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  • EWWW

    Gruesome. Gripping. Good stuff.

  • oak

    i wanna be a book once i shuffle loose this mortal coil…as a canadian, can i make that happen? i guess it would be more significant if i actually wrote a book before i die…

    i also really like saying “anthropodermic bibliopegy”

  • I thought the necronomicon was going to be on here for sure, until I saw the ‘confirmed examples’ part in the intro.

  • annie

    is that true?
    its hard for me to beleive,and bit scary to touch a book made from human skin.

  • CalciumWaste

    Jacques Delille sure was pale… 😛

    Kidding! This is really neat stuff!

  • Saul

    ” The book has since been donated by Fenno’s ancestors to the Boston Anthenaeum.”

    Probably should be ‘descendants’, no?

    • Shell Harris

      Yep, thanks for the correction.

  • Carlos J. Cañuelas

    Well I just check on the Slippery Rock University Library website and there is not “El Viaje Largo” book or anything with Tere Medina as author. Also, it was suspicious because I live in Puerto Rico where there are both Aguadilla and Mayaguez towns but I never heard anything about any tribe or plateau with those names or even the existence of any kind of leather trade. So, ladies and gentlemen… this article is pure BS.

  • chris

    I heard they found the real necronomocon this year can someone help me find where I can read about it