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  • Um, Jeff Healey. He at least belongs in your top 5.

    • Michelle

      That was my thought before I even opened the list.

      • and mine!!!

        • Steve

          No one has ever played the guitar harder than Jeff Healy. An unbelievable talent who sang, as has Stevie Wonder, about seeing their love interests. Sad the depression took Jeff.

          • Nick S

            Amen. Healey was a real gift to music.. I’m a metal guy.. but you can’t beat the blues.. watching Healey was magic. Unlike any other music.. you can’t play the blues… it has to play through you… and it played so strong through Jeff and he had his heart in it

    • James

      He sure as hell dosn’t deserve to be that high. Especially the early blind bluesman like Blind Lemon, Mctell or Willie Johnson.

  • Steve T

    Agree with the mistake of the non-appearance of Jeff Healey…He definitely needs to be there

  • Charles

    Blind Lemon Jefferson should be on there, as well. At least you give him a mention…

    Black Snake Moan is an epic…

  • Peter Boucher

    If its of any significance, the last year of the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, he was left totally blind (which is confirmed in the wikipedia) and died of complications due to a stroke brought on by pneumonia.

  • Autumn Hilpipre

    Who’s number three?!

    • Peter Boucher

      Art Tatum was one of the greatest Jazz Pianists whoever lived. He influenced many great jazz musicians as is stated in the synopsis for example like Oscar Peterson and Thelonius Monk. You can regard him to the world of jazz, like you would The Beatles to rock music. What blows my mind that I did not know was No.7 on the list, and the fact that George Shearing was blind. This is an excellent list as far as I am concerned

  • John F

    Autumn Hilpipre: #6 was repeated twice…so all 10 are there…just some mistakes in the numbering

  • Sorry about the numbering error, Folks. It’s been fixed.

  • Jeff Healy forsure!!!!!

  • Elena

    I would really like to see Andrea Bocelli here.

    • jason

      what songs has he written,what instrument does he play?

      • Andreea

        Genres – Adult contemporary, classical, easy listening, Latin pop, opera, operatic pop, pop, vocal

        Occupations – Musician, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist

        Instruments – Vocals, keyboards, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, harp, harmonica, guitar, drums, melodica

        Andrea Bocelli, Grand officer OMRI; born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, multi-instrumentalist and classical crossover artist. Born with poor eyesight, he became blind at the age of twelve following a football accident.

  • Joe

    I definitely agree that Jeff Healy should be on here…and I would add Raul Midón as well, at the very least as an honorable mention.

  • deegee

    Video coverage if lacking but any list of the top blind male musicians that leaves off Ludwig van Beethoven should say restricted to the 20th century.

  • Felia Sandra

    You have Art Tatum and George Shearing, how can you not have Lennie Tristano? His piano skills were legendary, and given he was such an influence not only on Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Mingus, and Lee Konitz in Jazz but also Billy Joel ad Joe Satriano in Rock

  • Sheogorath

    I agree with your choice for the No. 1 spot. I’ve never heard of many of these artists, and I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles is an absolutely unforgettable melody.

  • Mike

    Roy Orbison not in top 5

    • Scott

      Not blind; just poor eyesight.

  • Peter Alex

    Stevie Wonder as exceptionally great & accomplished as he is, does not compare, that is he does not come close to Ray Charles. especially in voice. Ray Charles had much better tone, the most important attribute of one’s voice, than Stevie.

  • Sasha

    The Blind boys of alabama

  • Chip McCain

    Hmm, I’m not sure what gauge or criteria was used to produce this list, but very interesting to say the least. I agree with those that point out many other blind musicians that should probably have made it on the list. I can think of several my self. However, I can see the general point that some of thos on the list were major factors and influences in the music industry as a whole and as such deserve a spot. Being a blind musician my self, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting Ronnie Milsap, Ray Charles and even Jeff Healey and I can say in all honesty just being in their presence was inspiring and I’m surprised that Jeff wasn’t at least mentioned. Thanks.

  • QwertyJuan

    Gordon Mote is one of THE best piano players EVER…. let alone amongst people that are blind.

    I realize he’s a “Christian” and plays mostly Christian music(he is also a Nashville studio musician who plays on MANY Country music albums)… but he is unbelievable! – start at about 5:30 into the video to hear him play.

  • Chip McCain

    Gordon is a great player and performer for sure. One of the all time greats though? I’m not sure about that one. Not to take anything away from him at all. I like him and love his playing. Heck he is originally from just a few miles up the road from where I grew up. There are more blind musicians out there than you can shake a stick at really. Of course Gordon does have the fact of being a good ole’ Alabama boy going for him. Even in Nashville though, he’s not a rarity. Pigs Robbins, J Spell, John Propes were all fabulous players and all were on the A team at one time. When I lived in Nashville there was four or five of us blind guys that hung out together and regularly played together, or bumped in to each other at different sessions around town.