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  • Lauranthalasah

    Oh Beatiful!! Of course is your Ten List, but I would put in my top ten the gorgeus and incredible expresive green eyes of Jensen Ackles and the sweet and melancholic browns (ok, maybe they are hazel) of Zachary Levi. They have that kind of eyes I can’t stop seeing and Ackles has a gift to use his to comunicate feelings whith amazing power.
    Oh, and they have realy long eye lashes, you know, the kind that every woman in the world want to have 😛

    I explain myself.
    Jensen Akcles eyes:
    Zachary Levi eyes:
    PS: I forget Misha Collins eyes, they are the most wonderful shade of blue.

    Sorry for my English!

  • luck


  • Sneha


    i mean everybody has their own opinion and all…but sexy male eyes lists are just incomplete without Jensen Ackles’s eyes…

    ‘he doesn’t have the eyes of the killer…but his eyes can definitely kill’…lol

  • tatiana

    what about Ian Somerhalder?!?!!?

  • Gabriela

    This list is a joke! A lot of people have plain looking eyes and since when was 2pac considered gorgeous????? Well even tho Jared eyes look beady here, his eyes are actually pretty big. I have to admit as a narrow/normal sized eyed gal Im a sucker for big,bright eyes. Here’s my list (IN NO ORDER) of beautiful eyes

    1) Elijah Wood (Hello! He is none for his big baby blue eyes!)
    2) Hrithik Roshan (He’s green exotic eyes are sexy!)
    3) Max George (I cant help but fall in love with his big,bright, hazel/gray eyes!

  • Anon

    Can I just show you the eyes you should have had in first place…

    Jensen Ackles… look and drool!!

  • Livia

    Really?! No Ian Somerhalder? And no Jensen Ackles?! The sexiest eyes in the world are Ian’s…

  • Anon

    Well the sexiest in the world are Jensen’s, but really not including them is a massive fail!!!!

  • Eye fetish

    For those of you who do not know number 1 on this list, let my start by saying you probably do.
    One of the reasons is for his eye being the icon on the front cover of Requiem for a Dream – pop culture people, most famous I know of.
    More evidence just look at his eyes at the premier for that film.

  • MarM

    Colin Firth….

  • mahesh

    y is ian somehalder not on this list ???

  • Lauranthalasah

    Another one: Jim Caviezel. That man can build his entire career with those eyes.

  • Bill Wakeham

    Very interesting debate, all about opinions, which is the way it should be, no one is right or wrong, it just depends on who floats your boat. I love the subject, as I get told that I have beautiful eyes very often, or words to that effect, also that they are my best feature, and girlfriends have just wanted to spend the night looking into them. They are green, but not always, sometimes blue or grey, and they sparkle. A girl in the supermarket the other day said “look at your eyes” I said “I cant”, she said “they are lovely”. Im not the most confident person in the world, but when you get compliments as often about something as I do, it does make you happy, and I am started to believe and accept what women say.

  • sexyeyemaster

    I think that this list was HORRIBLY constructed. The other list looked as if it had at least some thought put into it. More than half the people on the list did not nearly have has good as eyes as many out there.

    • It was a reader-submitted list. Obviously personal preference plays a big role.

  • Lycan Lover

    Good list, but Paul Walker should be second. His eyes are divine! And Ian Somerhalder should be first on this list (why is he not on this list). That man is sex on legs and has the best eyes ever. Ever! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Phil

    I have the nicest eyes this case is now closed and the case is adjourned. Thank you for playing.

  • Nikki

    Where the hell Is Chris Pine!?!?

  • deblave

    Where’s Benedict!!!!!??????

  • shuttlecocker

    Actors with the most mesmerizing eyes/expression. Here’s my first few but the list can be virtually endless. Yul Brynner, Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris, Jack Nicholson, Robert Shaw, Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and George Pepperd.
    YB in Ten Commandments, PO in Lawrence of Arabia (aka El Aurens), RH in Camelot, JN in One flew over the cuckoos nest, RS in Jaws, RD in Cape Fear and Analyze this, SC in you pick it, any Bond movie, CE in the spaghetti westerns like For a few dollars more and GP in Pendulum.
    There are a lot more on the list like Al Pachino, Jeff Goldblum etc, etc, etc. yet Yul Brynner I’ve gotta say is very unique to this day.

  • Tha

    Have you ever look Markus Feehily’s eyes?

  • Anna Lenson

    The man in the picture is Mel Gibson aka The First SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by People Magazine. He is the actor with the MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES Ever. His eyes are beautiful for their color, their shape and the thick long eyelashes. His baby blues are pools of azure light! They are the bluest eyes ever and these eyes are prettier than all the eyes included in this silly list!