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  • fredfire

    Well Doug Benson does have a California medical marijuana permit thats called prop 215 that passed in 1996. Also you can get a medical marijuana permit for a number of reasons not just a disease or cancer

  • Harborcity13

    ‘Smoking’ marijuana is not illegal. Possession is.

    • Steve

      Thanks, Sherlock.

      • brian

        His comment is in response to the article which seems to say that smoking marijuana is illegal which isnt. Sherlock.

        • brian

          which it isn’t*

  • Keith Watabayashi

    The prostitute scene?? What about the scene where that dude SHOOTS THE GUY IN THE HEAD???

    • merl

      In America, shooting someone is fine. Having sex isn’t.

  • Jay

    What about snow on da bluff #classicDocu

  • redebeth

    The Bridge is another one. Jumping off the golden gate isn’t exactly legal…

  • MagnoliaBelle

    In Super High Me he had a prescription from a psychiatrist for “anxiety” I believe. This would make it perfectly legal in California at that time.