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  1. Terry Bigham at |

    I have a trivia quiz on "Diamond as Big as the Ritz" over in And has anyone seen the bigscreen adaptation of "Babylon Revisted", "The Last Time I Saw Paris", starring Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson?

  2. Liz at |

    Terry – I have not seen "The Last Time I Saw Paris", but did pick up the American Short Stories series version of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" starring Shelly Duvall as Bernice and Bud Cort (ala "Harold and Maude" fame) as Bernice's would-be suitor. A little slow-moving, but still worth watching, I guess. I've got "The Last Time I Saw Paris" on my Netflix queue. I'm trying to watch anything and everything Fitzgerald-related.

  3. Melissa at |

    This list makes me want to go back and re-read with new thoughts in my head (and read some for the first time)

  4. bestshortstory at |

    I never knew the story behind "Babylon Revisited". Thanks for the list. This has to be Fitzgerald's best!

    1. nijaneyportor at |

      no shut up

  5. Uncle Don at |

    Sorry to be the curmudgeon, but I like only two on this list: ‘Babylon’ and ‘Winter Dreams.” The latter, especially, was a revelation to me.

  6. The Snow Bird at |

    I only have Babylon in my top 10, but it’s my also #1! My #10 is Afternoon of a Author #9 The Bowl #8 The Ice Palace #7 A New Leaf #6 The Bridal Party #5 Boil Some Water #4 The Swimmers #3 Crazy Sunday #2 May Day, and #1 Babylon Revisited

  7. The Snow Bird at |

    OMG it’s Snow Bird again, How did I forget Fitzgeralds (Ode to a Nightingale) the wonderful short story called “Outside the Cabinet Maker’s” That’s my #1.


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