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  1. Dustin
    Dustin at |

    Lizzie Borden took an axe

    And gave her mother forty whacks.

    And when she saw what she had done,

    She gave her father forty-one.

    Nice list. So some people see a ghost house in the Bachelors Grove? Like they see a house and when they get close enough to it simply disappears?

    My wife (who incidentally went as Lizzie Borden to a Halloween party a few years back) had some friends that lived in the Weed House when we were in college. Everything you hear about that place is true. Super haunted.

  2. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    You might also want to note that Bachelor's Grove is supposedly one of the biggest satanic worshipping grounds in the country and going there at night can be dangerous. I live nearby and a couple friends and I have been debating whether or not to go.

  3. Lamb
    Lamb at |

    I went to the Eastern state pen. last year for the night time "haunted house"…I wish i would of known it wasn't a actual walk through. It was run by tweens with lots of glow paint and giggling and maybe would of been scary if I was 12.

  4. Shotgun Spratling
    Shotgun Spratling at |

    What about Andersonville Prison in Andersonville, GA? It was supposedly one of the most gruesome war prisons ever, and is haunted by spirits of some of those who were housed and died in the Civil War prison.

  5. Mark
    Mark at |

    We stayed at the Stanley Hotel earlier this year. We didn't see any ghosts but they did have a TV channel that played The Shining continuously in your room.

  6. Jackson
    Jackson at |

    "Although this sounds like an innocent, unimportant cemetery, its past is shrouded in despair and death."

    Yeah, cemeteries tend to be like that.

    1. cali
      cali at |

      lol ya i figured

  7. voiceofreason
    voiceofreason at |

    i suppose you also think aliens are abducting your children

  8. Drew
    Drew at |

    my roommates mom is going out with a man named Jeff Borden. he is actually directly related to the Borden family and he lives in New Bedford Mass. which is maybe 30 minutes or less to the Borden house. CRAZY!

  9. Jess
    Jess at |

    I wanna go to one of these places would be fun

  10. Claven
    Claven at |

    Try Kelly Rd. in Ohioville, Pa. It is known as the "Mystery Mile." The legends say that a group of Demonolatrists summoned demons in the woods around the road and that the demons still live there. I went with a group of friends in the dead of winter. The conditions on the road were terrible, and as it runs near a large gorge, I felt a bit of apprehension. This feeling grew into a sense that we all were going to die, and no amount of rationalisation would drive the image of us plummeting down the side of the gorge from my mind. Halfway down the road, all of the cell phones shut off and could not be coaxed back on. The feelings of imminent death grew. Finally, we decided to turn around as something definitely did not want us there. Looking out the window, I caught a glimpse of a large black shape keeping pace with the jeep. It stayed for a moment and then dropped back. The worst of it happened right at the entrance of the road. There is an old graveyard containing maybe just a few graves. When we reached it, the cell phones all turned back on. I took a backward glance as we left for home and saw…nothing. Nothing was in the graveyard. However, as I turned back to face forward, I happened to look onto the lawn of the house opposite the graveyard. There was a single tree growing in the yard, and under that tree was this huge, hulking shadowy shape. Its eyes were glowing red, and when I looked into them I felt hatred and anger. It stayed for a moment, and then promptly vanished.

  11. Brian Douglas
    Brian Douglas at |

    I live in Louisville, Kentucky and have been to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium several times. It is a really (REALLY) creepy place. I've never actually "seen" anything there, but I have "heard" footsteps and voices, when there was no one else there. Another time, we were in the room that the nurse supposedly killed herself and as we left the room, we heard a noise that sounded like several doors slamming behind us – but the room has no doors. There was no real wind to speak of that night and we couldn't find anything nearby that could have made that sound. It is one of those places that gives you goose bumps for sure.

  12. formerskeptic?
    formerskeptic? at |

    My family stayed at the Stanley Hotel, Labor Day Weekend, 2008. Definitely captured "something" in the Garden Level of the hotel. While a wedding reception was going on inside the hotel, our family took an outdoor tour on our own; at night. No one was in the area during the time of the pic, and our "capture" wasn't discovered until about a month out from the visit. My sister and I appear in the foreground of the shot and in the background (left) appears to be a face with even the whites of eyes, staring at us. Because I try to be a true skeptic, I find it hard to believe it's not matrixing that is occurring. The face does seem symmetrical and that it appears to be staring does, to this day, unnerve me. Within about a week of our "capture"…another strange picture was captured by someone else, inside the Stanley. Our pics, along with others, are out in cyberspace for scrutiny. Google: Paranormal Investigations Visitor Submitted Evidence, then click on Visitor Submitted Evidence and you will see a number of Stanley Hotel pics taken by my family and other guests.

  13. back off the beep
    back off the beep at |

    dude why is inst the whaleys house here? the whaleys house is the most haunted huse in the usa

    1. CaseyLee
      CaseyLee at |

      I was just going to ask the same question. Why on Earth would this article NOT include the Whaley House?!

      Just for that, I thumb down this article.

  14. kimberly
    kimberly at |

    monster house is one of them

  15. Matt says
    Matt says at |

    what about Bobby Mackeys music hall in Kentucky I heard that place could be the most haunted place in America if not the world. Its a breeding grounds for melevolent spirits I think if you havnt heard about this place you should take a moment and read up on it. Its so bad that Ghost Adventures wont return to the place because the activity that goes on there. Zack is one of the Ghost Adventures crew was attacked and then later on was attached to by a spirit that they say is demonic. I think this is a really good list of places. It makes you wonder how many places out there go unreported……..

  16. Heavens_Joke
    Heavens_Joke at |

    Almost every entry on this list has appeared on an episode of Ghost Adventures.

  17. Mel
    Mel at |

    I get that some people just enjoy the thrill of being scared but there is a deadly deception when believing in Ghosts. Ghosts are actually just demons who impersonate the dead. The Bible says that death is a dreamless sleep and that is where everyone waits for one of two ressurections. Want proof? Check out truth about death (.)com


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