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  1. amandasolimar at |

    They forgot Vanilla Ice copied David Bowie w/ Queen’s Under Pressure. This one really gets under my skin, because people only remember Vanilla Ice’s version.

  2. Melissa at |

    How is saying Rihanna and Michael Jackson are both black even remotely close to being racist?..

  3. Gary at |

    Everybody in the rock music business should send 10% of their earnings to Chuck Berry.

  4. Anthony LaScala at |

    Ghostbusters sounds nothing like I wanna new drug. You people are deaf. A drum beat? Really? If we are going by beats just about every song is the same. The vocal melodies are completely diffrent and that is legally 99% of the song.

    1. OmnyRa at |

      I’m pretty late here, but 2 things- Ghostbusters didn’t launch Ray Parker Jr’s career. He’d already had a succesful R&B band called Raydio and been solo for years – See The Other Woman-,

      and you forgot Billy Ocean’s Carribean Queen ripping off Michael Jackon’s Billy Jean.

  5. Terry Bigham at |

    It’s not just pop/rock songs that get ripped off. Al jolson’s hit “Avalon” stole its melody from “E Lucevan le Stelle”, the beautiful aria from Puccini’s “Tosca”.

  6. marc at |

    What? Where is Coldplay’s entry on this list? Not satisfied with riffs they take entire melodies from other songs. In their song “Talk” they take most of Kraftwerk’s 1981 song “Computer Love”. In an interview they basically said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “The breadth of music is so wide and our fans are so stupid and ignorant they will never notice we took most of the instrumentation from this song to write Talk.”

    Well, up yours Coldplay. I noticed and I hate you for it.

    1. BW at |

      AND “Viva la Vida” vs “If I could fly”.

  7. Jessie@ coffee recipes at |

    There was never any legal action about the Jett/Iggy Pop song similarities because, like the song by The Supremes, the only similarity was the beat. Beats can’t be copyrighted. Only melody, harmony and lyrics can.

  8. Jesse Spade at |

    We shouldn’t make any statements about the similarities in these songs, if we are not going to say anything about the hiphop hits where music is taken from a rock song and the “artist” makes vulgar statements over the track instead of, you know, singing the song.

  9. Mo at |

    A couple more:
    Free’s It’s All Right Now vs AC/DC’s Highway to Hell
    Fastball’s The Way vs Beseme Mucho

    1. Mo at |

      * Bèsame

  10. Evelyn Poe at |

    The Avril Lavigne one is ballocks. The court voted in her FAVOUR. She didn’t have to settle out of court. Both tracks were analysed by professionals and their case was thrown out.

    You guys really need to do your research, so much of the info on this site is totally wrong. What is this, Fox news?

  11. docweasel at |

    Just because it couldn’t be proved in court doesn’t make it not true. Do you have any idea how many old black blues musicians got ripped off for their songs and could never get a penny because they couldn’t afford to continue to fight against big companies? That doesn’t make it right.

    Besides which, Laveen’s music is for morons, she’s a talentless hack and deserves all the flack she gets. And if you are talking about accuracy, Fox is considered the most trusted by a vast majority of the public. You are probably thinking of MSNBC, which is trust by less than 10% of the people who bother to watch, the kind of people who still think obama is jesus jr. and will save the world. The rest of us tried to tell you in 2008. Like Mike Moore said, besides being totally incompetent, the only thing obama will ever be remembered for is being black.

  12. Andrew Napier at |

    If somebody listens to a lot of one artist’s music, it would only seem to make sense that what they write will be similar to what they grew up listening to. If you move to England, you will start to sound British. Intentional or not, it will happen. If Jay-Z would listen to the Beatles for 2 hours a day, I bet his songs would start to sound like the Beatles next year. Just don’t try it with Chuck Berry songs.

  13. Norway at |

    What about Tell him by Colbie Caillat and Die in your arms by Justin Bieber – original from We’ve got a good thing going by Michael Jackson …


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