certificate? Photoshop. The fact that the promise of millions of dollars couldn’t bring anyone forward? Easily explained. The fact that no official government source ever hinted that he was anything but kosher? They were in on it too. The actual number of people who believed the claim varies, but it’s surprisingly most prevalent in white people opposed to Obama’s chosen party. Who’d have thunk it, huh?

3. Witches exist.

 Magic is usually confined to the realms of Skyrim, Harry Potter or in between the sheets of my bed. However, according to this Gallup poll, 75% of Americans quizzed believe in some sort of paranormal activity. A figure that’s remained pretty constant for several years. Now although people have pretty thoroughly debunked the existence of ghosts, people still believe, which is awesome and cool for them. There’s just something about witches that’s a little harder to take seriously, because come on, there’s only one Emma Watson.

2. The Earth is flat.

 This next one was so insane that I refused to admit it was genuine, until I saw it reported by the BBC. And yes, there are people out there who fully believe that the Earth is flat. And that every single image and piece of scientific evidence to the contrary is part of “an international conspiracy to dupe the public for vast profit.” Apparently there is a lot of money to be made from the sale of globes? So what does the world look like then? Well according to a flat Earther himself “it is around 24,900 miles in diameter” and around “9000Km deep” although he stresses that it’s not “perfectly flat” thanks to hills and valleys. Because that would be crazy.

 1. The Titanic wasn’t real.

2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, leading the event to get almost world wide media attention. However it seems that a number of younger people got really confused when they saw the news because they thought that Titanic was just a movie. Seriously. But that single fact isn’t what gets this the number one spot, it’s what it suggests. This fact means that the Titanic sunk so many years ago that it actually faded from the collective memory of the younger generation. Just think about that, in a few years, that could just as easily be WW1 that a bunch of kids on Twitter didn’t think was real and that’s a terrifying thought.

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  1. Right – there are no people who consider themselves to be witches. Witches are just women who fly brooms in fairy tales and cartoons. Talk about ignorant.

    And you don’t think the man who calls himself Barack Obama could have a faked pedigree, when he had to have a judge rule on his eligibility to even run for president? Judges are also never corrupt, right? Nobody has ever done something wrong right out in the public eye and got away with it? Most everybody knows the US government has gotten away with all kinds of crimes – just not this one? Right – live in the dream world you choose to live in.

  2. Really #10 ummm there is NO such word as stupider so the next time you try and sound smart you should spell check just so you don’t sound like an ass okay

    • Sometimes we write tongue and cheek; sorry the attempt at humor missed its mark. We’ll try to do better next time.

  3. Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and is therefore not qualified to be president. That’s a fact! He even admitted it when running for an Illinois Senate seat. I do not accept him as my president. And I am doing all in my power to have him arrested for fraud and treason.

    • You’re right, James. This guy shows up in Chicago with no past as a community organizer and then he’s a senator for 10 minutes and then president.This was all done with the monetary backing of America-hating communist,George Soros. Michelle Obama was raised by the Jesse Jackson family and brought to Chicago (with her 2 daughters) by Soros for a pre-arranged wedding. Everything about Obama is a lie. Money will buy anything and people will believe anything. It can easily be seen why the people drank the Kool-Aid that Jones passed around.

    • @James Green. Congratulations on your success so far with your have the President arrested endeavour. Seriously…most humourous…that was the intention wasn’t it? That and endearing yourself to Dennis the Hater of Democuracy.

      • I had rather be Dennis who hates that the country is going under than lol the brain-dead slug. But perhaps you could come out of your stupor long enough to tell us what a democuracy is.

        • Oh so predictable, I knew you would point out my terrible typo, just didn’t think it would be so sad and so quickly, perhaps that is Obama’s problem, someone did a typo on his birth certificate…lol.

          Though I would have thought a grammar Nazi would have had an issue with his opening sentence.

      • I am dead serious. As a Naval Officer, I swore an oath to defend and protect the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Barry Soetoro is an enemy to our Constitution and our liberty. And I am doing everything I can to get him arrested and tried for treason. I have spoken personally with several Senators and Congressmen who agree with this assessment. He is destroying our nation and he shouldn’t even be there! Anyone who disagrees is either clueless or a total socialist!

        • That’s where I have an issue, you decide that someone is an enemy, ok, how so? If he was not born in the US, does that really make him an enemy of the state worthy of the death penalty? If he was not born in the US, there is a chance he doesn’t know it, still treason?

          As an outsider who lives in a country where country of birth is never a cause of treason, I say so fucking what! Many of us believe the best person for the job should get the job, what hospital someone was born in doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter where he was conceived?

          By the way, this is separate to whether you think Obama is the best/worst man for the job, which I believe is the real reason for the theories, most of which are colour (see, non US spelling) related. If he was born in Chicago to parents who were siblings, does that make him a better candidate that a genius born across the border?

        • That’s where I have an issue, you decide that someone is an enemy, ok, how so? If he was not born in the US, does that really make him an enemy of the state worthy of the death penalty? If he was not born in the US, there is a chance he doesn’t know it, still treason?

          As an outsider who lives in a country where country of birth is never a cause of treason, I say so what! Many of us believe the best person for the job should get the job, what hospital someone was born in doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter where he was conceived?

          By the way, this is separate to whether you think Obama is the best man for the job, which I believe is the real reason for the theories, most of which are colour (see, non US spelling) related. If he was born in Chicago to parents who were siblings, does that make him a better candidate that a genius born across the border?

  4. for number 1, I believe that ww1 and the titanic were about the same time; it would be such a tragedy for people to stop believing this; but it will happen and that is sooo sad

  5. This is the most ridiculous list this site has ever put out. Milk and eggs come from plants and we gained our independence from France? I’m 71-years-old and I have never met anyone who believed this nonsense. As far as where Obama was born,you have no idea where he was born and neither do I and neither does he. We only know what our parents tell us. I do know I was in Hawaii in 1961 (US Navy) and I didn’t see any wise men following a star. Maybe I was down in the boiler room on watch when they went by on their camels.You need new list writers.

  6. …belief in the paranormal =/= belief that witches/wizards are real… also how exactly has the existence of ghosts been debunked??

    • What makes the belief in witches and wizards less believable than other paranormal things?
      And: You don’t need to “debunk” the existence of ghosts. Proving that something doesn’t exist is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. For example: I claim that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were historical persons – you can’t prove that they weren’t. I would have to prove that they were by showing historical evidence.
      Nobody ever presented any good evidence for the existence of ghosts or presented a theory how they could exist according to physics at all. Until someone does, it’s safe to say that there are no ghosts.

  7. Seriously, I remember a friend once trying to convince me that the moon landings were faked by the U.S government. I remember back then there was all this doctored footage of the moon landing where experts analysed the direction of the shadows, effects of gravity etc in the moon landing images and concluded that it’s a fake. I think they were eventually dis-proven.

    • You’re a Wiccan Witch? I would maybe like to converse with you… about… things… 🙂 Not here, though.

  8. Nobody knows where Obama was born including him. I’m not saying he wasn’t born in Hawaii but I don’t know that for a fact and neither does the one who wrote this list. Another possibility is Indonesia where he grew up with the last name of Soetero.

      • Tim, don’t feel sorry for me,buckshot-I’m a 71-year-old disabled veteran. I’m on my way out the door. Feel sorry for yourself and the country and the lunatics who voted this America- hating communist back into office. I doubt I’m around in 4 years and it’s just as well with me. I would hate to see the shambles my country is in 4 years from now with this clown still in office.Right now obama is back in Hawaii where his wife moochelle stayed–The bill for this yet another vacation is now over 5 million dollars. But you think he cares about you. Good luck my man.

        • Oh you scary mofo. I don’t hail from the land of fat guts and superiority complexes, so I can’t help you with your wish, lets allow nature to take it’s course.

          I must say, it’s a tad sad that you’d rather die than live because you have such hatred towards a politician. Let’s say he was the smartest and most gifted person on the planet, ended world poverty etc and the birth conspiracies were true, would it matter? I’m guessing it would, and that’s really sad.

        • Nature will take it’s course with you long before me. You think not? Six months,tops. When they give you the bad news,remember I told you. No big loss but adios anyway.

        • Six months? Why do u say that Confucius? I am much much much younger than you, are you going to exceed your own ability by an infinite amount and reach me yourself? What else could you mean, u said you’re on the way out, you must be confused, understandable. I said I don’t live where fatties and self hero worship dominate, even if I did, what ya gonna do? Nice avoidance of my quite pointed questions by the way.

          My initial comment was tongue in cheek, u weren’t able to determine that, hence my sadness about your irrational hatred of YOUR President and the democratic process that you fought for (or didn’t) which brought him to power. Or was it a conspiracy? The black vote and all, ya know all those US citizens that finally voted, damn them for choosing someone representative of themselves. Oh well, I can only hope you are not a twat in real life, cause the world can do without the attitudes you displayed in the initial comments.

          By the way, if you really think Obama is a communist, then you need to pay attention, read a book or 10, read a few real websites etc, you missed the point of communism by as far as the Tea Party do.

          I don’t actually wish you harm, hence the tongue in cheek comment…

        • Only in your dreams could you take me out,punk. If I were you,with what time I had left,I would use it constructively. For example why don’t you go back down in your parents basement bed with your 8X10 glossy of Harry Reid. Enjoy yourself with that. The clock is ticking and you know it. Denial is the first stage. Goodbye-Eternity is opening for you soon just as it will for all of us one day.

        • Harry Reid? I know you are no spring chicken, but seriously how many times does someone need to tell you that they are not in any way connected to the US? Also, basements are not a thing here, so strike #1002.

        • Still alive, why did you lie to me so? I organized my funeral and everything yet I’m still here! Damn you Dennis!

    • Back to the original waffle, “Nobody knows where Obama was born including him”, nor do you I expect. Mexico, Canada, Cuba? Somewhere with universal health care I guess. Your birth certificate probably mentions somewhere in the continental US, but as you know these can be faked, hey Dennis…Kim?

      • If you believe Obama was born in Hawaii,you’re too stupid to debate. Also you’re finished and you know it. They’ll probably eat you in the dirt poor village you crawl around in.

    • like moi 🙂
      We have Wiccans, Wiccan Witches (who combine Wicca and Witchcraft) and Witches who just practice witchcraft.

  9. I’m not one of those people who think Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. but I can tell you as a citizen of the state of Alabama that is an extremely wide spread belief, the surprising thing is that some democrats in Alabama accept that as fact too.

  10. Only 2% of Americans thought we gained our independence from France? I’m very surprised. I would expected that to be much higher. In fact, I expect that at least 5% believe we gained our independence from Mars. BTW, going outside to scream obscenities at the sky and eat meat is not limited to one day a year. It’s actually a pretty common occurrence.

  11. i was completely surprised to see that people who believe the Holocaust never happened didn’t make the list…was glad to see the moon landing there and i thought that the 9/11 conspiracy needed a place but i get that it might be too soon for that…it was a great list and some of them are completely ridiculous.

  12. I served in the US Army on tanks and a funny belief us tankers all had was if you eat apricots or even had apricots on your tank before gunnery or manuevers or battle then something would go wrong.

  13. What about those that believe the Earth is hollow? Yep, they still exist and some of their beliefs involve aliens,race of lizard people.

  14. That number one had a good message. Hopefully large scale world events like that are never forgotten.

    • I think Smallwood has already mentioned that in his earlier article. So you, Sir, are way too late to tease him, Mr. Fear-oh. 🙂