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  • Skyla Thomas

    Yucca is impossible to kill I have over watered this thing forgotten bout it for 6 months to dry up left it in the dark for days left it in a scalding window it’s beautiful kind of looks like a palm tree but short bright green and re potted it bout 4 months ago it was so top heavy it kept falling over and I don’t have a clue how to repot plants and its still great o and the baby and dog have chewed on it and they are fine 🙂 I love this thing gonna get more

  • Gayle

    I received a philodendron clipping from my husband’s secretary when I met him in 1972. The plant is still growing strong despite some periods of horrendous neglect, i.e. no watering for months at a time. And my peace lilies have been thriving for more than 20 years. I have never had any success with either jade or african violets. I would like to add so color so I might try the chinese cactus.