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  • isolation bordeaux

    The superman one is just great

  • Jeff

    I haven’t read comics since the 90’s (thanks a lot speculators) but I’m pretty sure that’s the standard Captain America outfit. And isn’t Spider Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, a scientific prodigy/genius? Kinda explains why he’d be asked to join a group of super smart heroes.

    • Arno

      I think the reason reed allowed peter parker into the group was because he is a prodigy, and maybe tone in the human torch

  • Lindsey

    ANY of the Uncanny X-Force (silver/black) suits are awesome. Love Deadpool’s!

  • Jordan

    One that I feel like you missed was the all three of Superman’s suits from Red Son. They are all awesome

    • Jordan

      *were and eliminate the.
      I apologize for my crappy grammar

  • simon

    The superman one is just great

  • Danny

    Hey… You all forgot Super Sayan 4 Goku!!

  • fdx

    I don’t know where to begin…..
    Best alternate for Spider-Man is probably the black costume
    Best alternate for Captain America is probably the Captain black costume, or Nomad for the symbolism associated with it (Watergate)
    Most obvious Iron-Man would be the War Machine armor who was an alternate iron-man to begin with
    weirdest alternate for Hawkeye would probably his Giant Man phase….

    Also there are stronger alternates in my opinion, Angel vs Archangel; John Byrne’s Iron Fist vs David Aja’s Iron Fist (much cooler BTW).
    For batman i would have chosen the Knightfall era costume/ armor.
    For Wonder woman the debate between leggings and classic costume was loud enough within the community to be mentioned…..

    those are the 1st examples that come to mind, you made interesting choices but they are far from the top 10 in my opinion

    • Stuart

      Hahaha you could probably have a Top Ten Iron Man Suits on its own.

      • Colton

        Well, Stark was always tinkering and making new toys, wasn’t he. XD

  • Jim Ciscell

    Its not heroes but I always loved the Super Powers versions of Braniac and Lex Luthor. Luthor had a green and purple power suit and Braniac was a metal robot with a slighltly exposed brain.

  • Undisclosed

    In MY OPINION, I think that the symbiote spidey suit should have been on here instead of the other spiderman costume. If i am not mistaken, it looks about the same as the suit you have on this list, but with reversed colors. The eyes and spider are white, and most of the rest is black. But I am not the author.

  • mask777

    I’d just like to point out that Superman’s solersuit increased his energy obsorshan rate by 20% (PS I know that I have bad spelling)

  • cniu

    The anti-Venom make spiderman weaker,not capable of take down everybody in marvel universe(she is a joke, but she is canon joke

  • Juan

    What about Thomas Wayne’s Dark Knight of vengaence suit from the alternate universe in which bruce died and not him that one is awesome and it is a super hero that doesn’t believe criminals can ever become good i mean he just straight up kills them with no super powers at all