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  1. jason stone at |

    interesting list….loved the L.A. riots as number 1…im 33 now and i remember watching it unfold in horror as a teenager…not sure Dick York passing away should be there..but that’s a nit pick…merry Christmas to the site’s writers and readers.

  2. Niczarc at |

    Top 10 american events that turned 20 in 2012…

    Another very american list

    1. Hellion at |

      Princess Diana has nothing to do with America.

    2. Rob at |

      Or the first text message sent by a Brit.

  3. Napalm Bob at |

    @Niczarc If you want to make a list including events that happened outside of the U.S. then make one.

  4. TheBlooDred at |

    Dylan and Cole Sprouse, what the heck, TopTenz??

  5. David Verney at |

    I never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer before now, but that geezer really is a bit sick in the head


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