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  1. Al
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    “The Green Goblin is a believable Spider-Man villain. Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin… not so much. A teenager versus a billionaire industrialist seems implausible even for the realm of comic books. ”

    No it isn’t. First of all no one knew Norman was the Goblin until Peter was in college. Second of all Norman is a dark father figure to Peter who represents all the wealth Peter never has. He is someone who had smarts like Peter but abused them to get wealth and power. Something Peter would never do.

  2. Danny
    Danny at |

    …Number Two, to me, indicates you’ve not once actually read a comic arc with Norman in it.

    “Norman Osborn isn’t completely disinterested in Spider-Man…”

    No, he’s freaking obsessed with him. He tried to turn him into his heir, he murdered his baby, he made him doubt his own existence, their fight is VERY personal. And considering WHY he adopted the persona of a “Goblin” in the first place, it makes infinitely more sense for Norman to be the true Green Goblin. Hell, Harry only took up the mantle in-comic because his drug-addled mind had convinced itself that Spider-Man was evil and his father, the Goblin, was a hero who’d died trying to stop him. Then when he learned Peter was Spider-Man… he snapped. So no, it does not make more sense for Harry to be the Goblin, and that’s NOT why the films had him take up the role after Norman’s death. They had him do it because that’s what happens in the pages of what they’re adapting.


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