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  • James

    You know all this global warming **** is fake, right?

    • Jackson S.

      Global climate change (warming only happens in some places, others may get colder, wetter, stormier, etc.) is happening. The controversy is if it is man-made or a natural occurrence.

  • Jon

    I've recently known that global warming is just a hoax. My mother told me about this and she happened to know it from somebody, a researcher.

    I don't know if it a conspiracy or what, but she told me, after knowing it from her source, that the person who initiated that concept and movement, has profited greatly from it.

    So, I think it is about commercialism.

    • YogiBarrister

      That's a convincing argument Jon, I sure your mother's friend knows more about GW than 95% of the world's climatoligists who disagree.

      • Jon

        Probably so…

    • Jav

      You're not exactly the brightest among your friends, are you ?

      There's an overwhelming amount of evidence to discredit your claim… and even if your mom happened to be right, this would be the best hoax of all times, one that actually helps.

      • stoobydoo

        since there is all this overwhelming evidence – can we quantify how much all the European green efforts have helped the planet over the past 30-40 years?

        Please tell us exactly how much longer the earth will be around (or allow humans to survive) with their decades of “green” efforts.

        Surely with the tons and tons of evidence we can quantify how their $10 a gallon gas and windmills have saved the planet. Or did we forget to record that data? or even figure out a way to measure it? wait a second – we’re the smartest humans ever – how could we forget something like that?

        Didn’t we just find out we were 100 million years off on how old we thought the universe was? uh…whoopsie. Didn’t Gerta Keller uncover new evidence that the Dinosaurs existed 300,000 after Chicxulub?

        The concept is 20 years old – the earth is 4.6 Billion years old – perhaps, just perhaps – we don’t know everything we think we know….or are being SOLD.

  • Jon

    This is just a follow-up comment. Okay, here it goes…

    Upon knowing that global warming is a hoax, or that being it a hoax is still a conspiracy, I think about the positive side of it. The person who has heralded that issue has helped the environment and the people in more ways than one, even though he is seemed to have profited from it.

    Governments of countries, nowadays, have made some laws that prioritize the environment. And more and more people are more aware now when it comes to conservation and preservation of the earth's resources.

    And having this top 10 list of greenest countries should be a reminder to other countries to make further moves to make their jurisdictions more livable for their citizens.

    The Green revolution is not just about raising awareness to the effects of global warming, although the issue seems to be questionable. The revolution is about making the Earth more livable and making the right moves to counteract the ill-effects of industrialization.

  • Colombia in the top 10 greenest countries. Is a great news.

  • sidney c

    i am surprised not to see canada!

  • AlxinhoIX

    Where is Libya?? (you know, the flag)

  • me

    What about Denmark?

  • well, there is almost no factory in Iceland, I guess…………….. factory=polution

  • megan

    how about KOREA?

  • Sean

    I have one question……. WHY IS FRANCE LISTED FOR BEING GREEN WHEN THEYRE BEING RUN BY 80% NUCLEAR POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nough said.

    A nuclear power plant creates the worst waste that takes forever to decompose (~200years) and it also produces tons of fumes per year as well

    • Lissy

      Yeah and France has droughts and worries of running out of water to keep the nuclear reactors cool

    • Klaus

      Those fumes you speak of are steam. You know, water.

  • Claire

    I think the information regarding Iceland is a little mixed up. Yes, Iceland is investing a lot into developing hydrogen infrastructure and fuel-cell cars, because transport is the last remaining sector where they’re still predominantly using fossil fuels. But the majority of its electricity and heating is not from hydrogen… the majority of its heating comes from geothermal power (and some from HYDROPOWER), and the majority of its electricity (with an ever-increasing amount coming from geothermal) comes from HYDROPOWER – the use of dams – NOT hydrogen – the element that can be used as an energy carrier. But I can understand how it could have been mixed up with ‘hydro’ being in both these words.

    Nevertheless, they do want to be one of the world’s first hydrogen economies, and I wish them the best of luck in achieving this goal!

    (Source: I am an environmental MSc student and I covered this topic for a presentation and an essay last semester – I read excessive amounts about it!)