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  1. chris burns
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    no way on fender…………..real fender strats are well made guitars –but fender will slap their name on any p.o.s guitar made cheaply in Taiwan and sell it as a “Fender” …..usually a fender squire………which are absolute crap………….personally id say a Gibson les paul is a tougher and more durable guitar………..but that’s a matter of choice —–overall fenders name doesn’t mean near what it was a few years ago…………

  2. chris burns
    chris burns at |

    you want a tough guitar……get an old 80s Ibanez destroyer,……..I had one as a teenager –back when Ibanez made quality guitars………I beat the hell outta that thing and it always kept coming back…………..wish I had never sold it

  3. Aimee M.
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    NLS no longer produces new titles on cassette; it’s all digital now and older titles are being converted from cassette to digital. CD’s didn’t work out not because blind people couldn’t use them, but because they won’t stand up to repeated shipping and handling by multiple borrowers.

  4. levothread
    levothread at |

    Nokia, as far as the phone goes, ok I guess, it was the short battery life that stinks.
    Cassette tapes? Really, has the author even owned one? I can give you three HUGE reasons why they are so fragile.
    1. the quality of the sound degrades over time and use. Ok for taping a lecture but unforgiveable when listening to music.
    2. Forget you left your KISS alive II double cassette you paid $13.95 for
    on your dash in your car? Toast and I mean melted toast if there is such a thing.
    3 the hungry radio that ate your tape. Pulling out the jam resulted in a spaghetti like mess that was un-repairable even for a professional sound editor.
    Cast Iron Pans? Yep you nailed that one. Never wash it with soap. Heck some sand and water for camping pans works awesome.



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