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  • Little_Sam

    You missed one — err two — Raquel Welch!!

    • Peter Boucher

      Little_Sam had read my mind. Where is Raquel Welch ? and how about Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, Adrienne Barbeau, Alyssa Milano, Lindsey Lohan (unfortunately), Vanessa Williams (when she was the first Afro-American to win the Miss America contest and was later stripped of her title due to posing nude for Penthouse Magazine, but monetarily ? She definitely laughed her way to the bank !!), Rita Hayworth. The list can go on and on…………

  • rea

    mmm..honorable mention: salma hayek..that breastfeeding thing cause quite a was even featured in our evening news..

    • GotMilk?

      She was considered for this list but I think the 10 listed are more famous…

  • Paul. A

    What do you mean you can’t judge a woman’s IQ by the size of her breasts ?????

  • marc

    I saw Dolly Parton on Letterman one night as the subject of a Top 10 list. Go figure…

    Anyway, one of the entries was to the tune of, “Everyone pays attention to my boobs and forgets I have a great butt too.”

    Had to Bowlderize the quote because of the filter thingy.

    She’s not kidding.

  • José Fidalgo

    and why not Sabrina the “Boys ” 80’s music singer, her jump in the swimming pool were to drool for more.
    or Eva Herzigová from the wonderbra campaing

  • David

    yea i figured Marilyn Monroe would be here….hell Marilyn Manson too hahahaha, didnt he get some boobers?

    • Peter Boucher

      @ David. Well, I don’t see Marilyn Monroe on this list, but as far as an oversight, that’s as big as you’re going to get. After all she was the first centerfold ever for Playboy Magazine in 1953. Here is some trivia. We see Jayne Mansfield on the list. Did you know that her daughter is Mariska Hargitay from “Law And Order : SVU”. She’s the one who plays Detective Olivia Benson next to Christopher Meloni, who is Detective Elliott Stabler.

      • NoNorma

        One might argue that Marilyn is not really famous specifically for her breasts, but actually for her entire body. Just my opinion, and it’s not like I am the top secret writer of this list posting this comment anonymously or anything…

        • I can vouch that this commenter is not a top secret writer for this list. (wink, wink).

          I’m kidding of course. But I agree Marilyn was the whole package of smoking sexuality. Here breasts were just part of that total package, in as mush as her personality was.

      • Marilyn (of whom I am a huge fan) is on this site many times. We gave her a break for this list. See for yourself how often she is mentioned:

        • Peter Boucher

          Yes, I did see her name a few times. Sorry for the overlook on my part. Another one that just hit me was Mae West. And let us not forget that the biggest fan of boobs is Beavis & Butthead.

  • Peter Boucher

    There is so much plastic in Pamela Anderson’s body that a few years ago I coined her as “The Hindenberg”

  • Johnny Canuck

    what? no Bo Derek? And I agree about Rachel Welch, she should have been picked. I mean, she was in a movie, “Mother, Jugs and Speed” and I wonder who was Jugs?

  • that guy

    Those were 20 breasts, not 10.

    • The writer mentions that in the article. To be even more specific, it is actually 19 since only one of Janet Jackson’s breasts is famous.

      • that guy

        Fair enough, and good point (not sure if unintentional pun). I stand corrected.

  • carl anderson

    Dolly had a fix up not implants , extreme weight loss and gain till healthy weight achieved . Breast needed fix , tissue removal to tone breast up from severe sag and maybe a different type of implant , a permanent bra for youthful appearance , yet in need of how many Ds cup bra .