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  1. Toby
    Toby at |

    No Das Boot? Better than anything else on this list!

  2. Mr. Stinky
    Mr. Stinky at |

    Good list; great comments. How about ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ and ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’?

  3. Film Ninja
    Film Ninja at |

    I can’t imagine how anyone would call themselves a “cinephile” if they ignore all foreign language films. Anyway here are a few of my own favorites you could put on this type of list (along with many other solid titles suggested by others):

    The Leopard
    Nights of Cabiria
    Rules of the Game
    Battle Royale
    A Prophet
    Spirit of the Beehive
    Army of Shadows
    Battle of Algiers

  4. Rirah
    Rirah at |

    I am looking for a nice foreign movie and I see City of God mentioned pretty often. I guess I will give it a try, thanks!

  5. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Well, it is a foreign movie (British), but how about “A Clockwork Orange” directed by Stanley Kubrick

    1. Film Ninja
      Film Ninja at |

      Come on… that’s not really a foreign language now is it?

  6. Ravi Ganne
    Ravi Ganne at |

    Interesting. Can never imagine Hero at #1 and the omitttance of Bergman’s classics, OldBoy etc..etc. Guess you’lll never find agreement on such a list.

    I’ve been copiling Top 10 lists across nations @


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