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  • American in SE Asia

    Regarding the Khmer Empire portion. It’s not “Devarajo”, it’s Deva Raja (from India – Sanskrit). And the “Ayuttaya” were not a people. They were the people from Sukotai that originally declared independence from the Khmer Empire and were comprised mostly of Tai people that migrated from southern China. Sukotai was subsequently destroyed after the Mon/Burmese Empire invaded (after the Tai declared independence from the Khmer), thus they were forced to move their new capital to Ayodyah (Ayuttayah) (named after the mythical city in Indian literature). So to conclude correctly, the roads allowed easier access to the Siamese (or early Thai people, before the country of Siam/Thailand was formed), but to refer to them as the “Ayuttaya” is not correct. They were from Ayuttayah and they were predominately of Tai ethnicity (Tai should not be confused with Thai, as these are 2 different things. Thai is the name of the people from modern day Thailand, formerly called Siam. Whereas Tai is an ethnic group of people that migrated into the region from south China about 1500-2000 years ago due to being pushed south by the Mongols. When they went south into modern day Thailand, they were incorporated into the Khmer Empire, but were more or less stuck in the middle of a war between the Mon and Khmer Empires that were battling for land in the region).

  • hosa

    That’s alot of comments oh stumbleupon! u have did it again!
    anyway i got tired of reading so i decided to write this comment based on the few top comments i read the huge skeleton thing is all over Youtube research it!, “Amr Khaled” also recently made a series, on that which i think may be found on YT also. i also wanted to add, did u hear about the french scientist -dont remember his name, he is the one who inspected RAMSIS II pharouh of Egypt he concluded that he must have died drowning, lets just say he turned muslim when someone came along and told him that the Quran had already beat him to it. he wrote a book too. (research that too). The Quran is well above that level you put for ‘religous books’, yes i am talking to you athiests, if uve given up on the bible it doesnt mean u should give up on believing in God altogether, bec the Quran has already told us the bible has been polluted. so dont give up, i know its the easy way out by being an atheist, if u need proof, and not willing to put your faith, then evidence is out there, but u wont find it infront of you. and instead of acting like a smartass to people who have faith, go out there and learn Arabic as a simple first step, and at least try to proov us wrong. these are the positive logical steps to take, now being a redneck is not one of them.

  • Nick

    We don’t know who and why the disappear.The thoughts about this and the conclusion about this is, if those great civilizations disappear, could happened the same to us once again somehow.

  • asdzani

    very interesting

  • This should be taught in schools instead of gay rights and crazy things which do not add value to future generations to learn from.
    GOD Bless US ALL…

  • Jane

    Although many of these civilizations are no longer viable, as far as working governments, many of the people who made up these have actually been assimilated into many different cultures. This is due to many different reasons. Migrations, war/occupations, and political decisions during past centuries being the most glaring reasons.
    Many still are retaining their cultural names, such as the Maya. Many have been acculturated by their occupiers, but are now attempting to ‘re-integrate’ their traditions, and many others are fighting to keep or return to their origins, (as far as their countries, such as the Kurds, and the Vietnamese, who were the victims of political decisions made after WWI and WWII)….

  • munhumutapa

    i was very much surprised to see the exclusion of IMBA HURU popularly known as GREAT ZIMBABWE in southern was a well established civilisation built by Shona masons.I might be slightly biased because im a direct descendent but please if you can,research on greatzimbabwe and you might just discover ancient civilisation in places you never thought possible

  • akbigfoot

    Has anyone herd of the large statues they moved to build cape Canaveral space center.a pre columbian group ?

  • modernKouros

    I don’t have time to read all the comments, but the Mycenaeans most definately did not stem from the Minoan civilization on Crete. No one can actually say where the Mycenaeans migrated from, but the Minoans were already established well before then, and there’s archaeological evidence of many different peoples living on mainland Greece and the Cyclades after the Minoans had already become an identifiable civilization. Historians define these peoples’ development seperately: Helladic, Cycladic, and Minoan. The Mycenaeans couldn’t even write until adopting and modifying Linear A (which wasn’t a language, it was a primitive alphabet) from the Minoans to Linear B. Being that there’s evident “Mycenaean” activity way before they were writing down inventories of trade, your claim makes no sense. It’s not even a debated topic. There’s absolutely no evidence supporting the notion of the Mycenaeans being Minoan. The peoples we call Mycenaean were likely a hodgepodge mix of Indo-Europeans and (mostly) Pre-Greeks (speculative statement BTW, but on an educated basis); they also spoke an ancient form of Greek, have no architectural or cultural similarities with the Minoans (until trade began), and were a warring peoples. This is also why Minoans are not considered Ancient Greeks but the Mycenaeans, although debated, are (establishing ethnicity in these ancient times is an anachronism). The 1600 BC representing their beginning is understandably simplified, but some argue 2000-1600 BC BTW. Either way, you are implying the Mycenaeans left Minoan society, lost the ability to write, became polytheistic cultists of gods sharing only a few features of Minoan religion that merit only so much as the contact with them at some point, developed a pre-Greek language, created an original culture, and reclaimed the ability to write from the Minoans once again after changing their alphabet. And since the Minoans weren’t gone until around 1500-1400 BC and Mycenaean Linear B tablets have been found dating earlier, the Minoans just watched while all this happened even though they were sea-faring masters of their time. That would be a pretty sick joke that’s literally for the ages.
    I really want to see some sources because these claims you make I have actually never heard before.

  • Thomas Zychowski

    Everyone loves a good mystery.

  • jin

    I think civilization of giants exited I have seen huge graves size 12 to 15 feet long in my city with the graves of some preachers came from different places mostly from Arab countries to teach Islam in India there is no dated document of it but I believed its true.

  • jesse aragon

    I think that just like today the expantion of the universe and the time line has alot to do with the mystery. The most valuable clue that we have that each one existed are the actual dwellings. I would have to say that they found a better way of life through another dimention. in order to understand what went on, you have to focus on today. as we enter this new age of spiral belief , we are making some adaptive changes through our perspective. “Here and Now” is the best way to explain the sudden vanishing of divine cultures. They simply found a way to rise up to the next level of existance. and they did it in a concious manner. if the civilization as an entirety chose to become uprisen from the earths groundly laws, then they would do so. The drawbacks that today has, in regards to our civilization rising above stemmed from the Gender issue of the earth. In order to enter into the next levels we have to skip the 4th and the 5th, and enter into the sexto level of demention . there would have to be a symbol that would colaberate with the Male and Female gender. and everyone would need to understand it. Until this happens , we will never follow those divine cultures that were so lovely and worthy of the uprise. jesus aragon

  • Mom

    As reported by National Geographic, “For instance, the Franciscan friar Toribio de Benavente—one of the first Spanish missionaries to arrive in the New World in the early 1500s—wrote that Mexico was initially “extremely full of people, and when the smallpox began to attack the Indians, it became so great a pestilence among them … that in most provinces more than half the population died.”

    It only makes sense that disease brought from other ethnic groups during war, exploration, … might have killed these other cultures, as well.

  • Japan

    Reading this list makes me acutely aware that all great civilizations seem to fall. Its really incredible to think about what the Minoans were like in their day. They were a vibrant, bustling, and powerful civilization. The faded colors and chipped artwork that you see would have been vivid in its heyday. The people were clever, artistic, and curious. Now, the sands of time have washed them away, and it will wash us away too.

  • Gil Utanes y Calderon

    “Everyone gets tired of reading sometimes so watch a video!” Perhaps…..personally though, I still prefer the essay; anytime.

    Thanks for the easy-read, “Top 10 Civilizations…..,” with impressive graphics/visuals.