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  1. Gil Utanes y Calderon
    Gil Utanes y Calderon at |

    “Everyone gets tired of reading sometimes so watch a video!” Perhaps…..personally though, I still prefer the essay; anytime.

    Thanks for the easy-read, “Top 10 Civilizations…..,” with impressive graphics/visuals.

  2. Japan
    Japan at |

    Reading this list makes me acutely aware that all great civilizations seem to fall. Its really incredible to think about what the Minoans were like in their day. They were a vibrant, bustling, and powerful civilization. The faded colors and chipped artwork that you see would have been vivid in its heyday. The people were clever, artistic, and curious. Now, the sands of time have washed them away, and it will wash us away too.

  3. Mom
    Mom at |

    As reported by National Geographic, “For instance, the Franciscan friar Toribio de Benavente—one of the first Spanish missionaries to arrive in the New World in the early 1500s—wrote that Mexico was initially “extremely full of people, and when the smallpox began to attack the Indians, it became so great a pestilence among them … that in most provinces more than half the population died.”

    It only makes sense that disease brought from other ethnic groups during war, exploration, … might have killed these other cultures, as well.

  4. jesse aragon
    jesse aragon at |

    I think that just like today the expantion of the universe and the time line has alot to do with the mystery. The most valuable clue that we have that each one existed are the actual dwellings. I would have to say that they found a better way of life through another dimention. in order to understand what went on, you have to focus on today. as we enter this new age of spiral belief , we are making some adaptive changes through our perspective. “Here and Now” is the best way to explain the sudden vanishing of divine cultures. They simply found a way to rise up to the next level of existance. and they did it in a concious manner. if the civilization as an entirety chose to become uprisen from the earths groundly laws, then they would do so. The drawbacks that today has, in regards to our civilization rising above stemmed from the Gender issue of the earth. In order to enter into the next levels we have to skip the 4th and the 5th, and enter into the sexto level of demention . there would have to be a symbol that would colaberate with the Male and Female gender. and everyone would need to understand it. Until this happens , we will never follow those divine cultures that were so lovely and worthy of the uprise. jesus aragon

  5. jin
    jin at |

    I think civilization of giants exited I have seen huge graves size 12 to 15 feet long in my city with the graves of some preachers came from different places mostly from Arab countries to teach Islam in India there is no dated document of it but I believed its true.


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