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  1. Brett
    Brett at |

    Interesting list! Torso murders took place in the 30’s, though!

    1. elcucuyfeo
      elcucuyfeo at |

      This man is right.

  2. Avid-Lister
    Avid-Lister at |

    Loved the list!!
    I’m not familiar with many of these – I’ll definitely read up about them some more.

  3. Darrin WIlliams
    Darrin WIlliams at |

    Amazing all the crazies that come from Ohio I didn’t know Berdella came from here Wow….

  4. Jesse
    Jesse at |

    amazing this list of “serial killers” two of them ain’t even serial killers. where did they get their facts?

  5. Debby
    Debby at |

    Just saw a documentary on the huge murder problem centering around tru
    Ck stop”. Police no He

  6. Bill
    Bill at |

    Whoever wrote this article is a sloppy researcher. First, the “Butcher of Kingsbury Run” crimes took place in the thirties, NOT the fifties. Second, this was well before Elliot Ness developed into a full fleged alcoholic. Third, the torso killer was only tied to five murders in Cleveland. Stating he killed forty doesn’t make it so. Fourth, although passions run high concerning John Demjanjuk, it was never proven that he was Ivan The Terrible. Many people, to this day, believe he was a victim of mistaken identity whose only real crime was lying to enter the country after World War Two. The fact the high court of Israel, a country not known for going easy on Nazis, vacated his sentence, should give anyone pause… Although not the sloppy researcher who slapped this article together obviously.

    1. Patrick Stibila
      Patrick Stibila at |

      The torso murderer was acredited to 13 maybe 14 murders by the Cleveland Police Dept

  7. M
    M at |

    Dahmer was from Milwaukee! Heidnick was from philly! Do some research man!!!


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