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    if you think these guys are bad waitb till you see the doctors of death coming out of australia in the next year or two

    they are nothing but nazi trained murderers and future war criminals well trained to the point of conning the australian government very well

  • Rich

    I used to live in the house where Harold Shipman was born in Nottingham, UK.

    True story.

  • gerald

    While not perhaps as evil as the people on this list, I think the doctors who perform infant male (or female, but more common among males in the west) genital mutilation that goes by the softer name of ‘circumcision’ deserve to be considered as evil. I’m not sure if mr Kellogg was a doctor but he sure was a charlatan, a quack and he was the one who promoted this and brought it forward. I know millions in our country and in other countries are suffering from the results of these doctors, and don’t even know it, or know the full extent of what was taken from them or the trauma they suffered and still probably carry (I don’t either, but I’m trying to grow my awareness)

    There are other evil things doctors do, like overperscribe, induce labor in women when not necessary, rather than letting nature take it’s course and trying to accomodate to nature rather than making nature accomodate to them, injecting them with fake oxytocin, which changes everything about childbirth from then on out, etc. Also doctors playing God, or having an atttitude of that.. Medicine- I think some medicine is necessary, just like some government, but too much becomes a plague on our society and culture, and we have long past exceeded that point. For the most part I think the medical model is flawed. I think it’s the healthy living model that is correct, only we need some medicine in certain cases as support, but that is or should be rare.

    Please help me make circumcision end, if only for human rights and social justice issues. If you were cut as a boy, you can grieve, you can work to restore some form of skin, and you can speak out for the next generation. There is a path of healing although it does leave a lot to be desired. 🙁

  • Ted

    I don’t think Jack Kevorkian should be on this list. What he did was also with the consent of a terminally ill patient. The patient wanted to die, and probably for good reason. A terminal illness can become nothing short of torture.

  • Alex

    Jack Kevorkian should be on the list of top 10 greatest doctors
    He did risk everything he lost everything to fight a evil law that dose force sick people insane day to live an insane nightmare.

    You have to be a very evil person to want to see someone in pain like having the **** kicked out of you everyday for 30 years and think one person willing to do something is wrong.

    Why are people so evil ? Seeing on this list just shows me how evil people can be.

    I want know why he is on here plz tell us why you would do something like this he is a hero!!!!