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  • Dan

    Solid list, although you used a Wrestlefest screenshot for WWF Superstars.

    Major props for including TEW in there.

  • randy

    wcw nwo revenge??? are you serious, that was the best wrestling game ever!

    • Jawone

      It was very hard for me not to add Revenge, seeing as how I find the roster superior to any of the other AKI wrestling games, but I decided against it because if I had, I would have had to also add the great WWF Wrestlemania 2000. In the end, I felt taking up 3 of the 10 spots would not make for a fair and balanced list, so I chose the overall best one of the bunch to add to the list.

      The same would have happened with the Fire Pro series if I decided to go that route.

      • jason stone

        i have to tell you..i played most of these and as a lifelong wrestling fan, enjoyed the trip down memory lane with these awesome games..but i have to put WCW/NWO Revenge as the best wrestling game i ever played..i remember playing the rumble for hours and hours either by myself or with my best friend…and that doesn’t include the roster and the edit feature…but i loved this list and thank you for posting it!

        • Jawone

          You’re welcome. I’m glad you loved the list. I have the same fond memories of Revenge that you have, so I know exactly why you feel the way you do. I had more fun with Revenge (even without the CAW mode, and numerous match types), probably because I was a bigger WCW fan, but it came down to which was better overall, so No Mercy got the nod.

          Thanks a million for reading.

          • RJR

            Great list. Still feel like Revenge should be there for the same reason Royal Rumble was there instead of Raw, plus Revenge had the NWO!! I still enjoyed the read,Thanks!!

      • Dio

        Why No Mercy instead of Virtual Pro Wrestling 2? Just curious.

        • Jawone

          If I made the list today, I would definitely choose it over No Mercy, as I have finally discovered it since then, and it is superior.

  • Alex

    Hey, thanks for this top.
    Can you please let me know where can I find some of these games? My nephew is in love with this sport and he never misses such fights on TV. I am pretty sure he’d love to play some wrestling games on his PS.

    • Jawone

      You’re welcome.

      I would recommend amazon or ebay to purchase these games.

      • Alex

        The thing is, I couldn’t find all of these games there. Anyway, I will look into it and come back with a reply in case I find a good source.

  • Ryan

    WCW/ NWO Revenge was probably the best of all time because of all of the characters but at least you have it’s follow up No Mercy on here.

  • Andre

    TEW being the exception (and a good one btw), in the past 5 years nothing makes it?

    I haven’t played any wrestling games in years, but I would think PS3 or Xbox360 would have something make the list. There has to be a dozen wrestling games for each system.

  • Jawone

    Thanks to everybody who read the list. Whether you agree with the choices or not, it is much appreciated.

  • devante

    its seriously mind boggling how everyone totally forgets the awesomeness of smackdown 2, granted the loading was unbearable, but it was so worth it. it was the first wrestling game to have actual unlockable characters, the first authentic story/season mode, an unbelievable CAW selection, (taunts, body parts, clothes, move set, etc…). this game also brings back a hell of alot of memories for my childhood and imo, others also. it still lacked a little, AND I MEAN LITTLE, but overall it set the foundation for future wrestling games and its the most underrated wrestling game of all time, bar none.

    • redmicasupra

      Not to mention special referee matches and the ability to move around the entire backstage area during the match, things that aren’t even in today’s games! Smackdown 2 was definitely one of the coolest games ever.

  • Fred

    WrestleFest was indeed awesome and Pro Wrestling was great at the time. But that WCW game that was out in the late 90s was by far the best of the bunch. It was probably WCW Revenge. We played that game for a full day once. No joke. It was that engaging. We had to order a pizza and have it delivered because we were starving but it was so much fun, you couldn’t stop. Great, great, great game.

  • Tony Jabroni

    Stumbled on this article through a link at
    Great list! Smooth writing style. Felt like I was reading an EGM article, something I do appreciate.

    • Jawone

      Thanks a million for the high praise. The fact you and others enjoyed the list so much is a great reward.

  • The Mad Groper

    Thanks for the list!!! The one game that was missing for me was Mat Mania by Taito (1985) !!! I remember spending TONS of quarters on that game. Had to be one of the best all time!!

    Check out the link and see if you remember it as I do!

    • Jawone

      Yeah, I remember Mat Mania, and like you, I also had a great bit of fun with it. There are a few others good one’s that missed the list, like Tecmo World Wrestling (NES, 1990), 3 Count Bout (Arcade, 1993), Natsume Championship Wrestling (SNES, 1994), and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (N64, 2000).

      • devante

        also FPW 2 to the game boy advance

        • Jawone

          Great call. FPW 2 was actually the first Fire Pro game I’d ever played, which led me to play every one ever created. That one is still awesome to this day.

      • The Mad Groper

        Yeah too bad we only get 10! Sometimes there just isn’t enough space!! Thanks again for making such a great list! Brought back a lot of good memories!

        • Jawone

          You’re very welcome. I created this list because I’m a big fan of these games, and because I knew that others just like you would enjoy it immensely.

    • Glass_Joe

      x2 on mat mania not making the grade… i was scrolling through the list convinced it would be #1…

  • devante

    this is the best list ever, (besides the exclusion of smackdown 2 which can get a pass because of your awesome taste in wrestling games), FPW is also one of my favorite wrestling games, i remember in the christmas of ’03 when my mom bought me a gameboy advance sp, i was so young back then that i actually requested shut your mouth to my newly acquired handheld, obviously my mom couldn’t find it and she instead bought me FPW 1, turns out the game was better than shut your mouth. couple of months later, i heard that their was a FPW 2, and i remember sneaking out my house to go to gamestop to buy it. my mom caught me sneaking back into the house and beat the mess out of me, thank god i hid the game in my sock, and that eventful evening was so worth it once i played FPW 2. your list brings up so many fond memories, thank you.

    • Jawone

      Thanks a lot! You’re very welcome. I’m very glad you like the list as much as you do. Your story brings back memories for me, as it is very similar to a episode I had with my mom over WCW Revenge. The things we would do for these games. In the end, they were well worth it though.

      • devante

        right you are my brother, right you are

  • AP

    What about Wrestlemania the arcade game…. It was like Mortal Kombat with wrestlers. Plus, the complex moves, combos and finishers…. best wrestling game, ever.

  • Avid reader

    I believe you have the WWF wrestlefest image for WWF superstars as well. WWF superstars has smaller graphics and less wrestlers…

  • Jim

    Top Wrestling on the Amiga 500 was the best wrestling game ever. Fact.

  • mj

    this list pains my heart because wrestling games of today are down right awful. thanks for the list

    • Jawone

      You’re welcome, and thanks for reading. I agree that the wrestling games of today just don’t possess the quality they once had. I’ve pretty much given up on another great one being released.

  • jabooty3

    Wrestlemania 2000 is by far the best

  • Lance

    Always liked the Fire Pro series, glad one of them made it in there. I had no idea that PS2 game came out. I pretty much wrote off finding a modern wrestling game with good mechanics at that point.

    • Jawone

      If you have always liked the series, you will love Fire Pro Returns. It is simply amazing how deep it is. And seeing as though it was $20 when it was released a few years ago, you should be able to find a copy for as little as $5 today.

      You will not be disappointed.

  • Tristan

    A pity… I always kinda had a soft spot for the Smackdown/Smackdown vs Raw series.

    Though I will always have a large space in my heart for WWF Attitude. I spent many a free night in my college days with my cousin mastering that game on all skill levels. Created my first character, well first awesome one anyway, on it and made iterations of that guy on every wrestling game since.

    Good times, man. Good times.

    Flynn 24

  • @ScottOTD

    Really enjoyed this list, I’ll have to have a look for Total Extreme Wrestling 2010. I was a fan of EWR back in the day

  • Project-9

    Nice list! Obviously there are going to be other games that people who love the genre like myself and have been playing these damn games since M.U.S.C.L.E. Wrestling. I would like to give an honorable mention to Tecmo Wrestling for the Nintendo. The first wrestling game I’d ever played that let you throw your opponent in a figure four, a Boston crab or a drop attack. The Fire Pro series is incredible, I can’t tell you how many hours my buddy and I put into those games. He even modded his console so we could play the Japanese versions.

  • Jesse Long

    Jawone, though your list of wrestling games is a good one, I’ve been hearing pretty good things about WWE ’12. Now, granted, I’m a bit jaded when it comes to the SDVR series (WWF/E should have never split up the brands and did the stupid draft thing nor should have thehy lieft the World Wildlife Fund walk all over them, but those are stories for another time), but I think that this title is truly many steps in the right direction. While I like FPWR (and if any of you don’t like my acronym for the game, well, too bad, so sad), I don’t like the lack of choice when it comes to making a grapple, navigating through one of the absolute clunkiest, cumbersome, and just plain worst menu systems that I’ve ever played in not only any wrestling game but any game period, I don’t like the fact that you can only alter one outfit for the 327 in-game wrestlers, and I don’t like my 500 wrestlers only being able to wear one outfit, yes, ONE outfit, not to mention the fact that you can’t throw people into turnbuckles from the middle of the ring. FPWR people, would it have killed you to make a few more frames of animation for such a thing? Also, certain staples of past FPW games were not there, such as the fire and electric cage matches. The story mode in that game is just as appalling as the Road to WrestleMania in WWE ’12 and that is a real shame. Granted, the Road to WrestleMania was not as well done as earlier SDVR games but the control scheme is very similar to what you would find in WWE SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth and WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes the Pain!, which I, for one, welcome this series FINALLY waking up and going more to its roots. However, as for the guys that mentioned Virtual Pro Wrestling 1 and 2 and WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role, you are right on the money. Those games get WAY overlooked and they need to be noticed. However, as for you, Jim, no one knows Top Wrestling for the Amiga 500 from Adam because, 1. people from the UK, EU, and Japan have far more obscure video and computer consoles than we do in the USA and 2. just because you say that the game is good doesn’t mean that there’s a lot of people that might agree with you. While that might sound like I’m being short with you, believe me, I am not doing so; I just haven’t got the chance to figure out this game for myself. Oh well, there’s always YouTube to fill in my lack of wrestling knowledge.

  • Ultwar

    Do you know if WWF Wrestlefest (#4 on your list) is coming to the Xbox 360 Arcade? I thought I read somewhere that it was. Do you know when?

    • Graeme

      It’s coming – there’s a listing for it already in the XBox marketplace complete with trailer.

      No release date yet though – not even a rumoured date 🙁

  • Rodney Ross

    Great list. I would add WWF Attitude. The creation of characters was awesome for its time. We made people like Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers (who lead the Rogers Army, which included Sesame Street icons Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and Grover.), Lemmy from Motorhead, local Pittsburgh news anchors Paul Long and Don Cannon (who were tag team champs). We would make PPV cards, and the last match would be 4 4-man teams in a battle royale. Brings back good memories.

  • Riggs

    Fire Pro has been my main game for the past 5 years due largely to the online community that supports it. (FireProClub and the newly created FPWArena) Words can’t express how great this game is. Nice to see it getting the credit it deserves.

    • Jawone

      Same here. As you are, I am also a member of both boards, and I must say that they make the already great game even better.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Jawone

    I (beatzNrhymez) just want to give a shout out to my fellow TEW 2010 players on the Grey Dog Software forums who have just now discovered the list.

  • Comradebot

    TEW only number three?! NONE of these other games have “The Alpha Norwegian” Bam Bam Johansson, bro, NONE!!! *ANGRY FLEX*

    But seriously, great list. I still think I’d give a nod of No Mercy over FPW, but only because FPW was so staggeringly deep that it was a massive time eater in order to tap into its full potential. Then again, No Mercy did release with the horrid memory-erase bug.

  • iSAAC

    Love the list, but to leave out WCW vs. NWO (N64) is a travesty.

  • Chris

    Nice list! I kept expecting to see Main Event on the list, but no such luck. Read through the comments, still no mention. I played that and Pro Wrestling (#10 on the list) over and over growing up. My new quest is to get the Arcade version of Main Event and somehow get it into the house without my wife finding out.

  • sarang semut

    WWF no mercy is terrible…

  • walro

    why not just give #2 to “AKI Engine (*)” ?

    because Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (Japan)–with its 200-some wrestlers AND shoot-fighting/Pride–was vastly superior to BOTH ‘Revenge’ and ‘No Mercy.’

  • hasnain

    its a very good game

  • ZeroFrosty

    First off thank you for the list, It only inspires myself to to comply a bullet proof GLOBAL list. It’s hard to disagree with what Human has done with the Fire Pro series, I have been a fan since the SNES. But maybe it’s like the Virtual Pro by AKI you just hadn’t found it yet (glad you did) Now there is one series that should should and will be in my top 3 if not number 1 by Yukes Japan, Toukon Retsuden (NJPW) it was what the US Smack Down should have been but they stripped the gameplay for the US. In my opinion Champion Wrestler by Tatio (coin-op & PS1) blows WWF Super Stars away (I own both arcades) Seriously WWF Wrestle Mania the Arcade is a top 10’er. A side note to the Fire Pro series 6 man scramble on the Saturn with 6 LIVE players is as wild as it gets.