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  • You missed the Topp Twins – 🙂

  • Dennis

    What about the Sedin Twins who play for the Vancouver canucks of the NHL? Through thier whole carreers in hockey they have scored the exact same points last year they each had 83 points. If you add up all the points they have had since they played organized hockey there is only a point different

  • cd

    i expected to see the wrigley twins

  • I love the Gibb brothers and all of their music.

  • ali

    Good list! I'm a twin 🙂 every generation of my family has (or has had) at least two sets of twins.

    I find it interesting that you said Robin and Maurice Gibb were separated by *only* 35 minutes, because when it comes to twins, such a broad time interval is much less common than being born, say, 10 minutes apart, or often less.

  • tsdq

    "(10. Jacob and Esau)-While not the most famous of all twins they may have been the first twins born."

    I'm pretty sure we can find older twins than them, for example: Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology.

    but nice list anyway…

  • Hog Bog

    I'm forced to agree that the Olsens are the most famous twins in history, which speaks more to our cultural failings than to the talent of the Olsens–who really weren't good at anything but reading cue cards and looking cute.

    They were stupendous comic foils to Dave Colias' quips.

    • Bob Saggott

      Olsens? For What? It took TWO of them to play one little idiot who could barely utter a simple sentence. They look like poster girls for war orphans.

  • jard

    Why do you specify that some of the twins are from ancient Roman or Greek mythology, but do not make the same claim of the mythology of the Abrahamic religions when discussing Jacob and Esau? As belief systems they are all equally valid!

    • I added the Esau and Jacob twins when I edited the list. I personally believe the validity of the Bible and I confess proudly I am a Christian. This does not mean I don't respect the views of others, only that I am sure of my own faith and so when I discuss it, it is with certainty. I am not looking to turn this into a forum defending or persecuting Christianity but I did want to claim that I was responsible for the Esau and Jacob addition to the list, not the listed author, Ash.

  • DC

    "(10. Jacob and Esau)-While not the most famous of all twins they may have been the first twins born."

    I'm pretty sure we can find older twins than them, for example: Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology.

    but nice list anyway…

    • Sue

      Jacob and Essau came from Biblical times. Which was WAY before Greek mythology.

      But nice try anyway…

  • dsi

    Last night me and ma friends discussion same topic……there are two brother which are my favorite, They are in Australian cricket. The elder Michale Hussey and David Hussey, Both are Rocks in Australian Cricket Team.

  • Dola chi-Trei

    This is a nice list but why does it include fictional (i.e. mythological) characters?

    Jacob and Esau? Judaeo-Christian mythology described her as if they were historical.

    Romulus and Remus as well as Apollo and Artemis are at least properly identified as mythological characters.

    To the creator of this list: Don't treat some mythologies as if they were historical narratives. They're not.


    • Dola – Jacob and Esau were factual people that lived, the other two sets of twins you mentioned are mythology. Just because you don't want to believe the Bible doesn't mean the people in it weren't real.

      • Dola chi-Trei

        One mythology is as good as the other. They're all pieces of fiction. Treating them as fact is when belief turns to delusion. Keeping belief and facts separated helps not to draw the wrong conclusions from things. In this list, this has been blurred.


        • I think this discussion belongs on the top 10 arguments you can't win post. 😉

          We will have to agree to disagree. I believe Christianity to be real, not a mythology and your insistence that it is will not change my mind and only an act of God will change yours. Here's hoping your mind is changed one day. Either way, one day we'll know who was right and until that day comes we should treat each others opinions with respect.

          Thanks for visiting.

          • Dola chi-Trei

            Of course Christianity is real, there is no doubt about that. And never would I doubt what I see with my own eyes. When I walk out my front door I see two churches, a Catholic and a Protestant church. Every morning at 0700 hours I hear the church bells, same at 1200 and 1900, every single day. There's no doubt about Christianity. It exists, it's real.

            And so is the mythology that it is based upon. When I reach up into my bookshelf then there I find the Bible. I also find comprehensive works on Graeco-Roman, Norse, Egyptian and other European, Middle-Eastern and North-African mythologies. On another shelf there's Tolkien, and of course there's a complete edition of Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare right there with the others. They're all real. They're printed, I can hold them in my hands, I can read them. Never would I presume to say that literature is not real. I love a good book.

            However, is a literary work an accurate depiction of facts? I'm sure that most of us will agree that it is not so. Authors invent their stories, make up characters. Even historians have to interpret their sources to arrive at what is the most likely reflection of true events. Take everything you read with a grain of salt unless it can be proven or disproven. Take this statement the same way. Go and look out your windows, go and look at your bookshelves.

            Go out into the world and stand in front of a castle. You'll see an impressive building and you know there is a lot of history in these walls. Maybe it dates back into ancient times, maybe it's medieval. Looking at the building, digging at its foundations, reading historical sources, you'll get some idea of what happened to this building. But can you ever be certain of every little detail? I think not. You'll find there are things that can be proven and other things that cannot. Those that cannot are merely fun to look at, fun to think about. They'll engage our sense of creativity, or romance when thinking of the olden days. But they're of no use in the world of hard evidence, logic, reason and facts.

            Look at Christian Mythology. Like with Greek legends, such as the fall of Troy, you'll find kernels of truth. And you'll find answers to unanswerable questions as people who lived thousands of years ago imagined them. You'll also find words that have long since changed their meaning, that have been translated and translated a countless number of times and that, on top of this, were originally designed often to allude to something, to be deliberately vague. Is there some possible truth in this? Definitely, some archaeological evidence has been found. Is everything to be taken literally, as a fact? Definitely not. Some things have been scientifically disproven.

            • Well said, Dola. I hope you plan on being a frequent reader and commenter. Eloquent and thought-out opinions are always welcomed at TopTenz.

              Of course, I still disagree with you. 😉

            • Dola chi-Trei

              Isn't that the beauty of it? To have a civilised discussion you have to have a disagreement first, otherwise we'd all just go "Yeah, right. What he said." 😀

        • Sue

          The Bible isn’t fictitious, like the mythological Greek figures mentioned here. The Bible. Is. Fact.

          • Bob


  • maria

    You need to add Tegan and Sara to that list.
    They are lovely sister musicians from Canada.

  • Dylan

    Y'all forgot The Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry Jamison, who were the only psychics to

    publicly predict the 9/11 attacks. They rocked on Tyra Banks last year!

    Check out their website

  • Carole Heath

    I am a twin we are 63 years old now but we are not alike really in looks or personality, many people don't hink we are twins at all. Of course not all twins look alike some are quite different to look at. and in their personalities as i have mentioned in my comment. My story is about the Kray twins who came from Bethnal Green east London like myself. I never knew them at all i wouldn't have wanted to know them as they were terrible people in my book thugs who kept the Bethnal Green and other area's in London in the grip of fear with their so called firm of henchmen. And all this rubbish about they never touched anyone who wasn't a gangster is untrue i was in a pub in Bethnal Green one night and they came into the pub and everyone knew who they were and moved away and the other customers looked really afraid. One man looked over at the twins and Ronnie said something to Reggie and this man went outside to the toilet and they followed him into the toilet and they returned to finish their drink and left glad to say. When another customer went into the men's toilet this poor man had been badly beaten up by the krays and had to go to hospital. He said he had never seen them before athough he knew who they were another customer had told him when they came in. So he was beaten up just because he looked their way.

  • Tania

    That ish was crayyyyy lol. Anyways why my girls Tia & Tamera not on this?

  • kyle

    Ummm in number 7, “Artemis is said to the most Greek of all of the gods.” Artemis should be changed to Apollo I think. In the next few lines Apollo is described and then it talks about Artemis again.

  • wonderwhat

    doublemint twins?

  • rock star

    mary and ashley are ma fav twins