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  • Peter Boucher

    And isn’t it amazing that during Hitler’s Nazi regime that Animals rights we’re more important and ahead of Human’s Rights as decreed by Hitler himself

    • FMH

      Not by Hitler, it was Goering. Most parts of his hunting laws (ban of certain foothold traps, nooses, certain types of battue and so on) are still in use. However there are many stupid things in it aiming for the “hunter’s honor” and “hunting justice” (Waidgerechtigkeit) rather than providing rules for effective hunting with as little cruelity as possible.

      • Peter Boucher

        @ FMH. Thank You for correcting me on Goering, another real “winner” during the Nazi Regime and it does not surprise me about Goering as well. I guess if anything Hitler did correctly (or whoever his henchman was responsible for) was the banning of smoking cigars and cigarettes as Hitler detested people who smoked. I had read that Germany was practically free of smoking while he was in power. And I believe it was the Nazis who invented the super-highway. Other than that, Thank You on your information for me.

        • FMH

          No, the Autobahnen (highways) where planned and decided in the Weimar Republic long before Hitler came to power – they just didn’t have enough money to build them. When the Nazis started their Reichsarbeitsdienst – a kind of additional draft where every young man hat to work a year for free – it was very cheap to get them done.
          And that ban on smoking is definitely a myth. True is that Hitler hated smoking, but he also didn’t eat meat or drink alcohol. If cigars where banned, then probably out of industrial reasons – for example to be able to produce more cigarrettes with the little tabacco Germany produced itself during the war. Just think of it: Banning smoking would have been devastating for the morale.

        • FMH

          Ok, there where partial bans of smoking and campaings you are right – but never a complete ban of any kind, nor was Germany anywhere near smoke free. People smoked about 700 cigarettes a year in the 40’s compared to 1500 in the US.

          • Hello FMH. You seem to be a World War II buff but mostly on Nazism, Germany, Hitler and his Henchman etc. I find it unusual that as bad as Nazism is and was and Hitler as Evil as he was, I have a queer fascination with it all. My hobbies are Baseball History (25+ years and counting), and the lives of the great classical composer throughout history. And I do have an interest in the whole Nazi Regime, but you seem to be the person with all of the answers. Last night, my research was a question that I have pondered for many year about Beethoven and did he die as a virgin. After about 2-3 hours, I found a list a list of 7 historically famous people who did die as a virgin. And Beethoven indeed died as a virgin, but also on that list was Adolf Hitler. What is your take on that subject matter ?

        • FMH

          I only know some factlets there, I must confess that I’ve never been interested in Hitler’s sexuality, but I guess that there is a huge community discussing that somewhere on the net. I have no doubt that there is some kind of better information
          My grandfather once read a biography whose author suggested that he was a closet homosexual who didn’t want to confess that to himself, but I don’t know what book that was. A soldier from Hitler’s unit in WWI claimed that Hitler had intercourse with other men during his time in the field.
          There are accounts from the housekeepers at Obersalzberg -who were very interested in that kind of gossip and reguarly inspected the bedsheets before washing them- that there was nothing going on between Eva Braun and Hitler, which they found very strange.
          Also, he had a niece who later killed herself, Geli Raubal. Some people suspect that they where lovers in the 20’s and there are accounts of very fetishy things going an that Geli couldn’t handle in the end.
          However most of these claims are from the time where Hitler was running for offices, so nobody knows what is true.

  • Dennis

    Can anyone tell me where and when Justice was ever equal anywhere in the world during any time period?
    It’s a good fantasy but still a fantasy.

  • Dave

    Hitler also banned Fox hunting. And Nazi Germany discovered smoking caused cancer. They even introduced the Olympic Flame Torch Idea to the Olympics. I don`t like Hitler or Nazi Germany but they had some good ideas..

    • FMH

      First, Goering was responsible for hunting laws, as he saw himself as the greatest hunter since Nimrod. Second, he didn’t ban fox hunting, but some very specific kinds of traps, that he thought were cruel. It was kind of his pet project – nothing more.
      Don’t you think scientists would have found out about smoking and cancer at the same time without the nazis being there? It’s not to their credit but to some civilian scientists at that time. And it’s not like Nazi Germany mad a campaign against smoking after finding out.
      Yes, sure, the olympic fire was the idea of some Nazi official, but it was nothing more than a propaganda move. The reason it was kept was because the olympic commitee thought it was flashy.

      It really bothers me when people say “Yeah, but they had some good ideas”. Of course, it’s not like people in Germany stopped thinking or working during the Nazi ear, but that doesn’t mean ideas and progress popped up because of the Nazis. It’s exactly the other way around really: Hitler and Goering kept meddling in tactics weapons research, people like Eichmann took industrial and transportation capacities to murder jews and several branches of research where banned for ideological reasons – just look up “Deutsche Physik”
      The only real discoveries and ideas we can “thank” the Nazis for are medical ones. For example “thanks” to them we know how much air you can inject into a vein before killing a person or how exactly hypothermia and hyperthermia kill. Hardly any other regime would have allowed such kind of research – all too good reasons. And as far as I can think, I don’t think medical science really progressed through that.

      And no – the Autobahnen weren’t a Nazi idea either. They where planned and decided through a democratic process in the Weimar Republic, but the global economic crisis halted the construction

      • Trek Girl

        Very well said, FMH.

      • FMH

        I have to correct myself: There actually were anti-smoking campaigns in Nazi Germany which where more or less successful as the amount of cigarettes smoked per person decreased. On the other hand, cigarettes where hard to get in times of war anyway, so the success is questionable.

  • John

    Socrates went a little further by saying: “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

  • Niz

    Number 3 “working off your debt” is actually a horrible law to use, it is essentially indentured servitude. While all the others are progressive for their time, that one isnt. Bancruptcy is an infinitely preferable solution to over lending and debt.

    • FMH

      Actually I think it’s pretty ahead of its time, because it’s essentially a bankruptcy. If you indebted yourself that much that you couldn’t pay it off over your whole lifetime, you get the chance to be debt-free in just three years – even if it means forced labour. Most regions in medieval Germany for example never would have dreamt of such a law – if you were in debt, you got locked up unti someone payed for you. In many cases that was never. Other ancient civilizations – including Rome I think, but I’m not sure – would just sell you of into slavery forever, or until you got all the money back – which could also mean forever.

      Today, a private bankruptcy in Germany works in a way very simmilar to the Hammurabi law. Over seven years you get a certain amount of your wages, the rest goes to your debtees. After those seven years, you are debt free, no matter how high your debt was, even if it’s not anywhere close to the money you paied during that time.

  • Oliver Avan

    I think the law on minimum pay was really way ahead of its time. I find it absurd that as rich as my country Nigeria is the politicians that call themselves our leaders are dragging their feets on the issue of minimum pay. Yet they spend fortunes on their fantasies. They deserve to be in hell.

  • rea

    fmh should do a top ten list about the nazis, i think…

  • Kim Sorgente

    I don’t think you were fair or accurate in your representation of the Bible’s stance. Incest wasn’t a “big deal” in the Bible because of the times and place people were in. That was mankind’s norm back then. If you mean people marrying their half sisters or cousins you’ll have to note that came before Mosaic law. Perhaps try being a little more considerate of the facts and details when judging a text and people from 4 to 5 thousand years ago.