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  1. Steve at |

    Justin Bieber reminds me of Kim Jong Un.. Both crazy..

  2. Dave Smiling Coyote at |

    W…T…F?! What is wrong with these people?! I was a teenager in the 90s’ and I don’t recall any of the girls in school being this kind of bat s**t crazy over New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice, or any other singer back then that was just as lame and falsetto voiced as Bieber is today! What’s worse is I can’t believe I’m writting a “back in MY day” post.. Yeah, I think I’m now offically old..

    1. LadyLycanthrope at |

      I wasn’t in my teen years until 2003, but by then it was already the “thing” to write fan fics about Harry Potter, Star Wars and whatever else was relevant or not, at the time.

  3. It's me at |

    I was LOLing like crazy. this is some crazy, hillious stuff!

  4. LadyLycanthrope at |

    There should be more of these types of lists. I was laughing my arse off! I can’t believe that Locket of Hair story has like 174 chapters. WTF. Who does that?!

  5. Also ed but a different one at |

    Great list, it reads liked something from cracked.

  6. Writer of Case 55 at |

    Hi. I’m the writer of Case 55. And I laughed my ass off at this omg hahah seriously. I hate my fanfiction so much which is why I haven’t updated since September 2012 I guess. Finally someone sees my fanficion the way I see it hahaha omg thanks for posting that. I was in a bad mood but this made my day lmfao

  7. Writer of Case 55 at |

    Oh and the description is wrong by the way. Justin did kill Selena, but it was Jessie (the backup dancer)’s fault so she’d get the blame for it. Whatever. Case 55 sucks. Bahahah


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