Why the Simpsons are the worst average family ever.


Throughout the Simpsons several decade long run, one factor has always remained constant, they’re supposed to be the a-typical American family, they fight, they watch TV and the father figure is a violent alcoholic who tries to strangle his own son on a bi-weekly basis. However, if you actually read into the show and how the family live, you’ll notice that they’re anything but average, they’re down right above average. For a start, look at their house.

Pink is totally a normal colour for a house. For people with yellow skin.

Pink is totally a normal colour for a house. For people with yellow skin.

Sure within the context of the show it’s a dilapidated hell-hole, however, that’s almost purely down to Homer’s ineptitude when it comes to household repairs, on paper this place is a palace. It has at least 4 bedrooms, we say “at least” because throughout the show’s run it’s had multiple guest bedrooms shown, a rumpus room, a living room, a dining room, a sitting room, a fully stocked kitchen, a basement, a sauna and a double garage with two cars and a workbench full of power tools crammed right the hell into it. On top of that, Homer Simpsons works as a nuclear technician, a job that pays, on average, almost 70,000 dollars a year. When you work that out as hourly pay, Homer Simpson earns 35 dollars per hour. How many people do you know who earn that much?

In short, The Simpsons are a family that could comfortably live on a wage that is 30,ooo dollars more than the average American family will ever see in a year but don’t due to one member of the family being a drunken, fat idiot. Oh wait, we guess they are an average American family. Our bad.

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  1. You’ll have to point on which episodes the Simpsons’ house has all those extra rooms. They have the living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, attic, Maggie’s room, Bart’s room, Lisa’s room, Marge and Homer’s room, one bathroom, and the garage. No character has ever had their own “guest room”…Flanders had a rumpus room, not the Simpsons. The closest thing The Simpsons ever had to a “rumpus” room was Homer’s garage/bar only used once. The living/”sitting room” are one in the same. A fully stocked kitchen? Compared to what? They seem to get everything inside those cabinets and fridge and have been out of food on multiple occasions. Never an abundance unless you count Homer’s sugar or Marge’s pretzles. Finally, the sauna. Once again, there’s never been a sauna showed in the SImpson. You’re probably thinking of the time they house sat for Mr. Burns. It also has the most dedicated fans in TV history and it would be clear to any one of them that you don’t know enough to be writing an article about the show.

    • Karl Smallwood on

      Sure. The Sauna is show and is a key feature of the episode, “Father Knows Worst”. It’s a hidden room in their basement. It’s only featured once, but it’s there.

      The rumpus room, again, is only shown very sparingly, however, it features in the episode “Lady Bouvier’s Lover”, Homer is seen caring for Maggie in there.

      The living room and sitting room are different rooms, the living room is the room containing the iconic TV and couch, the sitting room is a totally different room, the one that contains the fireplace and bay windows. It’s most commonly seen in the Christmas episodes. As it’s where they have their christmas tree.

      When I mentioned fully stocked kitchen the alludes to the fact they have a washer, dryer and dishwasher.

      Yes I know the Simpsons have die hard fans, I’m one of them. Then again, if you didn’t believe me, you could have clicked the sources, which support everything I said, with the same links and episode references.