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  1. Yeray
    Yeray at |

    This list is extremely partial and US-centered (9 of 10 beaches of this list are from USA territories)

    Where are the famous Canary Islands black-sand beaches?

    And all the incredible black-sand beaches of the North-West African coast?

    1. Lorie
      Lorie at |

      I have to agree with you that the list is partial to the US. There are also very beautiful black sand beaches in the Caribbean including St. Vincent and Dominica, some of which can be seen as the backdrop to the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

      1. Law
        Law at |

        Montserrat as well, next to Dominica

  2. Bob
    Bob at |

    I only know of one black sand beach in the Canary Islands..

    Great list

  3. j u c a
    j u c a at |

    yes beach!

  4. horst
    horst at |

    In the Mediterranean Sea near Greece is an island called "Samothraki" which has an amazing black beach. At night the plankton in the seawater is glowing green when the waves are breaking at the coast. Truly amazing

  5. OwlMoose
    OwlMoose at |

    I'm with Slade, Most of the west coast of New Zealand is Black Sand. With some of the most righteous surf breaks around – Raglan, Stent Road etc. Taranaki in particular, we even have Black Sand bumper stickers

  6. Erik
    Erik at |

    Guatemala also has black sand beaches… very beautiful.

  7. Jed
    Jed at |

    I can't remember the name, but I visited a beautiful black sand beach in Tahiti. your list seems slanted toward Hawaii. I've been all over the hawaiian islands. I aree that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. I just like a little more variety I guess. you did put an Iceland beach in there though. I'll have to check that one out. have a great day. and thanks for the pics of the beaches!

  8. dennis
    dennis at |

    i agree that this is US centered list. there are also lots of black sand beaches in the philippines being a volcanic country. please revise the list. thanks

  9. Sams Jenks
    Sams Jenks at |

    this list is plain bunk!

  10. nancy goyal
    nancy goyal at |

    its amazing.. after watching this ,i am really tempted to go to a black sand beach… awesome it is

  11. Joe T.
    Joe T. at |

    I’m confused. Aren’t 2 and 3 the same beach??

  12. kamagra
    kamagra at |

    I’m with Slade, Most of the west coast of New Zealand is Black Sand. With some of the most righteous surf breaks around Raglan, Stent Road etc.

  13. Leanners41
    Leanners41 at |

    Just outside of Saint John, NB, Canada (in Lorneville) there is a black sand beach called Black Beach. Not great for swimming though because it is the Bay of Fundy. Brrrrrrrrr!

  14. Mark
    Mark at |

    I agree … PIHA, KARE-KARE, BETHELL’S BEACH are all located on Auckland’s West Coast and are way more breathtaking than many of the beaches listed on this list.

  15. Ifmo
    Ifmo at |

    Ur list is totally one sided have u been to the black sand beach of fogo island, cape verde in africa? Try to and see if u will not re-edit ur list.

  16. rea
    rea at |

    i think the author’s list was top ten black beaches that he went to..all the other black beaches that you say were not included because he did not see them yet..albay, phils have amazing black beaches too. plus you get to see the beautiful mayon volcano(renowned perfect cone).

  17. Sebass
    Sebass at |

    Go to New Zealand mate – come back and make a new list

  18. justin p.
    justin p. at |

    you can NOT swim on the black sand beach in the lost coast, shelter cove CA… you will get swept out to sea and most likely drown. It looks very calm, but the current will suck you out!

  19. ford
    ford at |

    i agree wth most of you that list is so blank coz as u knew guys black sand is common very rich of special important minerals can be 1 of da primary matrial for missles& rockets industry im from egypt orignally live at mexico ensenada baja california at south sinai theres place called marsa alam full of beaches wth black sand

  20. astrid
    astrid at |

    This list is kinda disappointing. I live in Indonesia and there are lots of black sand beaches – in Lombok (Gili Islands), Bali, even Java Island, very beautiful beaches where you can actually swim, go snorkeling or other activities – with your bikini/swimsuit, and not only sitting around or go hiking in warm clothes – it’s beach, for gosh sake!

    MOELILIA at |


  22. Law
    Law at |

    You should add Montserrat in the Caribbean.


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