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214 Responses

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  1. Heather at |

    I would have to put Ralph Fiennes on here :)

    1. ashley fernandes at |

      paul walker has the sexiest eyes!!!! i have blue eyes and i just love his !

      1. imran at |

        wonderfulll eyes…..

    2. Tina at |

      Amin to that. Ralph Fiennes has incredible tiger-like eyes. Also, Ben Barnes. I’d put him in the top 3 sexiest male eyes.

    3. Sharmane at |

      So true. I disagree with over 3 people’s eyes being listed here… where is Mark Feehily, he has such gorgeous eyes! And again, whats up with the pictures, they aren’t even showing them off at their best! Cillian looks way better, so does Wentworth AND Josh.. And they are the only ones I totally agree with being on this list!

    4. Ishani at |

      What about Ian Somerhalder? He has gorgeous eyes!

  2. Amanda at |

    I just googled him you are right he does have very nice eyes! This was a very hard list to do!

    1. sharmane at |


  3. Heather Matthews at |

    you're list was great, I just love Ralph Fiennes lol

  4. bluedreamer at |

    hello sir its me Bluedreamer from Bluedreamer's top 5

    first, i would like to make an apology for posting your list on my blog without any permission

    i already put your site there that will direct them here in your site that states that you are the one who wrote that post

    i love to be here at your site

    thanks and have agreat holiday

  5. Julie at |

    What about Daniel Craig?

  6. XUSNLT at |

    As a guy with brown eyes, I find this list refreshing. For some reason, the gals' list is short on brown eyed beauties. If color is the appealing factor, I can see why Leto's baby blues might make the list, but his eye shape is too small and beady. Surely, Newman, Murphy and Miller could have been enough. Tupac's bulgy eyes hardly seem idyllic when there are Shemar Mor and Tyson (the model) out there. Maybe I'm biased because I don't idolize thugs and/or drug dealers.

    1. C. at |

      Tyson…haha. I kept thinking his name was Tyrese. I have to agree, Tupac’s eyes have no sexual appeal at all. Honestly they sort of make him look retarded (literally speaking).
      I myself am not attracted to black males. However do agree that Tyson has nice eyes. If they really insisted on a rapper sort….I would go with Nelly.(The one who always wore a white bandage on his cheek.)
      However if people are going to get all bent out of shape about color, and race. Maybe they should make seperate lists for all;
      1.Top Ten Male Blue Eyes
      2. Top Ten Male Green Eyes
      5.Non-descript (for instance those who’s eyes seem to change)
      Then there would be even more seperation based on race
      1.Top Ten Hispanic Male Eyes
      5.Middle Eastern
      Then you sort of run into a problem.Because left out, there is always someone.Especially when you consider just how large a continent Asia is, and how many “by-product” ethnicities that exists.For instance Indians, and Arabians have different traits, just as Koreans and Chinese.
      So for anyone to blow a list like this out of proportion is idiotic.It was made based on one person’s opinion.Make your own list(s) if it is unliked by you.

      1. betzblue at |

        Cheers to you, “C”. You nailed it 1,000,000 percent. Everyone has their own opinion about what they think “is” or “isn’t”. And because some don’t necessarily agree with each other, the high & mighties jump right in to slam an opinion.
        Personally I don’t give a flying Norwegian Fluck what the HO’diddies think of me or my opinions.I’m not a storm trooper, or A/B or AC/DC or whatever…
        Just a female who happens to like blue, green, amber, hazel or toffee coloured eyes. No body is gonna DIE just cuz I disagree with a few choices that have been mentioned.

    2. Sharmane at |

      So agree with you!

    3. Tracy at |

      i am Black and definitely Tupac has never been the standard of good looks even in our community!
      Please as for having good looking eyes if he does so does every black man in America…and Africa
      Also it is strange that Tupac can make the list but no Black woman make the list for the women, not even Kimora Simmons or Vanessa Williams

  7. betzblue at |

    Beautiful eyes should be big & bright but not bulgy or mudd colour….blues, greens, hazels…and unusual colours….Newman's eyes have always been my favourite ( I'm an old bag) but Gerard Butler has eyes ( and a voice) that mesmerizes. Sam Elliott has bedroom eyes ( and an ever more bedroomier voice)….

    1. . at |

      For an old bag, that was a very ignorant and immature comment, betzblue.

      1. Betzblue at |

        Twat you say? Do you think I CARE what you think? You seem to be trolling these polls just so you can jump in with your remarks. I don’t see where what I wrote was ignorant OR immature, slick.

        I can’t write what I want to say to you…but suggest that if you have a problem with me…contact me off this post….

        1. Sharmane at |

          I agree on the big and bulgy bit, that is not at all close to beautiful. But some brown eyes can be very beautiful…

    2. sdf at |

      What do you mean with ‘should’? You could be a stormfront member as far as we know. That you have a biased taste means nothing else. There is no ‘should’.

  8. Nikki at |

    Hrithik Roshan surely??

    And I actually think #10 is the best on that list. And Paul Newman. Wowww.

  9. Brownie at |

    personally, i don't get the big thrill with blue eyes. it seems like everyone has them! green, hazel, grey… and brown, of course, are the only eyes colors that jump out at me. and betzblue? not one guy on this list has 'mudd' colored eyes.

  10. Amelia at |

    that was a hard list to decide

    but i would have definatly put Elijah Wood in there, and Jude Law

    Daniel Craig, Rupert Grint and Viggo Mortensen also have really beautiful eyes

  11. Nijza at |

    cant believe u forgot GERARD WAY!

  12. Claire at |

    WTF?? No Elijah Wood or Malcolm Mcdowell?! This list is made of fail.

  13. Karah at |

    I agree with this list mostly but I'd have to get rid of Richard Gere, Jared Leto (god no…) Tupac(wtf?) Josh Harnett… yeck and Johnny Depp his eyes aren't that great. I'd have to put Chris Martin at NUMBER ONE! HIS EYES ARE STUNNING probably the most gorgeous man ever.

    1. gina at |

      are u forreal?????this the dumbest craziest thing ive ever heard..thats unbelievable!!!everyone has his own taste but u must be blind and crazy for not liking Johnny depps eyes!he deserves the first place!have u ever look his eyes in a movie??when he looks he can make u melt!!i can say that he has the most gorgeous sexiest eyes and looking ive ever seen!!u so crazy omg…

  14. Shai at |

    Stop hating on Tupac. His eyes were beautiful. Try and look past what was in the news and all the crap you heard or your stunted and biased opinion of someone you knew ABSOLUTLEY nothing about!

    Oh and you forgot Antonio Banderas!

  15. Green at |

    No green eyes! I think green eyes are the most exotic and beautiful

  16. betzblue at |


    You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine…I'll take baby blues over mudd colour any flecked with gold, an amber, a coffee/toffee but there ain't nothin fabulous about plain old dark brown eyes…

    1. mit at |

      “mud”. That’s white supremacist terminology.
      You’re not above finding any pretty eyes pretty, whether they’re blue or brown. You’ve just decided that you’re not going to like brown eyes, but it doesn’t mean you can dictate what’s actually attractive. You can only keep it at bay by holding on to biases.

  17. Brownie at |

    brown eyes show emotion. anger, joy, passion… they change and when you look at someone with brown eyes, you can see thier soul. blue eyes are always the same. and blue eyes always look squinty to me…

  18. betzblue at |


    Try using spell check sweetie…and as a I said, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

    That's what makes life so interesting. It would be so bloody awful if everyone had the same thoughts, IQ's and lifestyles.

  19. Nikki at |

    Chris Pine has AMAZING eyes!

  20. house episodes at |

    Daniel craigs blues should be on that list.

  21. Wynfri Triessa at |

    You forgot Antonio Banderas and Omar Sharif. Both have totally mesmerizingly gorgeous big brown eyes.

  22. ronniemickens at |

    gerard butler is #1 on my list.

  23. betzblue at |

    Well Right on, RonnieMickens! Seems as though you have can see for yourself what a divine specimen that Scotland shared wi' us. Cheers.

  24. jessica at |

    Ewwwwwwwwww, Jared Leto! Puke.

    He’s a pretentious a hole and not at all good looking. Definitely does not deserve number one.

    You obviously disagree but I just had say something.

  25. Napoleon Complex at |

    Why is Jared Leto above Paul Newman???

  26. Jessica Brain at |

    number 10 has the nicest eyes !!!

  27. Kayley at |

    OMG Paul Walker #10 has the best eyes i've ever seen!! Gorgeous!

  28. Lisa at |

    Cillian Murphy (#4) has the most drop-dead gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in my life.

  29. Sarah at |

    what about Chris Pine? he should be num 1!

  30. Jenny at |

    Okay, have you ever seen Jason Isaac's eyes? Holy crap they should have been on here. Google Jason Isaac's blue eyes and you'll see why.

    Oh and for those who don't know him, he plays Lucius Malfoy in the HP movies.

  31. Alise at |

    You… really like blue eyes, don't you?

  32. Cecile at |

    What happened to Leonardo Dicaprio?

    All the dudes with blue eyes looks really creepy and gay except for #10, #5, and #2

  33. betzblue at |

    So what if a guy with blue eyes is gay? Can't a gay man be sexy?

    Some of you people are so narrow minded; it ain't like anyone on this post will ever hook up with ANY of these men ….it also goes to point out that not everyone has to share the same opinions.

    The world would be soooooooooooo &*&^%$%(_)_+_(I(&% boring if everyone was just like everyone else. Speak your piece but don't bash other folks because they don't think like you…..

  34. K at |

    Totally love Jared's eyes.

  35. Ed at |

    I think you forgot to put Anderson Cooper's eyes in.. they're just defs. hot!

  36. ARYAARYA at |

    Your top 10 ain't worth nuthin without Keanu Reeves eyes….love him.

  37. ANIKET at |

    can't believe u forgot BRAD PITT…………Your top 10 ain’t worth nuthin without BRAD PITT's eyes……..

  38. ANIKET at |


  39. Stern at |

    Bill Kaulitz or Tom Kaulitz should deffinately be there *.* they have gorgeous eyes!

  40. the one at |

    Jared Leto has the most beutiful eyes i ever saw on man. Sometimes i get lost in his eyes O_O..BEAUTIFUL

  41. Trish at |

    jakob dylan should be in this list he so friggin hot and has such dreamy eyes he is absolutley gorgeos!!!

  42. k at |

    To the person who said that tupac was a drug dealer, YOU ARE WRONG, you obviously have no idea and clue about the man, coz he was most definetly NOT a drug dealer so get ya facts straight b4 u go shooting ya mouth off, he was an inspiration to millions of people and did more for this world than you have ever done, he's also got beautiful eyes so it's good 2 see him up there RIP

    I love this list, Hugh Laurie has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!

  43. Paula at |

    I guess you filled the one brotha quota…Tyson Beckford anybody? Or is that too much shade for the paleskin blue-eyed Aryan celebration?

    1. betzblue at |

      Why did this have to get "racial"…I don't recall anyone throwing a slur at a skin colour before Paula whatsherpiehole had to throw in her two useless cents…

      I made a comment about mud coloured eyes but that was any dark brown plain eye…there are some other shades of brown that are &^%$^( gorgeous….

      I was not trying to stir up any trouble….

      1. mit at |

        You referred to dark brown eyes derogatorily. That’s racist. Where are dark brown eyes most common? Answer, away from Europe. So even if you didn’t intend it, it sounds racist. It’s like instead of saying blue eyes look boring, someone would say blue eyes look like alien eyes. Wouldn’t that convey contempt and not just preference to you?

  44. Elizabeth at |

    Cedric Bixler Zavala……. enough said

  45. Elizabeth at |

    oh yeah, and Paul McCartney used to have the most beautiful eyes ever. Don't know if that counts.

  46. Baar at |


  47. tashlentine at |

    what about George Clooney/Cary Grant? – beautiful men with beautiful eyes! and no Pierce Brosnan? serious neglect!

  48. Marex at |

    Hey where is Hrithik Roshan eyes personality i think he is one of the best eyes…

  49. Marex at |

    soory bad english he has one of the best eyes..

  50. Tayla at |

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that you put Jared first. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my life!!! *sigh*

  51. Tayla at |

    Oh, and oh my god, 30 Seconds to mars ROCK!!! (Jared's band)

    Oh, and btw, zac efron has really nice eyes too

  52. Katerina at |
  53. Durs at |

    I figured Elijah Wood would be up there his big blue eyes gorgeous!

  54. Lucille at |

    Where are Paul McCartney's eyes? The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Big hazel eyes…

  55. betzblue at |

    Charlie Hunnam & Tommy Flanagan….(JAX &Chibs) from Sons of Anarchy….and Jax certainly has the finest ass…..on TV.

  56. 30 stm fan at |


  57. Carla at |

    Jared Leto has fantastic eyes! The picture used above really don't do them justice. Check out the video "A Beautiful Lie". He is number one on my list.

  58. Better than everybod at |

    Brownie is a fail. Blue eyes look squinty and always the same? And 'seems everyone has them' – blue eyes are atually the rarest eye colour. And they can have just as much emotion as any other eye colour. Emotion doesn't show due to eye colours – looking at the blue eyes on the list – particularly number 10 and 1 – they absolutely do not have 'squinty' eyes.

    My opinion is the 'sexiest' eyes don't come down to colour -but more the shape and the gaze and the man behind them.

    But if I had to say it – I think straight brown is the most unappealing colour. Golden eyes… like brother of the guy that got first place – are amazing.

    Josh Hartnetts eyes are not sexy at all – neither is he. And elijah wood? No.

    1. betzblue at |

      To Better Than Everyone else,

      You hit the nail on the head lady.

      Great Observation.

    2. Greenie at |

      Actually, green eyes are rarer than blue eyes.

    3. hnight at |

      Rare doesn’t mean better. Red albino eyes are the rarest.

  59. sharon at |

    Richard Gere? Seriously? Common he has little… beedy… nothing eyes, the smae can be said for Josh Hartnett, they're good looking guys, but their eyes are nothing special, Hugh Laurie, Johnny Depp, those two have really pretty eyes.

  60. Jared xDDD at |

    Aww, Jared really does have great eyes, but the photo they put up isn't that great. & Yeah I agree Gerard Way should be there. You should see Jared's eyes in Music Video "Attack"

  61. googly eyes at |

    I like Johnny Depp, Paul Newman and Hugh Laurie's eyes. The other seven do nothing for me. But the most stunning, penetrating pair I've ever seen belongs to Gerard Butler. I can't even tell if they're blue or green. I agree with better than everybody–it's not the color that makes a man's eyes sexy; it's the expression behind them.

  62. betzblue at |

    GOOGLY eyes, you are dead on accurate about Gerard Butler. Have you see the stills from Atilla? OMIGAWD his eyes look sea foam green in some of those….and yet, in others, they seem to be various shades of blue.. But what wraps the whole package up nicely, is that voice of his!

    Nothing better than a man with a kilt & a genuine burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yeah!

    1. googly eyes at |

      Ah yes, Attila. Saw that on DVD. Even my dad thinks GB's eyes are something else. Personally, I love those expressions of his at the end of 300. His eyes could be the dullest color ever for all I care, but the intensity of his gaze could bore a hole into your skull. I bet if Leonidas and Xerxes had a staring contest to begin with, the movie would've been over in 30 minutes, lol. Very dangerous weapon, those eyes. He ought to carry a permit or something. ;D

      Then again, he can just as easily go the other way and have the softest, gentlest, most caring expression. There's an endless depth to them, and he can communicate so much without even saying a word. That, to me, is sexy. And it's something I don't really see in most of the guys on this list, especially the younger ones.

  63. intense stare of doo at |

    Sorry, can't stand that Wentworth person at all. His one expression looks so contrived.

  64. mark at |

    Jared Leto made the list because his name sounds cool… that's about the only explanation I can think of…

    I was completely shocked when I saw him on the list, at least from that photo.

  65. Countess of Ole at |

    While there are a few guys on this list whose eyes don't appeal to me at all (Josh Hartnett? :-/) you more than redeemed yourself by putting Jared Leto up at # 1. Oh my gosh he has such gorgeous eyes! They look great in that picture you used, and that picture doesn't even do them proper justice. Have you seen the music video for From Yesterday? My gosh, I could drown in those eyes. Cillian Murphy was a really good choice of eyes too.

    Whoever said Jared's eyes look small and beady though… I'm confused… whose eyes are you looking at? Jared's eyes are giant!

  66. Aslam at |

    What about JENSEN ACKLES ??????????????????

  67. Imran at |

    Paul Newman is infamous in Hollywood and the world over for having the most strikingly beautiful eyes ever seen. His piercing blue eyes are out of this world! He should never be anything less than No.1

    Secondly, eyes shouldn't just be judged by the color. It's the combination of shape, lashes, eyebrows and color… all together that adds to the total charm. And in this regard Jared Leto has a poor shape and it's not all that… at all! I wouldn't even put him on my list.

    There were many movies that focused on Brad Pitt's eyes purely because of how gorgeous it was. In the movie, Kalifornia; Juliette Lewis actually proclaims Brad as having 'the eyes of an angel'. Many regard this as his best feature and you did not even include him on this list.

    If you take a look at my list, everyone of them are famously known for having beautiful eyes, some regarded even prettier than women like Jesse Metcalfe etc.

    The TOP 10:
    1. Paul Newman
    2. Jesse Metcalfe
    3. Jensen Ackles
    4. Brad Pitt
    5. Wentworth Miller
    6. Zac Efron
    7. Hrithik Roshan
    8. Gerard Butler
    9. Jude Law
    10. Mel Gibson

    Noteworthy mentions are: Chris Evans and Paul Walker. Both got great eyes but definitely not better than any of the guys in my TOP 10. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers.

  68. ARYA at |

    Keanu Reeves

  69. pdopdo at |

    Ian Somerhalder??? did you just forget about him??

    1. seattle_girl206 at |

      I'm sad that Kurt Cobain wasn't in this list

      he had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes I've ever seen

      and whats with the black and white pictures

      the sexiest eyes can be rated by the color at least thats what i think

      like if they have an unusual color or an extraordinary intensity

      and how is zac efron not on here i am not a fan of him but he does have gorgeous eyes

  70. meme at |

    Hugh Laurie & Johnny Depp – absolutely no ! They have eyes like beaten puppies -horrible!

    Pauk Newman should be first ,seconod place for Brad Pitt- if it not were for his eyes he wouldn't be half that attractive ,I think.

    Jared Leto ,Paul Walker :I love bright blue or grey eyes but I think they suit women better ,somehow men with very bright eyes look less masculine :>

  71. zizi at |

    Oh come on. Ian Somerhalder??? he should be first !!!

    1. chris at |

      Yes, where?? i forgot about him

  72. chris at |

    Where is Leos Stransky, the German sniper from Saving Private Ryan???

  73. Leks at |

    When I read the title I thought Elijah woods will be there atleast in top three. Does the person who did this article ever heard of him? Hello…..

  74. Boomer at |

    Chris Cornell is nowhere on this list eventho he should be number one – NUMBER FRIGGIN ONE!!!? The man has THE most beautiful set of vision organs on Gods green earth!! What the hell is wrong with all of you?? Brad Pitt is nothing but an ugly cave-troll, you're all nuts..

    Also, Keanu should be number two on the list. Cmon change it now!

  75. Lizzie at |

    Gerard Butler's eyes are slayers! They're grey-green and look blue, at times. Look at them in Attila, Phantom of the Opera, 300, Lara Croft: Tombraider II, P.S. ILove You…The Ugly Truth…and so on. In the dvd for Dracula (see that one, too), Christopher Plummer said, "He has marvelous, marvelous eyes…wonderful eyes." Cheryl Hines said that all he has to do is look at a woman, and she's mesmerized. Six foot two…hunky, and those eyes…in addition to the Scottish brogue, the infectious sense (igence…but it;s thosse eyes….Angelina Jolie first saw those eyes in Dracula, which also starrred her then-husband JL Miller…"I saw those magnificent eyes..and I had to have him audition for Lara Croft." Check out his wwebsites…he's gorgeous.

  76. Cam at |

    jared leto is a joke.

  77. Cherie at |

    Cmon, Jared Leto is first? Cillian should have taken that honor hands down. Also, this list is missing Alexander Skarsgard. His smoldering eyes will burn a hole right through you!

  78. Jessica at |

    I agree about Alexander Skarsgard. This list needs some fixing. Leave Johnny Depp on there (always had a crush on him), and put Viggo Mortensen on there, too. He has really nice light blue eyes.

  79. shanab96 at |

    Ville Valo should've totally been on that list!

  80. Meow at |

    I think Bill Kaulitz and Jo Weil should be on this list too ^_^

    I mean, LOOK at this!

    1. Charles at |

      i think leonardo di caprio should definitely make this list ……atleast within top 5

      look at these pictures

  81. AWESOME at |

    They didn't bother to include number 1, IAN SOMERHALDER?!! lame……

  82. Rawr at |

    What, no David Tennant? Blasphemy!

    1. straight from the fridge, man! at |

      I TOTALLY AGREE! DAVID IS GORGEOUS! WHEW! (but john barrowman is sexier)

  83. omar at |
  84. slapshotej26 at |

    Pretty good list i guess.

    But I've always loved Gerard Butler's and Robert Downey Jr's eyes.

    1. Reply17 at |

      I am sooooo glad someone mentioned Robert Downey jr!! He has gorgeous eyes :)

      1. Eliza at |

        I LOVE Robert Downey jr.’s eyes! I’m in love with him only because of his eyes! 😀

  85. d harris at |

    What happened to Brian Bloom and Robert Rusler. They should be the top 2 on your list.

  86. blink at |

    Agree, there should definitely be Paul McCartney eyes! The most amazing big hazel eyes <3

  87. lalala at |

    OK, where's Billie Joe Armstrong?

    Not only are his eyes the most beautiful shade of green there is, but they're so big and beautiful.

  88. jojo at |

    haha it’s always about the color i mean come on the beaty is in the eye shape not the color duuh!! best eyes goes to antonio banderas not jared or these stupid small eyes like brad pitt or zac (yuck) or …. comme on

  89. J at |

    Oh, and Mel Gibson, too (when he was younger):

  90. browneyedgirl at |

    I just wanted to say that Johnny Depp is one sexy man and I know this list is all about eyes, but if it was sexiest men he’d be number one, and his eyes are nice too, nice and brown.

    1. Nicola at |

      I might be the only female on the planet who Johnny Depp does nothing for!! I just don’t see the appeal, he’s SO average in my eyes!

      1. straight from the fridge, man! at |

        I agree! Johnny Depp isnt sexy at all!

  91. NkotbLover23 at |

    I think that chris pine should be on this list somewhere. He has really awesome eyes! Or at least joey mcintyre!!! I love his eyes! :)

  92. Alisha at |

    Frank Iero’s eyes need to be on this list!

  93. t2n at |

    Wentworth Miller……… you have a beautiful eyes!!!! Love You!!!!!

  94. Tini at |

    Wentworth Miller you’re soo cool……….!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. ritu sharma at |

    where if michael jackson? he is the most sexiest man in the world with the most sexiest eyes.

  96. Beatrice at |

    Pardon me, I believe you forgot that man by the name of Brad Pitt. Remember? Perhaps he has aged a bit but he still has wonderful eyes!

  97. poledra at |

    Since Aishwarya Ria was with the ladies, you should check out Bollywood men–specifically Hrithik Roshan. He has the sexiest eyes I have ever ever seen on a man!

  98. Betzblue at |

    Charlie Hunnam….SONS OF ANARCHY should be added to this list….( as an added bonus, he has a perfect behind too)

  99. Catarina at |

    What about Paul McCartney??????????? =(
    He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!!!!

    1. Mia at |

      He is so hot! Omg! I LOVE HIM!

  100. Bianca at |

    Sigh! How could you forget Ian Somerhalder(!!!!!!!!!!!??????????) Sexiest eyes ever. <3 love the *eye-thing*


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