Top 10 Best Emotional Futurama Episodes


Futurama is a cartoon; Futurama also currently plays on Comedy Central. This relationship would have viewers believe that Futurama is a funny cartoon, when in fact it is much more than that. Over the years, Futurama has had some of the finest dramatic writing on television this side of the year 3000. When it comes to emotional and thought-provoking moments, rest assured that there is a plethora of episodes to fulfill your needs. There are moments in Futurama that will make you sweetly smile. There are moments in Futurama that will make you tilt your head to side with an “Awww.” There are also moments that will reduce grown men to bawling like a baby. Without further adieu, here are the top ten emotional episodes of Futurama.

10.  Love and Rocket

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“Love And Rocket” is the 57th episode of Futurama, a Valentine’s Day episode based on 2001: A Space Odyssey

During a delivery of candy shaped hearts, Fry and Leela must shut down the Planet Express ship, which has grown insane with jealous love for Bender.  Fry has been trying to communicate his feelings to Leela the entire episode via these candy hearts, but is constantly brushed away when he tries to show her. While Leela is shutting down the ship’s brain, Fry proceeds to eat all of the candy hearts that are floating in their way ever since the ship turned off its artificial gravity in his efforts to find the perfect words for Leela. Leela’s air supply begins to run out without her knowledge. Seeing this, Fry attaches his oxygen supply to hers but says nothing. By the time Leela realizes what happened, Fry is unconscious Leela performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, pleading with him to breathe. When Fry finally coughs up a candy heart as he starts breathing, the heart says “U Leave Me Breathless.” The hearts are then dumped into space, leaving a glow enjoyed by Valentine’s Day lovers around the world.

9.  Leela’s Homeworld

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Leela’s Homeworld is the 56th Episode of Futurama, and where we find out that Leela is not an alien as we have been led to believe, but is in fact a sewer mutant.  In this episode Fry discovers a note in “alienese” that details Leela’s past. Leela’s mutant parents are revealed to have put her in an “orphanarium” in order to save her from a life in the sewers. Leela’s cyclopean (cycloptic) mutation made her “the least mutated mutant of all.” The note says that they would rather have her believe that she is an alien Cyclops than a mutant, given the incredibly negative attitudes towards mutants.  Before Fry can reach Leela, she has found her parents, but believes that they murdered her “real parents.” As Leela is about to kill her parents, who would let her to avoid her being ashamed of her real parentage, Fry averts disaster by arriving in time to tell the truth to Leela. The episode ends with a touching montage of Leela growing up, and her parents always watching out for her and taking care of her from behind the scenes..

8.  A Flight to Remember

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A Flight to Remember is the 10th episode of Futurama. In this Titanic themed episode, Bender meets a female robot called the Countess. Initially planning to simply steal her huge diamond, Bender falls in love with the Countess. When the Titanic spaceship is about to go into a black hole, Bender risks himself in order to save the Countess.  However, Bender and the Countess make the escape pod overweight. Countess goes into the black hole to save Bender. Bender is heartbroken over the loss of the Countess. Bender is even more heartbroken at the revelation that the diamond was never real. In the end, Bender lets out a scream of sadness.

7.  Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

Kif Gets Knocked up a Notch is the 55th episode of Futurama. After holograms go amuck, the crew is nearly sucked into space. They must hold hands together in order to survive, Kif keeps slipping through their grips and ends up having held hands with nearly every cast member.  Since Kif is an alien who can reproduce through touch, he becomes pregnant. Kif’s girlfriend, Amy, is not ready for motherhood. She panics, and abandons Kif near the end of his pregnancy.  When Kif gives birth on his home world to tadpole-like babies, they must crawl to the water to survive. Amy returns to fend of predators so the babies can make it to safety. After they all make to the water, Kif explains that the aliens must spend years in the swamp before they can crawl out.  Amy promises to be a ready mother  when the time comes. As the tadpoles are swimming in the water, some have one eye, meaning that the babies were Leela’s all along.

6.  The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings

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The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings is the 72nd episode of Furturama as well as the original series finale. Fry is trying to play a mythical musical instrument called a holophonur, one of the most difficult instruments to play, which turns music into images. After winning the robot hands of the Robot Devil, Fry becomes a master of the holophonur. Fry composes an opera about Leela to make her fall in love with him. By this time, the Robot Devil wants his hands back, but Fry refuses, so he makes a deal with Leela instead for her hand. Fry gives the Robot Devil back his hands in order to save Leela, even though with his own hands, Fry can no longer play the instrument well. The crowd at the opera house watching Fry’s masterpiece leaves, except for Leela. Leela says  that she wants to see how Fry’s opera ends.  Fry then produces crude cartoon images of himself and Leela kissing each other before walking off into the distance, hand in hand.

5.  Godfellas

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Godfellas is the 52nd episode of Futurama. After Bender is thrown out of the Planet Express going top speed, he is forced to  float aimlessly through the vast expanse of space. Eventually, a micro civilization grows on Bender. The civilization considers Bender to be a deity. However, every time that Bender tries to help them, the attempt ends in disaster. An ‘atheist’ civilization develops and the two civilizations destroy each other.  Bender drifts until he finds a being claiming to be God. God then explains that a ‘light touch’ is needed. The God being assists Bender in getting back to Fry and Leela. As the crew is re-united,  at the end, God says “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

4.  Time Keeps On Slippin’

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Time Keeps on Slippin’ is the 46th episode of Futurama. A time disruption reveals that there is a possibility that Fry might end up with Leela. However, Fry has no idea what he did in order to make Leela love him. Fry is also able to see that the love does not last. The time slips show Fry and Leela getting a divorce.  As the time disruption goes away, it is revealed what Fry did to make Leela love him. He had found a way to rearrange the stars to say “I Love You Leela.” However, the formation goes away before Leela can actually see it.  Watching the episode, your heart gently breaks for Fry in his eternal quest to win the hand of Leela.

3.  The Luck of the Fryrish

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The Luck of the Fryrish is the 36th episode of Futurama. The Luck of the Fryrish deals with Fry’s sibling rivalry with his brother Yancy. A flashback reveals that Fry once had a seven leaf clover that gave him such good luck that Yancy tried to steal it from him, prompting Fry to hide it from him in a slip cover from The Breakfast Club’s soundtrack. Upon going down to the old New York to look for the clover, Fry sees a statue of a ‘Philip J. Fry’ who has the seven leaf clover. It is revealed that this Philip J. Fry was an astronaut who was the first man on mars. Believing Yancy stole his name and his clover, Fry storms off to the orbiting grave site of Philip J. Fry to take back his clover. During the grave robbery, Fry finds out that Yancy named his son after Fry as well as giving Fry’s nephew the clover. Tearfully, Fry returns the clover to the grave. The show ends with The Breakfast Club theme song, Don’t You (Forget About Me), playing in the background.

2.  The Sting

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The Sting is the 66th episode of Futurama. In an attempt to collect space honey, Fry throws himself between a deadly giant bee stinger and Leela. Fry appears to be impaled and die, while Leela is only pricked by the tip. After Fry’s funeral, Leela eats a spoonful of space honey and begins seeing Fry alive in her dreams. In each dream, Fry is imploring her to “wake up.” Leela’s visions become increasingly weird, and she becomes more depressed about only seeing Fry in her dreams to the point where she wants to drink space honey until she sleeps forever. Finally, Leela does wake up to discover that Fry is alive. Leela had been in a coma for weeks, as the venom was only in the tip of the stinger. However, Fry never left her side, imploring her to “wake up.” In the end, Leela and Fry tearfully hug. They know at the end that they never gave up on each other.

1.  Jurassic Bark

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Jurassic Bark is the 61st episode of Futurama. After Fry sees a fossilized version of his dog Seymour in a museum, Fry protests until he gets Seymour back. It is learned that there is a possibility that Seymour may be cloned. Bender becomes jealous of Seymour and attempts to destroy the remains. When DNA is recovered, Professor Farnsworth reveals that Seymour lived for 12 years after  Fry disappeared. Fry decides against cloning believing that Seymour moved on to a new master, forgetting him. In a flashback at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Seymour waited outside Panucci’s Pizzeria like Fry told him, before Fry made his fateful delivery to Applied Cryogenics. Seymour waited there every day for twelve years. Finally over come by old age, Seymour’s eyes close forever.  Many have called Seymour’s death one of the saddest moments in the history of television.

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  1. Game of Tones is missing. Top 3 defo….Jurassic Bark or none of the ten episodes made me actually cry, sooooo…..even the Nr. 1 imo (never had a dog or any animal, thats why prolly)

  2. Great list.. These episodes are what truly defines futurama as a worthy cartoon series. I love the comedy but the deep stuff sticks.

  3. Let’s not forget about the ending to Futurama Episode 606 – Lethal Inspection, where Hermes hides the fact that he’s really inspecter 5 who saved bender from being destroyed. it was pretty tear jerking knowing hwo close Hermes is to Bender. They otherwise would have no real connection other than working at planet express.

  4. Stupid Sexy Flander on

    Jurassic Bark is the best Futurama episode ever! Amazing story writing and the ending always made me think of all the animals I have ever had 🙁

  5. Shattered Doll on

    Great list! I am a huge Futurama fan and ‘The Sting’ gets me every time along with ‘Luck of the Fryfish’ and ‘Jurassic Bark’.
    I also agree with the person who pointed out the Lars, Leela, and Fry triangle.
    Leela + Fry = <3

  6. More recently and thus less immortal than the ones listed here, Overclockwise and Near-Death Wish had great emotional endings. I also believed Fun on a Bun was a great episode overall rather than just a touching ending because it built up the emotion throughout the entire length and finally had a confirmation of Fry and Leela as a couple.

  7. Absolutely great list. I love how Futurama skirts the god/no-god debate and makes you think on some pretty deep things without realizing it. My personal favourite thought-provoking episode is in the 6th season when Dr. Farnsworth is trying to argue for evolution, reveals Homo Farnsworth and then says “i dont want to live on this planet anymore” and then repeats the whole scene with the robots. Brilliant. So funny how many different references there are for people to get, my friend and I laughed at the same scene except he was laughing at the reference to “The Soup” and I was laughing at a science joke. SUch a great show.

    • Yes, the writing is excellent. One of the writers even has a PhD in mathematics from Harvard. There are so many intelligent pieces to the episodes.

  8. Jurassic Bark was heart-wrenching… right up until the entire episode got retconned by “Bender’s Big Score” – one of the few things that Futurama has done that has really ticked me off.

  9. Futurama is one of my favorite shows of all time. It has a lot of great humor, but the fact that the adventures are always entertaining and sometimes emotional is what makes the series great. I noticed all the episodes you posted are from the first four seasons. Those are the only seasons I’ve watched. I watched all the episodes in a row on DVD, and the show quickly became one of my favorites. On a side note, I think King of the Hill is heavily underrated because people think that show is supposed to be a straight comedy show like Family Guy or The Simpsons. It’s not. King of the Hill is like Futurama in that it has funny moments, but a lot of the episodes have a good moral at the end or a life lesson of some sort. The kind of endings that make you feel good.

    • completely agree. I kind of think King of the Hill is completely underrated, its not slapstick cartoon, its meant to be thought-provoking look into a family’s life and the outside factors that influence(d) them to their decisions.

      • Exactly. It’s about family and friend relationships and growing up (like when Bobby goes to dances, on dates, etc.).

  10. Great list, #1 and #3 always get me.

    I feel that The Late Phillip J Fry (S06E07) and the latter half of Bender’s Big Score were missing, with the triangle between Fry, Leela and Lars, Fry missing everybody from the future while living in the past, and the whole deal with the narwhal.