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  • BryanJ

    I love Christmas! However, around the world it is celebrated on many different days. December 25 is largely a Western tradition.

    • yadin

      Could you please tell me what other dates Christmas is being celebrated?
      Thank you

      • I think Christmas eve December 24 is more common for Germans.

        • yadin

          To be precise, Germany celebrates Christmas 25 and 26 December.

          • The Christmas celebration for many Germans actually begins with the start of advent. From my own personal experience with two German parents, we would start lighting candles on the first day of advent and then Christmas Eve was the ‘big day’. I grew up in Canada but I remember meeting other German kids who also did not open their gifts on Christmas morning. Found online:”This magical event, for many families, takes place on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, before attending mass at 4pm, returning home at 6pm to eat, read the Christmas story and then open their presents.” Our Christmas Eve usually ended with a family party: champagne punch, snacks, and music. On really good years my mom would kick up her heels and dance 🙂 Not much happened on Christmas day or afterwards, it was just family time at home- playing with new toys and eating the goodies we found in our Christmas plates the night before (cookies, some candy, and an orange) rather than Christmas stockings on the 25th.

  • Straxus

    That madman Nicolae Ceausescu was executed by firing squad on Christmas Day in 1989 AD..

  • ed

    Ummm, what about the man himself?

  • Peter Boucher

    W.C. Fields (1946). Sir Charles Chaplin “Charie (1977) and James Brown (2009) all died on Christmas Day

  • Jesus’ birth being on December 25th, is an unfortunately popular misconception. Although we aren’t exactly sure when Jesus was really born, many have theorized through much analysis and surprisingly quite obvious clues, that Jesus was most likely born in April, somewhere between April 19-20.
    For instance, the biblical reference to shepherds attending their flocks at night when they hear of Christ’s birth (Luke 2:8) suggest that it may have been a spring lambing season. Many clues like this one add up to Jesus being born in April rather than in cold, harsh December. So, what exactly does Christmas have to do with Christ, and is it really celebrating his birth (or is Easter)? Nothing really, and no.

    • Dalek6450

      How do you know he was ever born at all? It could be a fictional book that got a following and became a religion or a prank/joke that got out of hand. “Evidence” could easily be bias.

      • Good question! But how do you know he wasn’t? It could be true, but your theories are just as presumed as mine, if not more so. No, biased people are biased, evidence itself is not a biased object. Another question: how do you know love exists? Prove love to me. Prove the big bang to me (and even if you do, prove where the atom came from that started the big bang). What about the concept of cold? Essentially, there is no such thing as cold, just the absence of heat. So how about black? There is no such thing as black, just the absence of color and white. So does this mean black and cold don’t exist, and neither does love?

        • Dalek6450

          But a lack of light and heat are easily provable and detectable, black and cold are just words used to describe a concept. “Love” is an attraction to someone. This attraction is caused by hormones in order for the human race to reproduce and survive. It is the same with almost every species that reproduces sexually except in humans it has a different name and has been made more “civilised”. That is what “Love” is.

          • My point in using light and heat as examples, aren’t to talk about whether they’re existent or not. I’m implying that just like colors, light, and cold are all concepts, God is just as much of a concept. So you’re saying every man and woman in love with one another has reproduced already, or at least had sexual intercourse? No. In fact, love, is very non-essential to reproduction, and based on numbers, “love” more than anything hinders reproduction due to committment. How do you know love exists in every species? How do you know our love is most “civilized”? These are unprovable assertions you’ve made.

            • Dalek6450

              Love’s primary use is to ensure the continuation of humanity as a species. As humans are more intelligent than animals and realise the negatives of having a child they don’t try to have one (humans have both the knowledge of the body and the technology to do this). As I’ve said “love” (although we don’t call it that because that would make us like animals) is only observed in species that reproduce sexually otherwise it is not needed. If they were examples, I don’t think they weren’t very good ones (sorry, about being brutally honest). They are all observable and can be detected using certain devices or senses. The existence of god has no proof and is not logical. Religion is what was in the place of science in the old days to explain the not yet explained. Now it has no purpose whatsoever. If you are to assume anything that hasn’t been disproved is fact then you could say that the universe is full of giant, weightless, invisible, floating bears which can be passed through and don’t react to any type of energy, you know from common sense that it can’t exist but it cannot be disproven.