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  • Amrendra

    The list quality of Toptenz just gets better and better each day!!! Fabulous!!!

    • Dennis

      I agree with Amrendra–This list will get a lot of comments.–But I also wonder why many people don’t believe there’s a hell.

      • vhn2202

        So… the need for a hell means there is one? Should I go check my garage for a new car, because I totally need one, which by your logic means my new car actually exists because there is a need for it. Maybe I can get $10K in my bank account the same way!
        I agree that a lot of people diserve to go to hell. That DOESN’T mean hell EXISTS!

        • Dennis

          Garages,bank accounts,blah,blah–All that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist either,my friend.

          • Jerry

            When you have proof for hell, or anything else in the several hundred existing mutually contradictory world religions, just go ahead and publish it. Otherwise, it belongs in the Fiction section next to other mythology like Niflheim and the Elysium Fields. You (Denis) are the one making claims that your fantasy world exists, so you are responsible for backing up your claims. That’s how reality works.

            • Dennis

              I go on faith–No,I don’t have a you-tube video of Jesus dying for me, but then again you don’t have a video tape of a one-celled amoeba crawling out of a slime hole to start evolving into man either. I don’t really care what you believe but you astheist certainly get your panties in a wad over Christians. I mean,really,what do you care? You can pray to Rosie O’Donnell for all I care. To each his own. Good luck..

          • gonzo

            Garages don’t exist, Dennis.

            Neither does the Atlantic Ocean.

            Sure, you can come up with all this ‘evidence’ about the Atlantic if you like, but at the end of the day people are going to all have their own theories about Oceanography anyway.

            This is how stupid you sound.

            • Dennis

              Gonzo–Your comments make no sense at all but what else can anyone expect from someone with the brains of a dead slug?

            • datdemdar

              And attacking Dennis only proves there are still more than enough assholes out there. Damn, the Human Race is pathetic.

  • Amrendra

    Stealing a disabled dog’s wheelchair…that is just unthinkable and pathetic. Karma is a bitch and it will one day get back to him…

  • 5minutes

    Now’s let’s get a list of terrible women. For balance.

    • This is a list of some fairly terrible women:

      • 5minutes

        Yeah, but I want 10 jerky chicks alive today. My buddy’s newly single and needs to know who to avoid. 🙂

        • rajimus123

          Christine O’Donnel, that other stupid chick that was banned from speaking at any universities because she was deemed a hate monger, Naomi Watts, that “Tiger Mother” to start it off

          • 5minutes

            I’d prefer to keep politics out of it (as there are plenty of politicians we could define as “jerks” that would easily offend people who like them). I’m thinking more along the lines of… Octomom, Casey Anthony, etc.

            No idea who tiger mother is or why Naomi Watts would rank as a jerk.

  • jason stone

    Kony 2012

  • John

    God these people are lowlifes. That thing with the Dog made me livid. The start of the article mentions Hitler. Despite being a deranged megalomaniac he loved Dogs. Even he wouldn`t do something like that.

    • Trek Girl

      This is what your comment sounds like to me: “Sure, Hitler killed millions of people, including the handicapped, but no way would he steal a wheelchair from a dog – no way, nope, that’s too low even for him.”
      I do not understand how the wheelchair being taken from the dog, of all the horrible and irreversible things that were done on this list, is the one that got a rise out of you.

      Despite my condescending tone, I am genuinely curious about this. Would you mind helping me to understand why this one in particular made you mad?

      • Lou

        I think that would be pretty easy. Picking on a defenseless animal is a special kind of evil.

  • Trek Girl

    I find it sad and nonsensical that of all of the horrible things that these jerks did, the one that gets the most emotional reactions is the wheel-chair being taken from the dog.

    There are entries on this list about dying girls being stolen from by the their family members, and a dying wish being denied when it was fully capable of being fullfilled; a man bragging about beating his children, and coming up with thousands of rules that can’t possibly be followed; a priest that put a hit out on a child that he molested; a man injecting his wife with HIV, for Pete’s sake, and the majority of the outrage goes towards the jerk that stole a wheel-chair that got replaced. The dog got a replacement wheelchair, but several of the actions of these jerks can’t be undone. The dying wish of the girl in entry #2 can’t be granted now because she’s not here anymore, and nobody that expressed anger about what these people did is “livid” about what was denied her.

    The fact that entry #6 of this list got the most emotional response is, to me, outrageous.

    • Red5

      Trek Girl is absolutely right! I couldn’t have put it any better. Well said. On a lighter note, # 7 really made me chuckle in complete bewilderment. Now here’s a guy who just doesn’t care. And it shows in his picture. The only thing that would have made that picture more amusing is if Cigar Guy was in the background. I mean look at that s***-eating grin! They all seem to have one now that I look back. Except shiny mannequin guy.

      • Trek Girl

        Thank you very much. I am glad someone agrees. I looked back at all of the pictures after reading your comment, and you’re right, almost all of them do have that same sh**-eating grin!

    • chronos

      I agree. Not to say it was not sad but it was rectified. The slime balls that stole money from dieing kids or injecting you WIFE with hiv are just evil personified. I hope they get whats coming to them. And i hope its in the form of an angry viewer with a crowbar.

    • Aggie

      Because people are often jerks. Dogs rarely are.

      • Trek Girl

        “Because people are often jerks. Dogs rarely are.”

        The child whose dying wish was denied, and the community who tried to make her wish come true whose donated money was misappropriated; the wife who did nothing but have the audacity to NOT have HIV; the child who was molested, brave enough to tell someone about it, and was then marked for death by the molester; the children who were beaten by their father and made to follow rules that cannot possibly be followed, all so that they could get into University: how were they jerks?
        These children and the woman didn’t anything to deserve what was done to them. The dog didn’t do anything to deserve getting his wheelchair stolen from him. If these people didn’t do anything to get what was done to them, and the dog didn’t do anything either, but the wheelchair was replaced, and what was done to the children and woman can’t be undone, how is it logical for the dog to get more sympathy and outrage expressed on his behalf than the children and woman? I just don’t think it is.
        I see what you are saying when you say “Because people are often jerks. Dogs rarely are”, but, boy, is that shameful – to have more pity for a dog who was made whole, than for people who either can’t or won’t fully be made whole, all because “people” are jerks.

        I sincerely hope that if you ever need sympathy or outrage expressed on your behalf, people will not fail to give it to you just because “people are often jerks”.

  • brian

    I’m just going to comment on number 7. Why would you risk your money gambling in a poker tourament if you need it so badly and then cry when you lose? I feel bad that she has cancer, but does that mean she has to be awarded for losing? So if she goes to the casino does she have to win every time because she needs the money for cancer?

    I know theres an issue about sex. Women are always crying about equal rights. But clearly they have more rights then men these days.

    • Trek Girl

      Regarding the last sentence of your comment: women do not have more rights than men. It may seem like it, but in reality women are at a disadvantage in many areas. Pay equality, advancement in the work place, treatment in the work place, areas of healthcare, politics, and the military are just some of the arenas in which women do not have more rights, or the same amount of rights, as men. These matters are talked about or brought up a lot, and that might give the impression that women have more rights, but the truth is that it gets talked about a lot because there is so much left to do to get women on an equal or nearly equal footing as men.

      • Armauld

        Thank you,

        Not only do women still have significantly less rights in many areas, there are many American politicians actively trying to take away rights that we do have.

        I don’t agree that the man has to share his winnings, but lets stick to reality, not making up garbage so men can pretend they’re are being victimized when it clearly isn’t the case.

        • Trek Girl

          Very well said, Armauld. I agree with you.

      • brian

        Those things have nothing to do with rights. How can you legally make someone have the same treatment in the work place?

        Women always get the children in divorces and most of the money and house…ect. Those kind of legal rights

        • Trek Girl

          Everything I listed has to do with rights. Laws have been made to make employers treat workers fairly, whether they are female, a minority, handicapped, or religious, and employers face serious penalties if they don’t. There are rules about what you can consider when firing some, what constitutes sexual harassment, whether you can fire pregnant women because they are pregnant (you can’t), what kind of conditions are unacceptable for people to work in, and many other things.

          I understand that women are favored in matters of divorce and child custody, but having the advantage in a few court matters does not mean that women aren’t at a disadvantage across the board. One of the best and easiest examples I can come up with for women not being on equal ground, or even nearly equal ground, in matters where gender shouldn’t matter, is the fact that women get payed less than their male counterparts for doing equal work at the same job.

          I am sure that I am not doing the best job at explaining my stance, but I encourage you to find out more about civil rights and women’s rights. Not only is it interesting, it could help you learn about your own rights and help you recognize when your employers aren’t treating you or your fellow employees right, or aren’t providing you with what they are supposed to.

          • Dmelbo01

            the only reason women are not on “equal footing” as men in the work place . has to do with the choices women make. i.e. they take more time off work for family, they change jobs more frequently, they work less hours . when all factors are entered into teh equation, the wage gap tends to disappear .

          • Trek Girl

            @Dmelbo01: That’s why I said “…EQUAL WORK at the same job”.

            • klia

              Trek Girl: Sadly, entitled men never seem to grok the whole gender inequality thing. There always seems to be a lot of man-splaining and protestations of how they’re the real victims.

              Yeah, cry me a river.

  • Ivy

    there is a recent story of a Zimbabwean maid who laced a child’s porridge with her menstrual blood and she was HIV positive. now that one sick and disturbing. should be no 1

    • Trek Girl

      I haven’t heard about that one. That’s just…horrid. That definitely could be #1 on this list.

      • Ivy

        just google it up. I was so disgusted and disapointed. hw some pple are human is beyond my belief

  • chronos

    This should be the top ten people you genuinely wish would die in the most horrible and painful way imaginable. These are just wastes of human flesh. Its nice to see the internet used for good like giving some of these pieces of trash what they deserve.

  • Lou

    I would give an honorary mention to the B****ches from a group: A group of American Queen-Bees who bullied a young Irish girl to the point where she committed suicide, and then proceeded to make snarky remarks about her online after her death. I can only fathom that the judge dismissed all charges brought upon them with the hope that, out in the real world, those c***s will be slapped or spit at daily by total strangers for the rest of their lives, no matter how long they may be.

    • Trek Girl

      Oh, I remember that. That was absolutely horrible and disgusting. Yes, those young women could easily be on this list.

      • klia

        IIRC, there were two or three boys arrested in connection with Phoebe Prince’s suicide, too, not just the girls.

  • Amelia

    John Fitzgerald Page is still going at it, looking for women on dating sites. I had the displeasure of hearing from himi on Plenty of Fish almost a year ago, and found out all about him when I googled his email address. He’s also on OkCupid. On both sites he uses the name “IvyLeagueGrad”. It’s pretty funny actually. Glad I had the sense to block him immediately after everything I found out, and I’m sure everyone else he tries to talk to does as well.

  • Jwill

    I’m sorry, but am I the ONLY one pissed off that Tucker Max was nowhere to be found on this list???? I only clicked on the link so I could read his entry!

  • Marcelo

    John M. Fiala should be ranked 1st or at the very least 2nd in this list. Honestly was literally sick to my stomach after reading the last entries on this top 10.

  • Tara

    God, I hate people.
    Some of these outraged me more than others, but regardless, they are all miserable people.
    The Scorpio in me in going ape-**** right now. I’ve given you the less vengeful version.
    It’s sad that there are Buddhists in Tibet who light themselves on fire for a peaceful protest to make room for these scum bags.
    I love the writer for this article, though.

  • Jeremy

    What the heck is number 7 doing on the list with these other lowlifes. He entered a poker tournament, won, and then refused to give his winnings up someone else. Those are the only pertinent facts. Everything else is inconsequential. So what if he was the only guy in the tournament. The people operating the tournament shouldn’t have been discriminating in the first place. It is irrelevant that the woman had a very good reason for wanting the prize money. It is not our place to judge how people spend their winnings and categorize them as good or bad. I think it is interesting that she didn’t even ask to simply borrow money, which would have at least been more reasonable. She pretty much expected that she should get the prize money regardless of whether or not she won. Talk about entitlement!

    Let’s face it, if your cancer treatment plan involves winning a poker tournament you are either an idiot, or the protagonist in a bad movie.

    • Tim

      You tell them, Jeremy! By the way, I’ll be cheering you on as you go for the gold at the Special Olympics. Or if not there, I’ll catch you at the 4th Grade Spelling Bee. Hope you win!

    • Riley

      I have to agree here. What if another woman had won the tournament, or she had gotten out on the first round? None of this would have ever been posted. The hating of other genders needs to come to a screeching halt.

  • ASickworldthisis

    These were sick. I can’t even believe the messed up nature of these freaks. >_<

  • Garyy

    This is now my official “Kill List”

  • daddyostjames

    suddenly kanye west don’t look that bad.

  • Tokyo Expat

    Wow, these are certainly some pretty good examples of how NOT to behave. What a bunch of selfish, self-centered freakazoids to state the very least!!

  • datdemdar

    Too bad there isn’t a law putting away these type of low-lives. After three strikes at being assholes they lose all rights in being even remotely seen as human and are sent far, far away.

    Can I put my slumlord landlord (who is a greedy old medical doctor) on this list? He sure fits the profile.

  • vomit

    Normal behavior for a psychopath.

  • Gitch28

    Why is Kortotki on this list? He won the money she did not. You cannot force someone to give all their winnings to charity. The only problem i can see is that he won the ladies only tournament but given that female athletes are dying to be allowed to compete against men and everytime they do they equal the amateurs of male athletics it really isn’t worth the time.

  • Gitch28

    The fact that this is a list and the criminals on this list have been arrested calls into question what the “hate the human race” is for. Millions of people in the world have depression, it doesn’t even come close to balancing out. Millions of people have had terrible childhoods and as such have weak morals. It is perfectly reasonable to expect some odd things to happen and to be so puzzled by this makes you a complete imbecile.

  • dave

    why does the author need to sound like a DB while referring to the subject DBs?

  • Tim

    This guy writes like a sir. Rick Raule should be writing for Cracked and earning the big bikkies (yes, I’m from Australia). Well played.

  • chrispusattucks

    Odd that people complicit or down right responsible for the deaths and misery of millions don’t make the list. Why is that? Bashar al-Assad, anyone?