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  • Andrew

    How did you limit this to only 10 crooked politicians?

    • Lee Standberry

      It wasn’t easy, there are definitely a lot to choose from.

    • Apparius

      Yeah! What about RMN?

  • Charles

    Where’s Dick Cheney?

  • me

    Huey Long?

  • Dennis

    I have to agree with Andrew. How was it even remotely possible to limit this to 10 people? Some of these may deserve to be on here. (Boss Tweed would be a penny-ante crook compared to today’s
    high-rollers)–But BlagoJevich? I know for a fact there have been far worse than him. Some are still in office.

    • Olson

      Boss Tweed was ruthless! He made an arrangement to have the fire department respond only to people that had paid him.

  • David

    I nominate Kwame Kilpatrick, ex-mayor of Detroit

  • Dennis

    I agree on Kwame Kilpatrick. I also think former mayor Richard Daley (the old man) of Chicago should be a front runner.

  • Dan

    Since Blagojevich is still on trial (he testified in his own defense on friday and is testifying again tomorrow) it’s way too premature. He could be the victim of unfortunate circumstances and a smear campaign.

    Kwame Kilpatrick on the other hand is easily the most public and prolific lately.

    Then again what about classics like Daley and Tammany in New York?

    Also, with all due respect, to Budd Dwyer: it’s not something I hate to see, this country would be better off if more corrupt politicos ate a gun. Hey man, nice shot!

  • Andrew

    Where is former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards? The most indicted politician in U.S. History. The Teflon Don of the South was finally brought down when he and his son tried to extort money for Harrah’s Casino. Convicted felons ran confidence scams out of prison to raise money to buy pardons. Word was the going rate for a life without parole murderer was $200K

  • Dennis

    Nixon never stole a dime. He was mainly guilty of stupidly covering up a botched break-in at the Watergate hotel. There have been far bigger presidential crooks both before and after Nixon. And that’s a fact. President Clinton and President Cheney come to mind.

  • thom

    Research. Budd Dwyer was not a Senator. He was Treasurer of Pennsylvania.

    • Lee Standberry

      We are both right! He was PA State Senator from 1971-1981 and then became Treasurer of PA from 1981-1987.

      • Lawrence

        But you were deliberately misleading in your label of him and he was not a State Senator when he dealt with his corruption. In fact, here, we never even call then “Senator” we call them “State Senator”. And he was Treasurer at the time of his suicide, so again, you’re wrong.

  • George B

    What about o dumbo & most of his tax cheating administration??.

  • Are you kidding me? Where the crap is George Washington Plunkitt? Boss Keyes? Roscoe Conkling? ROSCOE CONKLING BY GOD!

  • Dan

    A top thousand list is needed to cover politicians

  • Brandon

    Strange list. And honestly, Dwyer was probably innocent (or at least no more guilty than your run of the mill politician).

  • Peter Boucher

    How about Govenor Meldrim Thompson (R) New Hampshire !!!!!

  • Peter Boucher

    Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Berry and Sen. Strom Thurmond,

  • Peter Boucher


  • Dennis

    Maxine Waters should definitely be #1–That woman would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes.


    U missed a great deal of crooked men who did not get a penalty or major scandal

    JFK, for american wanton debauchery of CUBA and subsequend rebellion with foreighn intervention, and the fact that it nearly escaladed into a war. Although when your pappy is a rich moonshiner, you get it told differently. Kennedy commonly hung out with hollywood w H O R Es, and syndicated criminals. EVERYTHING that was suggested against Kennedy quietly disappeared, because the s t u p i d public raved him.

    Georgie bush Jr, who used his time in office, to further his families interest in domestic oil.

    Gerrald Ford, from the minute he got into office, began to legislate AGAINST the population, and FOR industry. Every decision he made in office took away from the people, and gave to corperations. He was quite well invested, and tremendously wealthy. most of his legislature benefitted himself.

    Clinton, smoked but did not inhale, fornucated but did not fornucate again, LIED ABOUT IT UNDER OATH AND WAS NOT PUNISHED, dodged the draft and was pardoned, was invested in a land deal that was quite criminal and involved a murder, I could post a ton on him

    What do you expect out of a person who gets their job by telling you how great they are, while telling you how badly the other guy suukks. Degenerates, liars and thieves all of them

  • ASimpleSoldier

    Bud Dwyer was a state treasurer at the time of his death and has since been exonerated.

  • CJB

    This list is over 5 years old. Update, perhaps?

  • PB

    perhaps you can update this list …….

  • John Thomas

    Budd Dwyer was telling everyone that he was innocent and after his death it was proven he was set up.