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  1. Eke Kalu Mba
    Eke Kalu Mba at |

    This is really superb because the researchers really did a wonderful shot and i wish them more success!!

    1. Timeea
      Timeea at |

      Thank you!

  2. Tom
    Tom at |

    A wonderful list. Thank you!

  3. calvinism
    calvinism at |

    increadible trees.. cant believe they are existing. want to see those trees

  4. skywatcher
    skywatcher at |

    Some of these trees look like they would give very good protection from a summer rainstorm. It’s a comforting image, staying safe and dry while the rain pounds down. On the other hand, given their age and size, I suppose several of these trees have been hit by lightning many times…

  5. Amrendra
    Amrendra at |

    Our life exists because of trees!!! What a beautiful list. Also would like to mention the Banyan trees and the Maha Bodhi Tree under which Mahatma Buddha attained knowledge and its saplings have been planted in many countries by Indian Buddhist monks thousands of years back.

  6. scott
    scott at |

    this list is incorrect without General Sherman!

  7. Araxie
    Araxie at |

    I came quite close to majoring in botany, so I love articles like this. Thanks especially for the video about the Methuselah tree. To think that something that has lasted this long could be so damaged by, essentially, only about a century’s worth of our race’s industrialism, is both sad and fascinating.

  8. Tree Hugger
    Tree Hugger at |

    Thought for sure the Wollemi Pine would’ve been on this list.

  9. BennieCane
    BennieCane at |

    I love this list!! I am a major treehugger and I am so glad someone made a list about trees! My favorite is the Rainbow Eucalyptus!!

  10. Nati
    Nati at |

    What about the Arrayan?

  11. Wonderslist
    Wonderslist at |

    Great Job really amazing collection of Most Amazing Trees. These trees are really Most Magnificent, Most Exotic, unusual in the world

  12. KIT
    KIT at |

    Hmmm….I think Thats because It drain under ground water.


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