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  1. shyanneg
    shyanneg at |

    i'm bound to spark a bunch of anti-euthanasia debates, but i can't say i consider a man like jack kevorkian to be "evil", unless his intent was to help them die by means of some sort of entertainment. if the people he helped die were terminally ill beyond any hope of recovery or remission, he was ultimately ending their pain and suffering rather than prolonging it… so what is so heinous about letting a person die peacefully and as painlessly as possible and maybe with a little more dignity than perhaps they might by slowly succumbing to their illness?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I agree. Kevorkian certainly wasn't evil in his intentions.

      1. Louis Krodel
        Louis Krodel at |

        Kevorkian evil?! Surely NOT!! I suggest you stay by the bedside of a terminally ill patient. Experience their pain and loss of dignity.

    2. MN
      MN at |

      I agree. He is not evil at all, and it is unfortunate that he is on this list. I normally don't comment, but putting him in the same class as a Mengele is wrong. Whether one believes that a person should die as they choose or not, Jack Kevorkian was merely out to provide a service that there is an actual demand for. I know that if I am ever in a position where I am facing a long, drawn out and ugly death, I'll be booking in at Dignitas, just as many people do.

    3. Barb
      Barb at |

      I totally agree. Keeping euthanasia illegal is outrageous. The idea, that if made legal, people will be using assisted suicide in droves is completely ridiculous. I hope that when the time comes, if I need it, I have a choice.

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        The concept of euthanasia is is also on our list of top 10 arguments that can't be won – http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-arguments-that-can%

        1. Sculptra Northridge
          Sculptra Northridge at |

          I just wanted to add that Dr. Kevorkian passed away on June 3 2011 after four years he was released on parole on June 1, 2007.

  2. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    Well, he is at the top of the list, but in any case I think he's told too many lies for people to really know what went on.

    The fact that he videotaped one of these assisted suicides happening is enough for me to put him on the list. But I agree, not evil in intensions, maybe just how he went about things.

  3. brennemeister
    brennemeister at |

    Ishii should should be an easy number one – the terrible things he did to people (especially females) during his time with Unit 731 make Mengele look more like House than a terror. Mengele seemed to actually have convinced himself that he was doing some sort of "good", while Ishii's only aims seemed to be terror and torture. He completely reduced prisoners to objects, removing all semblances of their humanity (ostensibly to make the "research" easier to commit to them.

    (Beware -graphic pictures on those sites)

    1. brennemeister
      brennemeister at |

      Click my name to visit the first site…Again, beware, very graphic examples of Ishii's work within.

  4. Nosmo King
    Nosmo King at |

    Jack Kevorkian is not evil. Period.

  5. LariLee
    LariLee at |

    I’ve only read about Shiro Ishii once because he scared the *censored* out of me. I can see him as the epitome of medical evil.

    1. Dinsdale
      Dinsdale at |

      … apparently he was not evil enough for the secret US bio-weapon research units with which he went on to collaborate.

  6. o_d
    o_d at |

    Why is Swango higher than Shipman?

  7. Nick
    Nick at |

    I every with everyone else above me: How could you possibly consider Kevorkian "evil"?

  8. Pachysaur
    Pachysaur at |

    I'll agree with everyone else. Kevorkian was not evil.

  9. anthony
    anthony at |

    Kevorkian is evil because he actually listened to his patients, how dare he. He should have insisted on treating the patients, prolonging their agony and made sure they died in pain, mental anguish and without a shred of dignity or respect.

    He can't play god and help people die, his job is to force them live. I wonder why some people say he can't play god and assist them, that evil: but its ok to keep a person alive artificially, loaded with pain killers, machines breathing for them and that isn't playing god.

    1. Turk
      Turk at |

      Deceased patients don’t spend money on heathcare and perscription drugs, so why help them end their suffering when you can still squeeze a few more bucks out of them by delaying the inevitable? The almight $ may be a factor in why assisted suicide is not legal.

  10. LariLee
    LariLee at |

    I've been thinking a lot on this. Kevokian isn't evil. Suicide isn't evil (though some religions disagree). But I do see the potential for evil there. For example, the elderly patients who aren't really that ill, but are persuaded by greedy family members to kill themselves. Or for bioethics enthusiasts who would argue for those who aren't able to make the decision, the handicapped and mentally challenged. After all, "why waste good money on them" would be their battle cry. It'd be down to dollars and cents for treatment plans, rather than what good could be done for the patient. However, Kevokian isn't evil for opening the door to this. No more than good ole' Ben Franklin is for the electric chair.

  11. Kyle
    Kyle at |

    Kevorkian should not be on this list.

  12. Kristen
    Kristen at |

    Jack kevorkian over Joseph Mengele? Really? Come on? He shouldn't even be on that list with those others. Not saying what he did was the right or wrong thing to do but dang….. come on be serious.

    1. avi
      avi at |

      i suggest you read again. Kevorkian was 10th, Mengele 1st.

      1. kauntykiki
        kauntykiki at |

        Ah i see now lol i did miss that

      2. Sickofitall
        Sickofitall at |

        That isn’t the point – Kervorkian should not rate on any “evil” list at all!

        It’s obvious that this list was put together by a right-winger who has a head more full of faithful self-righteous than mercy. How righteous can one really be anyway, when they will happily prolong the torture of your condition and call it “god’s will” just to gratify their sanctimonious egos? How merciful is their god which would prolong such torture?

        Jack Kervorkian could have just as easily enriched himself without helping anybody die, but he did what his conscience compelled him to do, and for this he was unjustly punished by a society that dares not cross the dictates of prominent American religious leaders. Therefore, you should think again before you ever say that religion in society is at worst harmless.

        1. Avi
          Avi at |

          But the person I replied to claimed Kevorkian was higher than Mengele.

    2. Anna
      Anna at |

      Whoever wrote this obviously ran out of evil doctors and had to put Kevorkian in the picture to make it an even 10. He is nowhere near evil. He is as pure and good as it gets.

  13. Jess
    Jess at |

    And you wonder why people are scared of doctors

  14. Rudolph.A.Furtado
    Rudolph.A.Furtado at |

    Jack.Kevorkian was definitely no "EVIL DOCTOR" and not in the same league as Dr Josef.Mengele or Dr Jack.Shipman its akin to comparing Dr Robert Oppenheimmer to Ossama Bin Laden in the invention of "Human Destruction".

    "Euthanasia" for terminally ill patients has been debated since decades and found favour in most societies, hence, the publicity of Dr Jack.Kevorkian's work with terminally ill patients has captured the imagination of "Religious doctrines" as well as laymen. Agreed, "Euthanasia" can be mis-used by a terminally ill patient's relatives for gaining access to the patients wealth, hence a lot odf "Court Protocol" is followed before conducting "euthanasia". Jack.Kervokian never profited from the death of his patients , unlike the other infamous evil doctors grouped with him and in fact was doing a "Social service" to his patients by allowing them to die in dignity, instead of living on "Mechanical life support systems".I personally would prefer "EUTHANASIA" if terminally ill rather than being kept "COMATOSE" on life support systems.

  15. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    This list was going to be fun to read, I was all for it until the first doctor you listed was of Kevorkian. He doesn't deserve to be put on this list, since he has WILLING patients who wanted to die by his hands. This website list sucks.

  16. TheForever
    TheForever at |

    I was half expecting Doctor Evil to show up on this list as a joke 😛

    As for the people saying that Josef Mengele should not be number 1, he did technically kill millions of people who he deemed to weak for labor. But his experiments were more out of curiosity then some sick pleasure, as with some others on this list.

  17. Gordon Mays Baird
    Gordon Mays Baird at |

    The world gives these villans publicity yet with my many life saving inventions I cannot get newspapers intrested!


    Son of TV inventor John Logie Baird

  18. Lother
    Lother at |

    Shiro Ishii was f*** beast. I've read a lot about him, he definitely should be No.1 on this list, unfortunately USA helped him avoid justice.

  19. Breno
    Breno at |

    About Mengele-Ishii comparison – death in gas chamber was definitely better than by vivisection.

  20. David
    David at |

    Kevorkian is good man who broke the law for all the right reasons. To call him evil is offensive.

  21. Xavier N.
    Xavier N. at |

    Bravo! What a pleasant surprise, not one comment defending the absurd selection of Dr. Kevorkian as "evil". I certainly would have expected there to be at least one "fundie" to have voiced his or her disapproval with the idea "playing God" or some such nonsense.

    Very well done people.

  22. Christy
    Christy at |

    I don't see How Kevorkian was evil. He just help people carry their wishes of not having to suffer when they were going to die in the near future painfully.

  23. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    I'm not going to waste my time getting too upset about this, as it's really not worth it, but I felt I should say something. Any informed, rational person would agree that Jack Kevorkian is not an evil man. I'm really sick of that bullshit. That being said, where is Dr. Heinrich Gross on that list? Surely he was more "evil" than Kevorkian is. How sad that his name didn't make the list, and that Kevorkian's did.

  24. Refessati
    Refessati at |

    Swango was an EMT in Quincy, IL. One of the other EMTs that he poisoned was the brother of a former childhood neighbor of mine. I was born and raised in Quincy, and still live here – and other than the occasional history lesson, Swango’s name NEVER comes up. It’s actually a little strange.

  25. BJ
    BJ at |

    Wouter Basson. How is he not on the list?
    He was hired by the South African government to create “ethnic weapons” that killed or sterilized only people of a certain race. A real bioweapon prodegy.He was also on the British, American and Israeli payroll probably for his efforts to create means to assassinate people without any traces. Of course all that was tested on patients(meaning blacks who were given to him).The dude still lives and he is free and he is still practitioning. Not to forget he boasts with his cruelties.

  26. .
    . at |

    if you think these guys are bad waitb till you see the doctors of death coming out of australia in the next year or two

    they are nothing but nazi trained murderers and future war criminals well trained to the point of conning the australian government very well

  27. Rich
    Rich at |

    I used to live in the house where Harold Shipman was born in Nottingham, UK.

    True story.

  28. gerald
    gerald at |

    While not perhaps as evil as the people on this list, I think the doctors who perform infant male (or female, but more common among males in the west) genital mutilation that goes by the softer name of ‘circumcision’ deserve to be considered as evil. I’m not sure if mr Kellogg was a doctor but he sure was a charlatan, a quack and he was the one who promoted this and brought it forward. I know millions in our country and in other countries are suffering from the results of these doctors, and don’t even know it, or know the full extent of what was taken from them or the trauma they suffered and still probably carry (I don’t either, but I’m trying to grow my awareness)

    There are other evil things doctors do, like overperscribe, induce labor in women when not necessary, rather than letting nature take it’s course and trying to accomodate to nature rather than making nature accomodate to them, injecting them with fake oxytocin, which changes everything about childbirth from then on out, etc. Also doctors playing God, or having an atttitude of that.. Medicine- I think some medicine is necessary, just like some government, but too much becomes a plague on our society and culture, and we have long past exceeded that point. For the most part I think the medical model is flawed. I think it’s the healthy living model that is correct, only we need some medicine in certain cases as support, but that is or should be rare.

    Please help me make circumcision end, if only for human rights and social justice issues. If you were cut as a boy, you can grieve, you can work to restore some form of skin, and you can speak out for the next generation. There is a path of healing although it does leave a lot to be desired. 🙁

  29. Ted
    Ted at |

    I don’t think Jack Kevorkian should be on this list. What he did was also with the consent of a terminally ill patient. The patient wanted to die, and probably for good reason. A terminal illness can become nothing short of torture.

  30. Alex
    Alex at |

    Jack Kevorkian should be on the list of top 10 greatest doctors
    He did risk everything he lost everything to fight a evil law that dose force sick people insane day to live an insane nightmare.

    You have to be a very evil person to want to see someone in pain like having the **** kicked out of you everyday for 30 years and think one person willing to do something is wrong.

    Why are people so evil ? Seeing on this list just shows me how evil people can be.

    I want know why he is on here plz tell us why you would do something like this he is a hero!!!!


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