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  1. Veronica Marks
    Veronica Marks at |

    It’s fascinating to see that so many of these have come across my path, and many more than once! I never realized that there were so many more common coins and bills that could be worth more than their given value. I will have to go look at all my currency and see if I have any of these!

  2. Paul
    Paul at |

    WOW ! Awesome information .. thank you for the time taken to produce this information and sharing it with the public .. Paul .. I think I’m rich .. yeah !

  3. Tela
    Tela at |

    Yes. Thank You for all that. And just like Paul. . . I believe I have a treasure worth getting more involved with.
    I think I’m rich.

  4. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    Many of these coins look like and are described as dollar bills. Can you explain how #1-#4 are coins?

  5. jose
    jose at |

    Where do I call or go if I find these coins?


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