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15 Responses

  1. Trek Girl at |

    This is a great list in every way. I’ve never had any interest in seeing some of these movies, but now I think I’ll have to check them out.

  2. andy at |

    No Jackie Chan in here!!???

    1. Mark C. at |

      Yes Jackie Chan has made many serious stunts. the Author should research MORE.

  3. Quick Buck at |

    Ben-Hur for the win!
    How could anyone forget that scene with the chariots?

  4. tim at |

    that one from stagecoach sounded absolutely crazy. you honestly would have to have no fear of death to do something that nuts.

  5. jjjj at |

    Jackie Chan did the clock thing AND FELL.

  6. Jim at |

    One thing you forgot to mention about Harold Lloyd, he was injured by a prop bomb early in his career. He was hanging from that clock with only 1 and a half hands.

  7. Sgt Ed Rock at |

    The pinwheeling motorcycle rider in Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) broke his legs badly. IMDB says he was supposed to fly over the car but did not quite make it. You can see the shop in the theatrical trailer at 1:27.

    1. Sgt Ed Rock at |

      Oops! “See the shot”, not “See the shop”…

  8. Scoug at |

    In the good the bad and the ugly bridge blowing up scene a rock just misses clints head

  9. Scott H. Gardner at |

    You missed one!!

    In “The Legend of the Lone Ranger”, one of the bandits attempts to stop the runaway stagecoach by actually climbing out onto the harness holding the team of horses. He falls, dangling from the harness, and for a time is dragged Indiana Jones-style under them until finally falling, getting trampled by the horses and run over by the coach. It is nasty to watch and the kind of stuntwork you look at and just go “that HAD to hurt!”

  10. David Wheeler at |

    One stuntman fatality that should be on top ten lists took place in 1978 in Lexington, Ky., where stuntman A. J. Bakunas died trying to retake the record for a free fall off a building into an air bag. His successful jump is part of the movie “Steel,” starring Lee Majors and Jennifer O’Neill, with a supporting role for George Kennedy, for whom Bakunas was stunt doubling. The unsuccessful jump came after Bakunas got word that another stuntman had broken his free-fall record, so he returned to Lexington after production finished and jumped from the 22nd floor of the construction site (the original successful jump had been from the 9th floor). The air bag split and he died the following day.

  11. The Mutt at |

    There are two stunts that actually made me scream in the theater:

    In Little Big Man, an “Injun” jumps onto the side of a stagecoach. The stagecoach tips over. He dives away about a second before he would have been smeared to paste.

    In a James Bond movie (I honestly can’t remember which one) two security guys step into the road as Bond races toward them in a car. When they realize he isn’t going to stop, they run out of the way in the nick of time. But one of them slips and falls. He scrambles clear as the car flashes by. It may be the way the lens foreshortens, but it looks like he was an inch or two from getting creamed.

  12. Satish at |

    What about Jackie Chan? He does most perilous and incredible stunts. Mention his name too

  13. Anonymous at |

    This list is nice but should have mentioned jackie chan


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