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  • Comradebot

    TEW only number three?! NONE of these other games have “The Alpha Norwegian” Bam Bam Johansson, bro, NONE!!! *ANGRY FLEX*

    But seriously, great list. I still think I’d give a nod of No Mercy over FPW, but only because FPW was so staggeringly deep that it was a massive time eater in order to tap into its full potential. Then again, No Mercy did release with the horrid memory-erase bug.

  • iSAAC

    Love the list, but to leave out WCW vs. NWO (N64) is a travesty.

  • Chris

    Nice list! I kept expecting to see Main Event on the list, but no such luck. Read through the comments, still no mention. I played that and Pro Wrestling (#10 on the list) over and over growing up. My new quest is to get the Arcade version of Main Event and somehow get it into the house without my wife finding out.

  • sarang semut

    WWF no mercy is terrible…

  • walro

    why not just give #2 to “AKI Engine (*)” ?

    because Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (Japan)–with its 200-some wrestlers AND shoot-fighting/Pride–was vastly superior to BOTH ‘Revenge’ and ‘No Mercy.’

  • hasnain

    its a very good game

  • ZeroFrosty

    First off thank you for the list, It only inspires myself to to comply a bullet proof GLOBAL list. It’s hard to disagree with what Human has done with the Fire Pro series, I have been a fan since the SNES. But maybe it’s like the Virtual Pro by AKI you just hadn’t found it yet (glad you did) Now there is one series that should should and will be in my top 3 if not number 1 by Yukes Japan, Toukon Retsuden (NJPW) it was what the US Smack Down should have been but they stripped the gameplay for the US. In my opinion Champion Wrestler by Tatio (coin-op & PS1) blows WWF Super Stars away (I own both arcades) Seriously WWF Wrestle Mania the Arcade is a top 10’er. A side note to the Fire Pro series 6 man scramble on the Saturn with 6 LIVE players is as wild as it gets.