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  1. EWWW
    EWWW at |

    Gruesome. Gripping. Good stuff.

  2. oak
    oak at |

    i wanna be a book once i shuffle loose this mortal coil…as a canadian, can i make that happen? i guess it would be more significant if i actually wrote a book before i die…

    i also really like saying “anthropodermic bibliopegy”

  3. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    I thought the necronomicon was going to be on here for sure, until I saw the ‘confirmed examples’ part in the intro.

  4. annie
    annie at |

    is that true?
    its hard for me to beleive,and bit scary to touch a book made from human skin.

  5. CalciumWaste
    CalciumWaste at |

    Jacques Delille sure was pale… 😛

    Kidding! This is really neat stuff!

  6. Saul
    Saul at |

    ” The book has since been donated by Fenno’s ancestors to the Boston Anthenaeum.”

    Probably should be ‘descendants’, no?

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Yep, thanks for the correction.

  7. Carlos J. Cañuelas
    Carlos J. Cañuelas at |

    Well I just check on the Slippery Rock University Library website and there is not “El Viaje Largo” book or anything with Tere Medina as author. Also, it was suspicious because I live in Puerto Rico where there are both Aguadilla and Mayaguez towns but I never heard anything about any tribe or plateau with those names or even the existence of any kind of leather trade. So, ladies and gentlemen… this article is pure BS.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Try looking a little harder next time. The proof is right here in a document from Slippery Rock University. So your comment is pure BS. http://issuu.com/www.sru.edu/docs/fall2012-rock-magazine/35

      I accept your gracious apology, Carlos.

  8. chris
    chris at |

    I heard they found the real necronomocon this year can someone help me find where I can read about it


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