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  1. Fred
    Fred at |

    The "metal discs" in curling are actually made of granite, and they're called rocks

    1. Ryan
      Ryan at |

      It freaks me out that you know that…lol

      1. Tanya Bennett
        Tanya Bennett at |

        He's probably Canadian! 🙂 Does Second Life count as a game? I've heard it's pretty addictive. I'm a recovered Magic – The Gathering addict so there is hope for any afflicted readers out there… I have my cat to remind me, since I named him after one of the cards (Hypnotic Spectre – 2/2 Flying). I also still have all of my cards (saving them to teach my kids how to play one day)…

        1. Mary
          Mary at |

          Hi there,

          My BF is a Magic addict, and you say you were, yet youre waiting to teach it to your children?!!!
          IM confused, why would you teach them something you had to recover from?!!!
          Not trying to be confrontational just feel like im losing my BF to something i dont understand so trying to understand it better 🙂

  2. Billster
    Billster at |

    I don't play WoW but I thought/should be number 1, people have their own lives in WoW and forget about their real one. Another addicting game since you put poker is slot machines, people pass hours, days on those things ! But overall good top ten, thanks for the read,

    1. nocturnesthesia
      nocturnesthesia at |

      WOW players seem to smell horribly. I'm not saying there aren't normal/decent/casual WOW players, I'm just saying there is definitely a correlation.

  3. Tom
    Tom at |

    Wow, there are many facts that are just plain wrong in this list once he starts talking about the video games. Seems like the author's general disdain for games got in the way of actual research or knowing what he is talking about.

  4. Jack
    Jack at |

    I laughed repeatedly at this list, but not because it was intentionally funny.

    Like Tom said, the lack of factual data referring to the video games on this list is absurd! I doubt Jesse has ever played a video game in his life.

    I'm not disagreeing with them being on the list. I'm laughing because they're written like someone who's been living in the wild for 20 years finally came back to civilization & watched a video clip or two before trying to describe what they experienced.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      I agree about them belonging, I might disagree on the order though. Any of them above World of Warcraft is not quite right in my opinion.

  5. George R Perry
    George R Perry at |

    Never mind some of the rankings, where is EverQuest? What about Soccer (Futbol)…the game played by millions around the world.

    1. lukeape
      lukeape at |

      in britain its spelt football not futbol

  6. Rylee T.
    Rylee T. at |

    At first I thought this list was a gamer poking fun at ourselves, but then I went to your website & saw posts you wrote about how immoral and unethical our society is. So I have to take this list as you being truthful & showing your real feelings.

    You start the list with an underhanded bash at all gamers who don't want to participate in athletic sports. OK, fine, we can't all be jocks like you apparently. Then you laugh at people on the chess club. So you're my bully from middle school all over again. Great, just what I need.

    Curling, of which has already been pointed out, are rocks, not metal. A tiny little bit of research would do you good. Especially from a "professional author". Then it just runs downhill fast.

    "Warcraft players will be cutting the lawn and thinking to themselves, what would I do if an army invaded over that sidewalk?" I'm sorry, but What The Frack!?! You're just plain making stuff up now, absolutely nothing to do with the game in question. If you had said, "Warcraft players will be cutting the lawn and thinking to themselves, what talents can I switch and pull some extra DPS in Tuesday's raid?" Then you'd come across as educated. As it is, you come across as a pompous lazy writer who can't even be bothered to do 5 minutes of research on the internet to sound half-way intelligent about the games your bashing.

    "Disturbing and frantically scrawled lines," what kind of flowery mumbo-jumbo writing is that? Disturbing is you again insulting the poster, a gamer. "Frantically scrawled" is marvelously hilarious. He's describing teamwork tactics they used in a multi-player game to be victorious. I didn't see anything frantic in the post, or anything written illegibly for that matter. You do realize the US Military uses video games to help train teamwork and tactics, right?

    And then you get just plain mean, "pointlessly living out my pale and shattered existence in my brother’s spare bedroom." And Halo players are "a bunch of 14-year-old kids that you can laugh at or feel sorry for," and, "are headed down a sad path straight to hell." I'm going out on a limb here & guessing you're a Christian. As a Christian myself, I was taught to accept people that are different from myself, not to insult and belittle them. If you need to spread the word, you do it with knowledge, compassion and truth, not with lies and insults as you've done here.

    I'm a Christian and a gamer, and I've been obsessed by certain games before, sometimes they can take over your life, just like anything else in excess. I actually think this is a great subject to have as a list, and it could have been used to enlighten people. I think the video games you list should be on here, along with others like Everquest, Bejeweled, Farmville, Legend of Mir 3, etc. The list should have simply stuck to the facts and not pushed your personal beliefs and insults on others.

    I only have qualms with the way this list is written, "facts" about many games are just made up (and you call yourself a talented professional writer?), and you're spewing your moral/religious supremacist hatred down on those different from you. Shame on you.

    1. Lyle L.
      Lyle L. at |

      I just have to say, Thank you. I'm glad to see that you are a christian and can also tell how unintelligent this post is (it seems to be a rare combination on the internet). I'm a gamer and I could be considered addicted (can't wait for Reach). But I make sure to go out and have fun with friends. I also try to stay active and not let myself get completely sucked in to the online world.

      I don't believe in Hell so that part just made me laugh, but thanks again for your intelligent rebuttal of this article 🙂

  7. Smoods
    Smoods at |

    Ridiculous list. Absolute amateur.

  8. dopetype
    dopetype at |

    hands down Second Life should've been on this list!

    (Second Life if a RPG game similar to the Sims, but's way more vast, better gfx and superior global connectivity. they have their own REAL currency, that has caused endless bankruptcies, broken homes, sexual addictions, deaths even!

    I know 'citizens' of that game that spend upwards of 15 hours a day 7 days a week in-world.

    There seems to be 2 breeds of SL citizens.

    1. Casual users or noobs, that come on 1-3 times a week, for maybe an hour or so jst to "check in" , shop,chat w/ friends, have sex, or just travel around.


    2. The Hardcores , who spend most of their free time in-world. They have already given the RL a big 'eff you' avec middle finger, and are unable to come back from the fantasy, abandoning their kids, their spouses and friends for their online persona. Most of these peeps work inworld. or simply work basic RL jobs to mantain their cyber fantasy. most hardcore users play for around +4-15 hours a day,

    Just like WoW it has broken homes, alienated individuals, and caused many many ridiculous suicides…what makes it more dangerous is that compared Wow or other RPG's it is emotionally and psychologically a GRADE A MINDFU&K due to it's utter lack of point or lack of mission.

    Sure you can meet a girl on WoW ( rare) and hit it off (even more rare) and commence a online in-world gamer relationship with relative success ( ummm..) but the chances of doing that in Second Life are multiplied to the N'th degree!

    Because of the lack of purpose or point to Second Life, people are just as aimless and lost as they are in real life, but without having to go through the trouble of showering or physically encountering other people thru anything but a keyboard or occasional microphone

    I personally played Second Life for about 6 months, and had an almost impossible time separating my SL(second life) from my RL ( real life). And for the record i didn't get laid for that whole 6 months in RL,, but was carpetbombing the grid daily in-world.

    There are hot chicks in SL surprisingly ( and a lot of desperate housewives) always observe Rule 34, 35 and 36

    obvs when u join SL, i personally believe, your life couldn't be all that good, lots of ppl are on SL because they are bored, stuck in loveless relationships, depressed, shy, or disabled to some extent.

    You can make anything of your SL, but just like RL, people just…well…. most people use their perfect avatar bodies to succumb to sexual addiction and perversions, or stand around doing nada all.

    It's for this reason i know Second Life should easily be in the top 5 of this top 10 list.

    eitherway fun read!

    funny clip of if SL was RL

  9. Vally
    Vally at |

    First 2 places are a freaking joke, really. I think that author dont have a bigger idea what he was writing about or he is simply a fan-boy of fps. Regardless, this whole list shud be filled with only mmos (perhaps with few slots for CS, collectible card games and poker) as these are most addictiving, time and money consuming, dangerous for normal, social life and mainly – having biggest users count. And dont worry, Im a WoW player myself (also got a lot of experience in other mmos wich i wont mention here – theyre far away behind WoW), i know this environment and all those peoples so I think I know what Im talking about. neverthless WoWs got nearly 12kk (yes, millions) regulary payed accounts. Show me any game in history that wud bet this zombie army.

    1. andrei
      andrei at |

      [quote] Show me any game in history that wud bet this zombie army.

      Reply [/quote]

      Actually Farmville has currently 70 million regular player (was 78 million last month). Besides Farmville there's 17 other games on Facebook with over 10 million regular players engaged.

      As far as i know even Halo has a bigger following than WoW.

    2. JT
      JT at |

      Chess, Pogs & Curling are all jokes. I agree with everyone else, no real research was done for this.

      Dangerous games could have been a great list, just this writer was terrible. Keep him off TopTenz, you've got much better writers. Most lists are well done.

  10. AK
    AK at |

    I agree wholeheartedly with Rylee T.'s statements. The problem is not so much with the list but the condescending, unenlightened tone of the author, who clearly has done very little research past face value into the subjects he writes about.

  11. Matt
    Matt at |

    Seems you did no research.

  12. cbm
    cbm at |

    I think that The Sims should absolutely be on this list!!

  13. facebook fag
    facebook fag at |

    what about Farmville?

  14. Sam
    Sam at |

    Poor list. Curling??? Pogs??? Chess??? C'mon dude, are you seriously going to sit there, straight-faced, and tell me that these are dangerously addictive games? Name 10 people that you know who have a serious addiction to any of those games.

    The part about Call of Duty is way off.

  15. Hussain
    Hussain at |

    hmmm….solitaire??? bubbles maybe???

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      I vote for Tetris! I remember having Tetris-brain, where I would just be walking down the street and then my brain would start trying to fit different shapes in the cityscape together… kind of scary…

  16. Okazu
    Okazu at |

    I was not surprised to see the items at the top of the list were videogames.

  17. Whit
    Whit at |

    "Disturbing and frantically scrawled lines like “My job was to open the gate in the energy plant” are beyond sad."

    Really? Beyond sad? He's describing what he was doing in the game. It's like saying "I opened the Word document and created the letterhead" is disturbing! What kind of self-righteous person wrote this thing anyway? Also, Pogs?! Seriously? I haven't heard of those since fourth grade and they really weren't much fun then either. It sounds like someone wanted to rant and grabbed a few items to fill in the bottom rungs of the list.

  18. sanh
    sanh at |

    I can't believe Everquest is not on here, that game may not be number one but deserve to be on this way more then Halo. this is a top ten for yourself and not overall, WOW being #4 alone made this a fail list !!!

  19. Chaletica
    Chaletica at |

    Tetris should be on this list.

  20. Helen
    Helen at |

    Soccer should be on this, people literally kill each other in defense of their teams. Golf too, can be freaky addicitve. Also, I dunno if WoW players in the States are different from the ones here in Europe, but I know quite a few (myself included) who happily go days without even thinking of playing the game, never mind actually logging on. None of the dozen or so Warcrafters I know have ever thought about the game obsessively or allowed the game to interrupt work or social activities. In fact, in my experience, compared to people I know who play Xbox Live, WoW gamers aren't at all addicted. Xbox friends of ours however are renowned for blowing off parties and work for gaming.

  21. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Seriously, WoW was number 3? I mean, I have college professors mentioning World of Warcraft, and these are people who left their professions and are teaching at University for their retirement. Also, where are the Zynga games (Farmville and the like) on Facebook. Farmville and World of Warcraft should have been numbers 1 and 2 respectively. And seriously? Curling?

  22. AE
    AE at |

    Anything which does not cause a physical addiction should NEVER be called “dangerously addictive”. When the addiction to something is based purely on the users inability to control themselves, rather than a true medical addiction, I consider it foolish to call it “addictive” on any level. Anything enjoyable can be just as addictive as anything else if you don’t know when to say when. This list starts out with rediculous examples (Curling? Really?) and then falls back on the classic videogame scapegoats, lavishing in basement-dwelling geek stereotypes. This writer is no more a “talented author” than I am a platypus.

  23. Dave
    Dave at |

    I think Starcraft must be number 1,
    just look at some tournament videos, and you’ll see that many people watching them.
    And it still has it’s place in WCG (World Cyber Games).

  24. P Smith
    P Smith at |

    Curling is interesting for two very different reasons from other sports.

    First, sportsmanship. There are officials and judges, but generally they don’t get involved in play unless a player touches a rock illegally, or if rocks have to be measured for scoring. The players police themselves, and good sportsmanship is almost mandatory.

    Second, strategy. Unlike other sports where you need to be secretive about what you’re doing, a skip on one team can tell his opposing skip his entire strategy for the game – what he plans to how, how he plans to place guards, etc. Knowing everything the other team plans to do doesn’t matter one whit if one team can’t make the shots. Execution is everything, and “luck” is a rarity.

    As for the actual curling, think of a baseball pitcher throwing a curve ball. He wants the ball to start outside, off the plate, then at the last second have the ball “bend” and cross the plate for a strike. That’s essentially what curlers are doing, but from much further away with much larger objects to throw.

  25. Angela
    Angela at |

    CoD is totally true. Have it for Xbox 360 can’t stop playing…

  26. lukeape
    lukeape at |

    “Regardless, many of these Halo fiends are headed down a sad path straight to hell”

    so does that mean thousands and thousands of soldiers who die almost every day defending us are going to hell? because if you actually done some research then you would know that video games came out as number 1 in a test to see what helped soldiers in Afghanistan cope with the stress so it is you actually that is on a sad path straight to hell

  27. austin
    austin at |

    World of Warcraft should be number one! this is the only website i could find that WoW isnt the number one addicting game

  28. Eric
    Eric at |

    I believe World of Warcraft should be number one. It’s not only played by tons of people in the States, it’s also played by tons of people all over the world.

    You’ll find people spending money for expansion set, equipment, in-game money and more. Halo doesn’t sell as much as WoW.

    If you think of it, based on game addiction, WoW is on top because of the almost-limitless gameplay.

  29. weaselspleen
    weaselspleen at |

    This should be called “Top Ten Games That Are In the Sole Opinion Of The Author A Waste Of Time” because that’s the only possible justification for including both World of Warcraft and Pog in the same list.

    You could read the label on a box of light bulbs a hundred times in a row, and you’d get more value than this article provides.


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