Wolverine Was Saved From Being Written Out of The X-Men Because He’s Canadian


Wolverine is one of the most badass characters in comic book history and he’s consistently rated one of the best superheroes alongside Batman, Spider-man and Superman when he doesn’t look like a walking fridge. However, back when the character was still in his infancy and before people realised how awesome a guy who stabbed people with his

fists was, he was almost written out of the comics entirely. However, he was saved from annihilation due to one redeeming feature. He’s Canadian.

Like this, only with more stabbing. Lots more stabbing.

The Canadian flag is red because Wolverine stabbed it.

When comic legend John Byrne heard a rumour that Wolverine was going to be written out of the comic, being part Canadian himself (he’d emigrated there when he was younger) he began doing everything he could to make the character more interesting to readers. You see, for some reason one of Marvel’s bigwigs thought Nightcrawler was the tits and hoped to phase out The Wolverine in favour of Nightcrawler in the series of comics the pair starred in. Upon hearing that, Byrne wrote began writing stories purely to show that Wolverine was a total badass and eventually fans started to come round to the idea of a 5ft 3 man with a skeleton made of knives as a good idea.


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    • You’re right. They were both already members of the X Men. This was a very poorly researched article.

      Here is what Byrne said: “I’ll confess, just as Dave had tended to make the book Nightcrawler—Costarring the X-Men,I sort of took it over toward Wolverine—Costarring the X-Men.”

    • Thanks for the comment, I wrote this meaning that they were going to replace Wolverine with another character from the same comic, as the source states, but obviously that didn’t come across very well.

      I’ve altered the wording to reflect that.

      Thanks for the head up.