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  1. Spocker at |

    I fail to see why you are compiling a list of the top ten newstories of 2013 when it is only May. Shouldn’t you wait until the end of the year to make such a list? A lot can happen in 7 months.

    1. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

      Dear Spocker,

      We’re doing the top ten stories of each previous month every month now! :) It is only a month review, not a year review! :)



    2. Shell Harris at |

      Can we make the title any clearer? Top 10 Important World News Stories of April 2013

  2. arioch1066 at |
  3. Ronan at |

    Boston Bombing (3 Dead) – Loads and Loads of coverage
    Bangladesh Building collapse (1000 Dead) – Some Coverage

    Both very sad, but this makes no sense!

    1. FMH at |

      I can say that the collapse gets almost as much coverage in Germany as the bombing did, maybe even more. The reason is that some German discount clothing store produced there for a short time and now faces short-lived the wrath of the people who a too rich to buy there anyway.

  4. Dennis at |

    You’re jumping the gun. Sort of silly at this juncture. I predict the coming impeachment will top these.

    1. Dennis at |

      I agree (I’m a different Dennis)

  5. Marissa at |

    While Boston of course deserves our attention, it is interesting to see what other events occurred at a similar time.

  6. MKonya at |

    The list should have been made like this one Dr. Zarzeczny :) you nailed it with important stories


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