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  • Ramsey

    Nice list! flea-infected should read flea-infested I think though. I like the text on the video on the Hornet about taking as lots of pictures to piss it off.

    • Ramsey

      *Doh* taking lots of pictures to piss it off. lol

    • Fixed – thanks!

  • Kay

    I don't think I have ever been stung by a bee or hornet.

  • Okazu

    Great! now I have more reasons to be seriously creeped out by bugs!

  • colleen

    you forgot about the bot fly! not sure if it is deadly- but certainly scary… it lays larvae inside of you!… then it grows and eventually burrows out thru the skin it had happily been growing inside of. vioala! the cycle starts again.

    • The botfly is not deadly at all or even all that scary, it usually doesn't even cause pain. In fact, the chamber the maggot lives in (a pocket just under your skin) never normally bleeds and the maggot keeps it clean of bacteria. The "screw worm" fly, on the other hand, causes huge infestations of tiny maggots that tunnel through healthy flesh and can even kill cattle!

  • John

    You put centipedes that kill one person every two years in the top ten! What's up with that?

  • It's kind of debatable that anyone has ever died from a house centipede, they're very unaggressive with a very mild venom. Some other, larger centipede species are more dangerous, and of course there are some very dangerous spiders (but I guess those have been done to death on lists like these)

  • Ian

    While an interesting list, it hardly counts as the deadliest, unless you mean in sheer numbers of deaths because of how common it is to run into them.

  • george

    the asian giant hornet has moved to the u.s. while i am no expert i do know that here in north carolina i have witnessed personally several.
    before anyone hails bs i will tell the whole storry.
    the ones i saw have all been 1 3/4 inches or longer. one specifically was larger than a cicada (but not by much) that it took out in mid flight. i was outside an apartment building in raleigh working when i heard a smack/thump/buzz behind me. i turned around and found the two about 15-20 feet from me ( thats how loud it was) on the ground with the japanese hornet actively stinging the cicada untill it stopped moving. after the cicada was sufficiently subdued it was apparently too heavy for lift-off so this bad-ass hornet trying to lift it like a huey sort of crawled and barely hovering maneuvered it to a tree. it then did the same up the tree to about 4 ft or so and launched. it dropped considerably (like a plane launched from a carrier) nearly hitting the ground again before generating enough lift and flew away.
    it is still the most fantastic display of nature that i have personally been witness to.
    this was probably 5yrs ago. i went home, looked them up and have come to the conclusion that it had to be a japanese hornet. nothing i found claims any american hornet that large and i still see a couple a year.
    i was able to catch one about a week later in the same spot and he went more than half way across an empty chew can i used to bring it home. i can also attest to the 1/4 inch stinger that was protruding after death.
    i’m not allergic to bees and in general not affraid even when near my head, but i take no chances when these are near. truly frightening when in your face.

    • You might be seeing Cicada Killers, actually. They’re hornet-like, as large as you describe, and specialize in attacking cicadas as you saw. Their sting paralyzes the cicada, keeping it alive in suspended animation months after other cicadas die of old age. This ensures the wasp larva have fresh food when they hatch 🙂

  • Hakeem

    of all the bugs, the centipede is the scariest of them all. It may not kill that many people, its bite is very painful.

  • anopheles mosquito cause dengue fever, it causes substantial mortality in southeast asia

  • Serena

    Don’t forget that the Asian Giant Hornet is super aggressive, lives specifically outside of large cities (like Tokyo), fly at up to 50 kph, and can *spray* their venom if they choose to. Also, a “swarm” of a two dozen can eradicate a full colony of bees in no time. National Geographic video of a swarm destroying a colony of 30,000 bees.

  • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    I don’t seem to know why… But this list made me less scared of bugs. ?

  • canuckcreeped

    Thanks all, as I am itching all over from the creepies. Spiders… was bitten by a brown recluse and my leg becamse twice its size in a day and was parylized for a few. Still don’t have normal feeling in it. I used to want to go to Japan but being allergic to bees and contemplating that hornet’s size – NO WAY! Thanks guys, lol.

  • alabama

    if morepeople cared to elemanat some of each insect over the countrys everywere like donate to have it done then there wouldnt be as much of that kind of sickness then work are way up people surprize me sometime ya i see all kind of stuff then im thinkin so u show this now do somethin about it thiis comes from a u would say hick but commin fock peace that is what people need to think

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