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  • What about Iceland? Not even an honorable mention……. You should rethink this list bro.

  • Mike

    And what about Panama? rethinking this list should would come in handy.

  • Dictator

    This list is maximum fail. Did you do this on your knee ? When you DO SOMETHINg do it good or dont do it at all. Pathetic.

    • I dislike even responding to comments like this because they don't deserve my time. But you caught me in a mood.

      So, you complain that when you do something, do it good. (I think you meant do it well, not good.) But even in a simple comment you fail to follow your own advice. There are grammar issues and typos aplenty. You also embellish when you say "maximum" fail. This list showed 10 countries that don't have military forces. They may not be your top 10, but they all fit the criteria. How can that be a maximum fail? In addition to your vague comment you don't list any reasoning for your perspective.

      And finally, you use the most overused and lazy word on the Internet in your comment: fail. I actually despise this dismissive and lazy use of this word as a coverall for anything on the Internet that people don't like.

      I am taking a stand on my site. I will not accept any comment from now on that uses the word FAIL in this manner. You better have something more important to add than simply writing FAIL.

      Whew, I feel better now.

      • Jezzika

        Win =)

        well said

      • I found 14 countries without military forces in Wikipedia. Yes, it's hard to pick top ten countries. And you did a good job. This is a great post. I like it!

      • Mary

        So glad you fail better now!! LOL

        • Okay, I’ll let that one slide by, Mary. I can never resist a good or bad pun.

      • Owl

        Yeah, I would say something closer to “maximum fail” would be if you listed the ten countries without military forces as:

        1. The United States
        2. Russia
        3. Mars
        20. Blue

  • edzan

    why is japan not on the list? japan no longer have a standing army after world war 2

    • Marvin

      Do your homework, Japan does have a military including a Navy!!!!

  • The Blackbird

    It would be fun to get a group of a few hundred men together and take over one of these places. Then, when NATO or whoever shows up you can surrender without incident. At least you can tell your grandchildren that you once invaded and held another country. At the very least it would make for an awesome grad prank for a bunch of students from Parisian or Madridian universities. 😉

  • Rex.I.

    I would take this far more seriously if you could use the word “protectorate” correctly.

    It does NOT refer to the nation protecting, but the nation that is protected.

    You had me confused when you implied that the Solomon Islands were protecting the United Kingdom.

  • murundi


  • Rob

    I DID NOT see all that invective coming in the responses.

    I enjoyed your list.

  • T Kawasaki

    Japan has one

  • Ariescore

    you forgot iceland