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  1. Scotty GaGa
    Scotty GaGa at |

    I would have worked Back in Black in there somehow.

  2. The Annoyed Elephant
    The Annoyed Elephant at |

    I would’ve replaced TNT with You Shook Me All Night Long or Back in Black.

    Also… Zeppelin? Stairway, Kashmir, Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, etc.

  3. KryptoTSD
    KryptoTSD at |

    What about Strutter? The Hottest Band In The World performed that one, it IS their song… And it rocks Houses, and Venues like an earth quake!

  4. Corkczar
    Corkczar at |

    You want to call it “of the last couple of decades”–okay. But that is a worthless “all time list” if only for leaving out Cream & Clapton’s “Sunshine of your Love” the Who’s “Baba O’Reilly”and the Stones, who gave us THE best of all time, “Satisfaction.” God, what a horrid list you’ve provided.

    1. jmuraski
      jmuraski at |

      Thank you! Yes. Satisfaction is the best of all time.


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