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I apologize for the intrusion of posting on a top 10 list site without a top 10 list. But, this may be of interest to many of our supporters. As you may or may not know, we also run a very popular YouTube Channel (see channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-hpFPF4nOKoKPEAZM_THw). If you prefer to read, as I do, you may feel free to stay on TopTenz.net and enjoy your reading time. Or, if you want to just watch and listen, or just listen, visit our channel and give it a try. We have over one million subscribers who enjoy our daily videos.

Something else I like about the YouTube channel is the ability to create polls. We do a poll every now and then and one of our more recent polls dealt with the many articles/videos we have done about warriors throughout history. In our poll, we asked which warriors were the most feared. You can see the poll by clicking here and also read some of the comments. I have posted a snapshot of the poll results below. Vikings were the clear winner as the most feared with the Roman Legions coming in second followed by the mighty Maori warriors.

If you are interested in watching the playlist we have created about these warriors, and many more, you can click here and begin binging on our warrior videos.

I’m also providing links to the articles that the videos are based on, so you can read them as well if you like. Thanks for you time and I hope you do check out our channel. Thank you for reading…and watching.

We have more, but this quick list of historic warriors is a good start.

We are writing a list about Zulu warriors which should be published in the next month. Let us know of any warriors you would like to see us write about in the comments.

Zulu Warriors

Zulu Warriors


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