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  • andy

    actually quite like the Jada Pinkett song-just her vocal track is badly mixed but at least its got balls and is not some trashy pop tune

    Shaq vs looks really interesting, wish we’d got it in britain, if anyone could pull it off it’d be him. I don’t think he’s trying to say that he’s the greatest at everything, if anything he’s showing how good these other athletes are in their chosen preofessions. It would have been actually embarrassing if he’d managed to beat any of them.

    Madonna-not a fan but you should never slate anyone for writing kids books-I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way!!

    As for the rest, well, famous people, whaddya gonna do?…

  • A C Tuffey

    Bruce willis has a good blueser voice. Do you think joe bonamassa or stevie ray vaugh or eric clapton have all the problems you listed above? sorry i dont buy it. For the best part a good list, but i dont get the music bit; they’re both pretty good musicians.

  • Peter Boucher

    Regarding No.8 and Hulk Hogan. I know about his divorce from his now ex- wife, but I also heard that his ex-wife took him to the “cleaners” and practically wiped out his bank account. Perhaps this very low par restaurant and the TV commercials he is making with Dallas Cowboys great quarterback Troy Aikman is a sign that his bank account is almost empty and is in desperation to make some money back. But then again, who knows………..

  • TriviaFan

    This was a pretty funny list.

    I absolutely agree with the goop one as well as Madonna’s books.

    Some I forgot about but now remember like the Jordan cologne. Jordan’s endorsed some pretty legendary sneakers, but other things not so memorable.

    I also think the Shaq one’s intriguing, I actually went and saw some of the clips on youtube. People seem to hate or like Shaq, I’ve always liked him he seems like a really funny guy and fun to watch.

    • Wrong. Madonna did NOT write those books. she actually had other people, (such as my mother), write them, then slapped her name on it.