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  • steve

    Dan Rather was NOT forced to quit because of Republican attacks on Kerry’s record. He was forced to quit because he tried to smear Bush with an obviously fake document. Get the facts straight.

    • 5minutes

      Thanks for your comments. Looking at the wording of what I typed, I now realize I didn’t type it out correctly (I was balancing 2 different ways to approach the lines and ended up getting them a bit mixed up). My apologies. Here’s what it should say:

      The Democrats used films by Michael Moore and attacked Bush’s National Guard service, while the Republicans took on Kerry’s service record in Vietnam. The result: Bush got re-elected and CBS anchor Dan Rather was forcibly retired from the news desk he’d sat at for 24 years.

      • I have made the change in the article. And I also want to thank 5mintues (Scott) for submitting this article. He has been a long-time reader and commenter (over 100 comments) so it is always gratifying when someone steps up and and writes for us after being a fan of the site. At least I assume he is a fan. 😉

  • David

    Cue all the “This list is to focused on America” comments lol

    U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Jim

    #7…Dude on the right is throwing up the Shocker!

    • Frank

      That’s the president…lol

  • Katrina Beer Looter Dude

    Am I the only person who thinks Mitt Romney makes George W Bush look like Einstein?

    • Rob


    • Frank

      Nobody on this planet could every possibly make george bush look like einstein. Maybe if you took the most autistic, mentally challenged person, and compared them to Bush…….Bush would be at BEST….lets say…. Ben Stiller.

      • Frank


      • @ Frank. George W. Bush ? Though he was only Vice President, how about Dan “I can’t spell potato” Quayle. Lloyd Bentsen made it clear the he “was no Jack Kennedy”.

  • Peter Boucher

    Here’s my query. Four United States Presidents in History were assassinated and died. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy. Most of us know that Ronald Reagan was shot but survived, Gerald R. Ford had two attempts made on him and I did not know that Theodore Roosevelt was shot yet survived as I read this list. It would be interesting to find out how many Presidents had an assassination attempt on them, including the aforemention 4 who perished. I figured beforehand when I began reading the title of this list that for sure No. 4, Bush vs. Gore would be No. 1. But the one that made my jaw drop to the floor was No. 3, Hayes vs. Tilden. Man that’s as corrupt as it gets !!

    • 5minutes

      There’s been tons of plots that never came to pass and several attempts that failed. A quick list of the failed attempts:

      Andrew Jackson: a house painter (Richard Lawrence) tried to shoot him with 2 pistols. Both failed and Jackson proceeded to beat the guy with his walking stick.

      Teddy Roosevelt: shot in the middle of a speech. He shrugged it off and finished his speech before getting it looked at. They couldn’t remove the bullet, so he just let it be.

      Herbert Hoover: while out of the country, anarchists in South America tried to assassinate him, but failed.

      FDR: Giuseppe Zangara fired 5 shots at FDR about 3 weeks before he was supposed to be sworn in as the new President. He missed FDR but killed the mayor of Chicago. He was executed just over a month later.

      Harry Truman: Puerto Rican independence twits broke into the Blair House (which a distant cousin of mine was the architect of) where Truman was staying during the White House renovations. Big gun battle ensued killing one twit and one Secret Service agent. The remaining twit was sentenced to life in prison, but later released by Jimmy Carter.

      Richard Nixon: Samuel Byck thought he could steak an airliner and crash it into Nixon. Upon being informed that the plane couldn’t take off with the blocks still on the wheels, he shot and killed the pilots before being shot by an officer. He then shot himself.

      Gerald Ford: 2 assassination attempts, one attached to the Manson family, one attached to the SLA (who “kidnapped” Patty Hearst).

      Reagan: shot by John Hinkley, Jr. so that Jodie Foster would fall in love with him. Bonus points: Jodie Foster is a lesbian.

      Bush: Saddam Hussein attempted to assassinate Bush via car bombs. Failed when the Kuwaitis found the bombs.

      Clinton: 3 attempts. A guy flew a Cessna into the White House, another fired shots at the White House from PA Ave, and another planted a bomb on a bridge in Manila.

      Bush 2: 3 attempts. Robert Pickett fired shots at the White House from the perimeter fence. Al Qaeda targeted the White House in the 9/11 attacks. Finally, Vladimir Arutyunian tried to grenade him and the President of Georgia and their first ladies, but failed because of a misplaced handkerchief.

      Obama: He became the third President in a row to have shots fired at the White House from the fence when Oscar Ortega-Hernandez did so.

      • Peter Boucher

        @ 5 minutes. Thank You very much for adding to the list that I inquired about. I had this feeling that Andrew Jackson had an attempt on him. And Teddy Roosevelt, well, leave it up to him to do his courageous act. Reagan, I am familiar with. And FYI the Manson Family member who made the attempt on President Ford, her name was Lynette Fromme, also known as “Squeaky” Fromme. Again Thank You for the info.

        • Hanson100

          I believe Abraham Lincoln had his hat shot off during a ride to the soldier’s home in August of 1864. Lincoln didn’t want to make a fuss of it. I think that qualifies as an assassination attempt.

  • 5minutes

    In case anyone is curious… #10 is gone and #9-5 move down a spot to make room for….

    5. 2012: Barack Obama (D) vs. Mitt Romney (R) vs. Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
    Winner: Barack Obama

    A particularly unpleasant election as both sides unleashed big money and loud supporters in a seemingly unending wave of electoral madness. The Republican Party spent 2 years nominating a candidate who was widely criticized from the right wing of the party who simply couldn’t get their act together behind a single candidate. When election time came around, Obama faced constant criticism for his poor performance on the economy, while Romney faced criticism over social issues. Further election day issues clouded the election ranging from voting machines selecting the wrong candidates to charges of racial intimidation on both sides to questions of how Hurricane Sandy would affect voting. The race was expected to be tight, but ultimately, Obama pulled out the victory. On a side note, Gary Johnson performed the best of any Libertarian candidate since 1980, pulling in just over 0.9% of the vote.

  • ed

    I would have put Hayes and Tilden higher

  • Matthew Hecht

    Hayes vs. Tilden should be number 1, an election that was clearly stolen.