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  • Chix

    Whatever! I’m Kuwaiti and believe me I don’t think there is anywhere in the world where fat is beautiful!
    It is so funny how everyone keeps on referring to us as nomadic desert people cause we aren’t! we don’t live in tents and ride camels! I don’t know where these people get their info from! Its just hilarious.. ” Exercising is taboo” haha

  • Bin eidan

    Hey,I’m from Kuwait and no one like fat chicks. It’s true that we have more obese people than before but doesn’t mean that we like it
    “exercising is taboo” seriously
    Get your facts checked

  • Shellaney

    OMG I am a bit lat e for the party but Tee, you must live in Kingston and go nowhere else in Jamaica! Yes there is a pill calloed Fowl (chicken) Pill that girls in teh country and the ghetto take to gain weight; but it’s jsut to be phat in the right palces liek the boobs and butt. Further more country men like there women msotly on gthe fleshy side, while Kingston men want them slim because it is more socially acceptable when u are moving uo the corporate ladder to have your lady thin.

    Indeed it only people int he citytown areas liek Kingston Montego Bay and Ocho Rios that are tring to lose themselves at the gym in a bid to keep up eith the mythical Joneses. Pount in fact, there was a research done on Jamaica Sexuality @

  • Shellaney

    UWI in 2003 which suggest that women like me are the ideal for the typical Jamaican man and guess what? I am 5’9″ and weigh 205lbs. SO THERE!

    Anyway they real pount is Jamaican men like you somewhat fleshy but not obese!

  • aria

    Ah. I looked up which countries value fat women to see where I should vacation. It isn’t that I’m fat or anything. It is just a lot of work maintaining an “acceptable” figure. Which I don’t have. I like food. I developed bulimia at a young age because of society being well. Society. I was 8. It continued till I was 18. Then I started having severe issues.
    It wasn’t easy to quit. And now that I have been clean for about a year I just want to be happy. Live in a society that isn’t obsessed and cruel. Raise a daughter one day in a place that won’t make her damn miserable. Then to read all the backlash in the comments? Ugh. Apparently the entire world is cruel. Idk why they are either. I like chubby guys. The ones with big teddy bear physiques. That is my preference. I do not like skinny guys. But I’d never make them feel like poop for it. Simply because it is wrong and mean to make someone feel insecure. There’s someone for everyone. I wish I could drop the insecurity with how I look. But that is part of my disease. I’ll never be happy with myself. And damn straight I am blaming society for preying on women where little girls hear. A lot of people need reality checks. Think to yourself for a second. How did you end up on this article? You know my reason. So what’s yours?