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  • Danny Land

    I think Billy Barty should have received a mention on this list, with several movie and TV credits in the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Ronnie

      My thoughts exactly. I hardly recognize most on this list.

  • Little_Sam

    I totally agree with you Danny Land. Billy Barty should definitely be on this list somewhere. Billy was in Willow, Legend, and many, many more movies and TV shows. Billy Barty should be on this list somewhere.

    • Danny and Little_Sam, I’ve added Billy Barty to our YouTube playlist for this list, including a tribute someone put together for him. Thanks! (-TopTenz editor).

  • TomM

    Tom Cruise?

  • mikeb

    What? No Bridget the Midget listed?

  • Cordy

    How can you not mention “The Station Agent” when talking about Peter Dinklage? Next to Tyrion that is the role he has been most critically lauded for & that showed him as a legitimate leading man.

  • Peter Boucher

    Although he wasn’t a little person and was turned down for many roles, you have a good argument for the iconic actor actor Alan Ladd (“Shane”) 1953. Another one who is short in stature is Michael Douglas.

  • Jason Thompson

    Danny Woodburn. That man was hilarious on the episode of Seinfeld about Kramer’s tight pants.

    • Ronnie

      While I agree he was good in Seinfeld, he is not Iconic as the list indicates.

  • Meg

    Peter Dinklage should have been ranked higher. He’s had some good serious roles where he didn’t play a fantasy based character.

  • Brian Mouland

    How about the young man from Simon Birch

  • Booker T

    Warwick Davis is #1 and you don’t even list Willow as one of his credits?

  • Tom Adams

    What about deep roy people?

  • jim john

    what about the guy in bad santa and friday?