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  1. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    Great list, Tanya and well researched as always.

    I have been waking up early every day for the last 45 days and it has made a difference for me. I still go to bed at the same time (usually) and get more hours out of my day. Difficult at first but much easier now. I really enjoy the early quite time on weekends before the entire family awakes and the hussle and bussle starts.

  2. Crazy2lolo
    Crazy2lolo at |

    I'm willing to try any but stop using Soap and SEX…. HELL NO……….

    1. meow.bi
      meow.bi at |

      Although it’s common misconception that you have to use soap to stay clean, soap is NOT NECESSARY. It actually makes more damage to your body than favor.

      My hair was greasy nest since I remember. Always half greasy, half dried out with split ends. For past 3 months instead of shampoo I’m using baking soda, and my hair never looked or felt better in my life. Since for final rinse I’m using chamomile tea, it smells nice too.

      I still use soap for the rest of my body, but I gave up on standards soaps and started to make my own soaps that have much less soda in it ( read: much less soap ). Since than, my skin is much better and softer, but after reading this, may be I’ll even try not to use them too, and switch to natural body scrubs.

      Oily hair and heavy body odor ( if you wash yourself every day) can be consequence of skin irritation by soap itself. So more you wash, worst it gets, so you wash yourself even more, and things get even worse. The only one having profit from that magic circle are companies whose body product you buy.

      1. Peter Boucher
        Peter Boucher at |

        @ meow.bi : That’s a very compelling post that you have made. One of my best friend’s father (he passed away some 10-12 years ago) was a very respected dermatologist and he gave me the scoop on how to properly cleanse yourself. When taking a shower, all you need to do is wash your face and scalp, your neck, your pubic area and your feet. He also said washing your arms and legs is not necessary and your torso area. He also used nothing but the brand named soap “Dove” because it contains more moisturizer than any other soap and prevent the drying of your skin. Coming from a dermatologist, that speaks volumes. One more thing and that’s regarding No.5. Use Cash only. The rock group Pink Floyd’s most commercially successful song is entitled “Money” (from their “Dark Side Of The Moon” album). The next to last line of the song is “Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today”. So with that in mind, maybe they should have entitled the song to be “Credit Card”. I have never owned one and I never will. If I don’t have the cash to buy something, Oh well !!

        1. TopTenz Master
          TopTenz Master at |

          Peter, the actual quote from the Bible states, “For the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.”
          Having money isn’t evil, caring for it above all else is.

  3. Billster
    Billster at |

    I actually love waking up early and enjoying the day/sun, put an alarm, and just snooze it weekends, but sometimes and now more times than others I don't. I read How To Become An Early Riser and I will try it out no doubt. But 5 AM is too early I will start with 7 AM, since I wake up at this time on week days. I don't see the point in no sex though -_-

  4. LS
    LS at |

    Eh, I don't know about any of these. The soap one because my hair would turn into a huge rats nest disaster without conditioner. And waking up early is overrated, especially 5am. I'd get migraines and be sick if I got up that early.

    The walking sounds like a good idea, unless you live in a major city, going from Burnaby to Vancouver would be a hell of a walk, and would take hours out of my day, no thanks.

  5. Blair Ivey
    Blair Ivey at |

    Interesting list and most of the items are fairly easy to start. A few comments:

    #5 Cash Only

    I have one credit card, and I generally use it to book flights and rent cars and hotel rooms, it's just easier that way. I once did an experiment to see how long I could go using actual cash (no ATM): 14 days.

    #4 No TV

    At one time I lived for three years without a TV and the thing I noticed most when watching at friend's houses was how often the picture changed: television seems custom-made to induce ADD. I still notice this today. I've thought about giving up the TV but I like watching live sports too much.

    #2 Walk Everywhere

    In my life I have lived without a car for a total of about ten years, including the last three. Contrary to LS, living without a car in a major city is usually much easier than living in a less urban environment; I've done both. I didn't choose to give up my wheels because I wanted to be 'green' or 'save the planet'; I just didn't need it. If I really need a car I can always rent one.


  6. Matt
    Matt at |

    Heh, About the tv one I tried that once, Instead, I ended up watching tv episodes on hulu XD. I might try the sleep one, I would find a great place for it in august.

  7. jed
    jed at |

    i do all of these but for 1 of them on an regular basis for like 9 years.

    sorry everyone but im a real man & im hardly over 21

  8. Deathgleaner
    Deathgleaner at |

    #4 – Done it. Haven't watched TV in a year. Know why? I don't have TV service.

  9. SlytherinAngel
    SlytherinAngel at |

    I did a variation of number 3. I keep a dream journal. Been writing my dreams in down for almost a year now.

  10. Pg
    Pg at |

    What a load of crap. Stop using soap? Why?

  11. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    For 30 days : STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL. I woke up one morning 6 years ago and just went “COLD TURKEY”. My ramifications from drinking ? Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Diabetes Type 2, Acid Reflux, Edema, Amputation of Big Toe of Right Foot, Neuropathy, Kidney and Liver enzymes, I can no longer run because of the amputation, walking with a cane, over 50 different types of medication in the past 6 years (I am on 11 right now). Remember, Think before you drink. And I am only 49 years old and have been to rehab and detox dozens of times !!!!!!


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