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  • MrW

    So Diane Keaton made her first significant movie five years after ‘The Godfather’, four years after ‘Sleeper’, three years after ‘The Godfather: Part Two’ and two years after ‘Love and Death’?

    • jason

      First time she was critically acclaimed in a movie, so yes first time. Her roles in earlier movies, while good were not critical darlings.

      You really should stop getting upset over trivia.

  • 5minutes

    Are you sure these are “classics”? Song of the South and Looking for Mr. Goodbar I can grant that status to, but the rest are more like…. just “movies”.

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for the response.

      I’m fairly certain that the classic label can be applied to atleast 6 movies on the list..I would not call Ishtar or No Holds Barred classics, but the rest of them, have been called classic movies by a lot of people.

      • I saw Ishtar when it came out. I would call it a classic, as in classically bad. Of course at the time my girlfriend and I saw it we didn’t care for it, but it certainly wasn’t the worse movie we’d ever seen. I think the inflated budget and horrible financial losses make this movie infamous. The movie itself has some merits, it just wasn’t a good movie.

        • Tom

          I remember laughing at Ishtar in one or two parts but overall it is a pretty bad film. It is bad, but not Battlefield Earth bad.

          • canadaeh

            Lost Horizon (1973). It was issued in Japan on laserdisc in the 1980’s. The scenes that were cut were placed back into the film where they had been cut from and NOT included as a bonus material.

  • proffwen

    Johnny Guitar is on DVD I have it.

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for the response.

      What you have is probably a region free or a region 2 disc. There are no region 1 versions of the DVD. The information I had at the time pointed to it not being on DVD. I’ll endeavor to fact check a little harder next time.

      • ParusMajor

        WTF is it with these “region 1” or “region 2” etc DVDs? The movie companies make it as difficult as possible to watch their DVDs if you buy them legally, and then they cry about piracy? Well hello: if I’ve got choice 1: Buy a legal DVD which I cannot watch because it’s the wrong region, and choice 2: download a torrent for free of the same film from which someone kindly has removed the region codes. Which one would I prefer? Hmmm… difficult choice….

        • Joseph Furguson

          Thank you for the response.

          I have an All region player. I did that because I like buying a lot of DVDs at the Goodwills in San Diego. I did that because, apparently, the DVD I was getting were Asian and my player at the time, ptiched fits playing them.

  • Charles

    Prospero’s books comes to mind…

  • William Murphy

    Porgy and Bess is film that may be in the same category as Song of the South because of the racial aspect. However, that does not negate the value of the music or the fact that several big name African American stars were in the movie. The version I have is in need of restoration as far as the color is concerned but it is an example of a real classic being ignored.

  • Denise S.

    How about the original version of “Wuthering Heights” w/Olivier, Niven & Oberon?
    I believe it was released on DVD in the US (Region: 1) for a short time, but now it’s only available on Region Free Asian imports.
    Anyone lucky enough to purchase the DVD while it was distributed in the US, can get a pretty penny for it, should they choose to sell. It’s #1 on my Wish/Watch Lists. 🙂

    PS – Please excuse any typos/spelling errors. I’m using my cell at the moment.

  • Lux Occult

    Ho Hum most of these are available via your friends at the pirate bay…

    • That ain’t the point. But thanks anyway.

    • Joseph Furguson

      I know that, but not the point.

  • Justin Case

    “Ishtar stars Ned Beatty and Dustin Hoffman”???
    If it had been NED Beatty it might have been forgiven.

    • Haha. I agree. Correcting this to Warren Beatty. Ishtar + Deliverance = Epic Movie

  • George

    i was going to say “the wraith” which hasnt been released on dvd despite years of begging the gods but in researching my comment i see it was released in 2010. so with that………off to amazon my friends!

  • joe jim

    I love song of the south.
    Uncle Remus has a simple yet honest and logical truth to life.
    I would love my uncle to have this feeling for life.

  • FromWisconsin

    Ishtar is literally one of the worst movies ever made. I am not alone in that belief. Where is Gleaming the Cube on this list? Wrong, all wrong!!

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for replying.

      Ishtar is not the worst movie ever made. It is nothing more than a bad movie that became famous because of idiotic direction, feuding actors, long delays, and insane press coverage.

      Off the top of my head, I can think of 5 movies worse than this:

      Dr. T and the Women
      Mad Dog Time
      Night of Horror
      The Postman

      As for why no Gleaming the Cube, I am only limited to 10 slots. If I included every movie that I found while researching this, I could easily make a hundred top ten lists devoted solely to unreleased movies. And that is the ones I’ve discovered on my own. I was just made aware of several other movies that I did not come across.

    • 5minutes

      Gleaming the Cube (which someone called “A Brother’s Justice” for some dumb reason) DID get released on DVD a while back, but it’s long, long disappeared from the market.

      If you still want a copy and don’t mind blowing $80 on it, it’s at Amazon:

  • Marvin Atienza

    The film “Ishtar” starred Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty NOT Ned Beatty. I think Ned Beatty was the actor who played “Otis” (Lex Luthor’s sidekick) in “Superman”.

  • Ariez

    I guess Vince read your top 10 classics cause No hold barred is being released soon on dvd!

    • Joseph Furguson

      I highly doubt that. It was probably planned months ago and was not announced until recently.

  • David Fullam

    Stretching the word “classic” a bit here.

    • Thank you for the response.

      Actually, I’m not stretching any definition of classic. The list consists of the following:

      2 Critically acclaimed documentaries
      2 beloved comedies.
      2 movies that are not as bad as people call them
      2 Critically acclaimed movies
      1 film on the national registry of films for cultural significance, the same list that movies like Citizen Kane, Cool Hand Luke, ET, and Fantasia are on.
      1 movie that its producer decide to hide away.

      • David Fullam

        Ishtar, No Holds Barred, Terror in the Aisles? Really? Stuff like that cannot stand next to Let it Be, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, or even some of the weaker films on the list.

        • Joseph Furguson

          Yes really. Terror in the aisle got accolades for being a fair look at horror movies.

          Ishtar and No Holds Barred should be on DVD. Classically bad is still classic.

  • Barry Brien

    “It is a brutally honest and rare glimpse into the last time all of the Beatles recorded an album together.”
    Actually they recorded another album, Abbey Road, after the Let It Be sessions. The album was released after Abbey Road was though.

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for the response.

      Not everyone is as invested in Beatles history as you. It makes no difference which one was technically recorded first. What matters to most people, including the places where I got my information, is release date. Let it Be is the last album released, so it was right for me to assume that it was the last recorded.

      You are technically correct, but history says otherwise.

      • Barry Brien

        Well actually in the context of your paragraph for The Beatles it matters a lot. You suggest that Let It Be is a glimpse into the life of the band disintegrating and you insinuate that it was the end of the band – that after the rooftop show they all went their separate ways and never did anything more as The Beatles, which is simply not the case.
        Also, by your logic, the last Beatles album is technically Anthology 3 as it was released years after any of their other studio work, but I digress.
        History, I think you will find, is in agreement with me here, so stop trying to blame your poor research on others.

  • redstick

    “All Quiet on the Western Front” (1930). Academy Award, best picture; best direction.

  • Dennis

    Good list but I have “Song Of The South” on DVD. Bought it on line somewhere a few years ago.
    I saw “Song Of The South” in a movie thester when I was a young boy (I’m 70 now). I loved Uncle Remus as a child and thought he was the wisest man in the world. I never saw anything racist about it.

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for responding.

      I have a copy on DVD too. Mine is a Japanese import copy I picked up at a convention some time ago.

      The thing is, my version is not an official copy made with the permission of Disney. Disney has nothing to do with the copies we have. They do know that they exist, but chooses not to pursue the cases.

  • ParusMajor

    BTW, you do all know what “Region Free” or “Region 0” means in a DVD? It means exactly what it sounds like, i.e. the DVD is region free, so you can play it with any DVD player. Like, for instance, you, Joseph, said there’s no region 1 DVD of a film, but there is a region free DVD… well, duh… the region free DVD would work just fine even if you only had a region 1 DVD player. You did say you’ve got an all region player, but a region free DVD is a DVD that you can play with any player, in case you didn’t know.

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thanks for the response.

      This really does sound like you are trying to sound superior for some reason. I think that it would be obvious that I know the difference between region zero, region 1-6, and region all players.

      And I do not apologize for thinking there are no other places in the world. This list was written from a region 1 perspective and none of the movies on it are currently available in region 1.

      • ParusMajor

        I apologize, I wasn’t trying to sound superior, I loved your list. I was just wondering why you would need a region 1 DVD, if a region free DVD is available. A “region free” DVD is playable on a region 1 DVD player. I wasn’t talking about DVD players, but the DVDs themselves. I’m sorry if you thought I was being schmuck. I loved the list and your choice of movies.

  • Dennis

    I read somewhere that the classic “My Fair Lady” would have been lost to the ages if it had not undergone a massive restoration several years ago.

  • Lola

    I remember Meet the Applegates being very heavily promoted at my local video store as a kid (1991-1992 sounds about right)., so it must have had some kind of VHS release at that time. I wanted to see it really bad, but it was rated R…le sigh

    But, uh, isn’t this list called 10 “classic” movies not on DVD? I’ve only heard of three of these movies (Meet the Applegates, Ishtar, and Song of the South).
    They released Song of the South in the theaters in the 80s…I know, cus I saw it. Don’t see how 30 years could make such a difference that they wouldn’t want to release it now.

    And, you’d think in light of “The Room”. they wouldn’t mind releasing Ishtar at some point…I <3 awesomely bad movies 🙂

    • Joseph Furguson

      Thank you for the response.

      You’re right. Disney should not care about it at this point. It is one of the biggest corporations in the world and they could handle any controversy this would drum up.

      • Lola

        Right! It’s not even that bad, especially if taken in context.

        They can base rides in Disneyland on the movie, but god forbid they release it.

        Any controversy would be largely manufactured.

        • Joseph Furguson

          My pet theory was that in 1986, Disney already produced a few million VHS tapes, plush toys of Br’eer Rabbit, Br’eer Bear, and the other characters, T-Shirts, posters, you name it. They had these things and were ready to send them all over the place, until a Disney executive took his family to see the limited release in either Atlanta or Los Angeles and got disturbed by it. What he or she probably thought was the movie was a 75 minute version of Splash Mountain and not something that could be seen as offensive.

          And for the last 25 years, they’ve been sitting on this unusable product. Or they’ve sent it overseas where they do not overreact as much as we do. Disney did take it out of foreign circulation in 2001, so it’s possible.

  • Lt. Brannigan

    No holds Barred is coming to DVD this june.

  • amanda

    I feel like two movies that i would like to be on dvd is electric dreams.It was a movie about a computer and a man love for his next door neighbor it was made by virgin films and is non existant on a dvd format. i also would love for titticut follies on dvd. It was banned due to the graphic nature and depilation of abuse of mental health patients after watching it i was horrified i think that everyone who is in healthcare should watch

  • John

    Let It Be is on DVD – I have a copy I bought from our local Video Ezy Sale about 8 – 12 months ago.

    Also, though a tad aggressive – the lad above (Barry) is quite correct: Abbey Road WAS recorded after Let It Be but released first – they officially broke up after that. MInd you they didn’t so much record Abbey TOGETHER as much as they all did their bit and it was ‘engineered’ from that; I believe that, officially (and unofficially) the whole four were never in the studio at the same time while recording Abbey Rd – John and Paul refused, for the most part, to be in the studio at the same time – – – unless it was absolutely necessary.

    This kind of stuff – and I am not denigrating the research, – IS important to Beatles lovers; just as your movies are to you. Good list; many I’d never heard of

    • Barry Brien

      Sorry for being aggressive. I was merely pointing out a mistake on the part of the author and rather than being thanked for it I was told that I was wrong for doing so. Silly of me to think that a website about facts would want to have their facts straight, but there you go. That annoyed me a bit I suppose.
      As for Abbey Road being ‘engineered’ and Lennon and McCartney avoiding each other I don’t know how much truth there is to that to be honest.
      I know that the a lot of the songs are cobbled together, such as with the medley, but I’ve seen pics from the Abbey Road sessions of the two them together AND smiling. Either way it’s still a great album.

  • bgl

    Looking for Mr. Goodbar kept me out of singles bars. I saw it when I was about 16. I have never been in a singles bar because of this movie. Diane Keaton’s character is so pathetic, lost, misguided, and confused.

  • Jube

    I’ve always wondered about ” A Delicate Sound of Thunder”, the exceptional Pink Floyd concert film. I have an old copy on VHS, but have NEVER found it on DVD. Shame. Enjoyable film.

  • Deke

    Resurrection. The Hidden.

  • Mark

    According to a Shout! Factory representative, that distributor attempted to license Goodbar from Paramount, but the music rights cost were alleged to be beyond their means. It also should be noted that the film was and still is controversial in its subject matter–particularly to women and gay-rights groups. Richard Gere supposedly did not want any clips from this film shown in a retrospective of his career, and Keaton in a 2007 interview was rather “coy” about talking about the film. I think this is another film that is being held-up not because people have forgotten about it, because certain people don’t want it released on DVD.