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  • jdizzle

    I would rank them…


    after that who cares, there is a big drop off.

  • David

    I’ve been to every city on this list with the exception of Milwakee. Washington DC’s downtown is clean and fairly vibrant, but nowhere near that of Chicago or San Francisco. NYC has the most impressive, vibrant and crowded downtown, but San Francisco should be a close second. Downtown San Francisco is the 2nd most densely populated and has more going on then Chicago’s- though smaller in terms of area.

    1. New York City
    2. San Francisco
    3. Chicago
    4. Boston
    5. Philadelphia
    6. Honolulu
    7. San Diego
    8. Houston
    9. Miami
    10. Dallas

  • Kevin

    What is this fascination with DC being ranked as in the top 5 on this site. DC is the nation’s capitol but the downtown can not compare to San Francisco, Chicago, or Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the 3rd most populous downtown in the United States. I live in Philadelphia’s Center City which can boast to having the 3rd most populous downtown area with over 58,000 people who live in it. The city’s CBD employs about 220, 000 people and it’s downtown feels like a downtown with a vibrancy of people.

    1. New York City
    2. Chicago
    3. San Francisco
    4. Philadelphia
    5. DC
    6. Boston
    7. Seattle
    8. Houston
    9. Miami
    10. Dallas

  • Detroit313

    Detroit kills any city in any sporting event Still ! indianapolis is a suburn cause there was nothing there ever besides a waste of a super bowl which wasnt considered a “super” bowl based on it ratings

  • indianapolis kid

    So detroit might be cooler but here in indianpolis the population is 30% gay

  • Brad

    Chicago has an inferior complex? The city that invented the skyscraper is second to none. You ignorant peeps just accept that Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA and the world. If you don’t agree, you’ve obviously never been to the city. Deal with it people that NYC and Chicago are miles ahead of any downtowns in the USA. Sf is a distant third IMHO 🙂

  • Denver10

    I totally agree that Denver isn’t that great, and I never said it was. But Chicago (IMO) is in no way comparable to NYC. That’s like comparing Kansas City to Chicago or something. NYC absolutely kills Chicago.

    • Denver is better than Detroit by a long shot.

  • Detroit’s downtown has fares better than the rest of the city? That is downtown is like a ghost town. There is empty store fronts every where down there. I’m from Colorado and the fact that you put Detroit in this list and not Denver debases all your credibility.

  • DJ
  • DJ


  • Jeremy

    I’m from Miami, Miami’s downtown is pretty irrelevant, nothing much goes on there except work, and nighttime is pretty depressing.

    • edo

      I agree. Putting Miami on the list made the other choices suspect. I worked in downtown Miami for several years—boring, dirty and dangerous.

  • Jay

    I was just in Kansas City, while it’s not top 10 worthy, it is definitely bigger and more impressive than I thought it would be.

  • Have you seen Detroit lately?

  • Green Line

    Washington, DC does not belong ahead of Chicago in this ranking. Credibility is lost with that one. But at least everyone seems to be in agreement that Los Angeles belongs nowhere on this list and, although in the same status as NYC and Chicago on many levels, L.A. downtown is not comparable to them. However, it must be said: if Detroit and Milwaukee made the list, well then, isn’t L.A.’s downtown as good as those?

    • David

      I’d argue it’s much harder to define the “downtown” area of L.A. than most of the other cities on this list. L.A. just keeps going and going and going, and while it has a lot of nice stuff, it’s all very spread out and you could easily lump attractions 45 minutes away from each other into some definitions of “downtown.” L.A. doesn’t have so much of a core, it’s more of a sprawling mass of activity, the heart of which is difficult to pinpoint. Detroit and Milwaukee both have very clearly defined downtown areas, and while maybe (probably) the Los Angeles metro area is better than Detroit’s or Milwaukee’s, its downtown is definitely not as cohesive or vibrant.

      • Oscar

        What?! Perhaps you have never been to Los Angeles. It does have a well defined downtown. Of course Los Angeles is polycentric, but it does have a defined downtown. And to not put it on this list might be a bit shortsighted. Although not the best measurement, didn’t you see GQ’s recent article on it?

  • Kirsten

    Really thrilled to see Detroit mentioned!! Recently traveled there (and I live in New York), and was thoroughly impressed.

  • Corwin9

    DETROIT? I have been to downtown Detroit. It is certainly making a comeback. Campus Martius in the middle of it is very nice with lots of programs. But Outside of that it’s D.E.A.D. dead after 5pm. Yes there are some stadiums and attractions, but when you compare the lack of street life to, say, New Orleans, or Portland, or Pittsburgh, or Minneapolis…the inclusion of Detroit is a giant gaping hole in this list’s credibility. Maybe it deserved a #11 “special mention” spot for being the Most Improved? Sure. But #9 for the whole country? What a joke! I’m laughing my ass off.

  • scott

    look,, look at the stats,,nyc by far ,the largest downtown,,and most dence,,largest city in the us and Canada,,,alot more buildings than Chicago,toronto,,la,,etc,,,largest metro,,,city alone,,8.4 million,,HELLO,,,,thats more people than la,,Chicago combined,,lol…about 3 times the population of canadas biggest city Toronto,,lets get real,,, its called mid town nyc…undisputed,,the biggest,,and the biggest skyline in north America,period,,,its massive,,nyc,,,

  • scott

    its a joke,,,,,lol just the city of ny,,has more people than canadas largest metro,,,toronto lol.. boston small,,town,,,philly, midsize ,,1.5 million..again nyc a lot bigger,, I know,,what im saying,studied enough on this subject,,, ok here look- largest citys usa,,,by far nyc…8.4 mil,,,2, la 3.8 mil..3. Chicago,2.7 mil..4, hus texas 2.2 mil.,philly and phen az,close tie, at no 5..6…at 1.5 mil.. canadas biggest city toronto,,[whitch nys blows the skyine away lol],,has 2.7 mil ,metro close to 6 mil..look it up any1 if you don’t believe me,,, stats on nyc,,bigger than other cities in us and Canada,,,,tallest skyscraper in the western hem,,,by far biggest police force,,fire dept,largest rapid transit sys,, subway,,busiest ,bus line,,more cabs,,busiest bridge, in the world ,the gw,,,lic tunnel,,busiest tunnel ,,I said enough,,theres more,,but well leave it at that,,,so when you talk about other city ratings,leave nyc out of it,,cause,,you cant compare oranges to [THE BIG APPLE] ..PS-NY IS STILL AND ALWAYS WILL STAY AHEAD BUILDING MORE BIGGER AND BETTER ,,NEVER WILL CATCH NYC IN POPLUATION,,AND SKYSCRAPERS.NO OF BUILDINGS,,OVER A CERTIN HEIGHT, BIGGEST SKYLINES IN THE WORLD,,NYC,,,HONGC CHINA,,,,,nyc metro-22 million,,lol.. la metro-13 mil..Chicago metro-9.7mil.. canadas Toronto metro-around under 6 mil..thank you, that says it all…

  • albert

    Boston is such a nice place for visit. I have been there after my trip to hearst castle about few years ago with my whole family to enjoy holidays. We all had great time there and had lots of fun there.

  • Dr. Acula

    Midtown Manhattan isn’t downtown.