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  • Kurt

    Well you may be a younger person and never really got to see the ‘old pros’ at work. Back when Jack, Lee, Chi Chi, Arnie and the others were playing professional golf there were only a hand full of them that actually made a living at golf full time from day one to end of career. I think Jacks first paycheck was $33 or something insane like that. Like I sad they didn’t make a living at this game, they played it because they loved it. The money came in their winter years when they were leaving the game and heading into the seniors PGA.
    I’m not knocking Tiger, he’s a great golfer but longevity is what it takes for a person to be thought of as number one otherwise one game, one week, one month, one year could be the only factor to consider? That would be wrong.
    In the end, if Tiger breaks Jacks record then he’ll be number one and there won’t be any question to it.
    But if tiger never beat Jacks record he’ll always be number two at best and even then someone can catch either of them. They aren’t Gods. They are golfers.
    If you had the time to research golf and the players from the early days of the PGA up to today, you’d see many amazing things that were done with a simple wooden headed golf club and a rubber band wound ball. You’d be really amazed I do think.
    That doesn’t take anything away from today’s technology that makes hitting great shots much much easier. That’s the equipment of today and everyone uses it. But I have to say that if every one played with the equipment from the 50-60-70’s, there would not be the scores turned in that we see from the current list of pros on the PGA.
    And if the old timers had the advantage of today’s technological equipment they may have set many many more records than they did.
    Just a theory, nothing else.
    Lets let history decide who is the best and enjoy our seats on the sidelines.

  • Kurt

    I just spend about an hour reading posts here.
    It seems like a lot of people get or got real angry and got real far off this posts original intent. The guy Doc seems to not particularly like Tiger as a person but I don’t see anything he has said about Tigers golf not being up there with the very very best. Then it seems some people posting to Doc and others get very critical towards Doc because he voices an opinion regarding his feelings towards the game. So I did some research.
    He said something about ethics being the center post or the biggest ingredient in golf according to the PGA pros. I spent a lot of time looking into that online and he is correct.
    When asked, ethics is number one on the PGA players list as to what golf is all about.
    I know ethics means nothing to a bunch of you folks, it is just winning and losing. Understood.
    So whether he or Mike or Steve or ????? is right in the end why can’t we just say for now, Tiger is really really good, is number one in the hearts of many, and may be number on on this blog one day, maybe soon, and leave it at that with all the ‘comments’ left at the curb?
    We’re in America, like it or not, and people can have opinions without being put down about them. Any one of you could be verbally chastised for something or another, but over who’s number one in golf, really, that’s the best we have here in the Good old US of A?
    I like the guy, Tiger, would be proud to play a round with him but it would never happen. Whether or not Tiger wins any more is up in the air. The field has so much talent and so many new guys coming in to play that it gets harder and harder every year.
    But lets be civil and just see?
    Great blog, lots of meanness, good opinions, and a great topic.

  • Barry

    To help a little more on the Tiger vs. Jack debate, I read recently that in their 1st 50 PGA starts as professionals, Tiger had 28 top 10 finishes and Jack had 34.

  • Kurt

    Well after several weeks have passed (actually several months) it seems that some of the hopes that Tiger Woods would win again have fallen to the wayside with the likes of many young golfers coming into the game and winning. Seems more young golfers are grabbing the gold ring week after week. Tiger may have played this past Masters ‘just because’ and not because he could really win it. But that doesn’t matter. He can play any tournament he wants, it’s his right.
    I’m falling in with many others here and believing that Tiger Woods may never win another major tournament or at least not before he turns to the senior tour which is a different animal in its self.
    Doc like many others may just be passionate about golfers of his time.
    But I’m no mind reader, I just believe time has taken its toll on Tiger Woods and he’s a great golfer of ‘the past’. Much like many here referred to the great golfers of the 40’s-1980’s.
    We’ll see, the year is young.

  • rememberwhatbushdid

    100% agree on Nicklaus as the greatest of all time. Stiffer competition. 25 years of being the dominant force. The most majors. Tiger was dominant from 2000 to 2009. Nowhere near the class of competition. Nowhere near as many majors.