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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    Edward I, (the bad guy in Braveheart) kicked the Jewish moneylenders out of England in 1290..

  2. John
    John at |

    Frankly im tired of these politized top ten lists.

  3. Avid-Lister
    Avid-Lister at |

    This was a really good list. Well-researched and very interesting.

  4. Lucifer
    Lucifer at |

    Jewish ritual murder is a documented fact and continues today know as “organ harvesting” in which the donor must still be a live, with a beating heart (via respirator) while they extract the organs. Once the heart stops beating, the organs are no longer viable. This is almost parallels jewish ritual sacrifice. Its is also a FACT Jews hate Christians and want them killed. This is in their Talmud. Study it.

  5. Mary Weinstein
    Mary Weinstein at |

    Yawn. Who cares? Lame list compared to so many other possibiliities.


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